Myself and quite a few of my off-world colleagues have been picking up a great deal of pain and discomfort from many people on earth right now. Predominant is the feelings of "homesickness", Loneliness, isolation, and frustrations and sadness about the big changes that are taking place.I also feel these things when I am on earth, and I had noticed recently it had become more and more difficult for me to return to earth after being home. I desired to just not come back, and this feeling was very strong. For me there is the difficulty of actually having most of my biological family off-world, and being seperated from them even temporarily was becoming very hard. This overrode even my genetic ties to earth (through my earth body), which was unusual.As more people on earth feel frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness etc., the energy becomes amplified until it is easily picked up by empaths on earth, as well as those off-world. What some of you are feeling is the result of this collective of emotional energy, which - if you feel these things yourself - will have the effect of amplifying your own emotions and make it harder for you to balance. So be aware that not all of what you feel is yours. If you are a "sensitive", you are more inclined to be subject to this kind of empathy, and it is not easy to deal with.For Starseeds and incarnates on earth, your feelings of homesickness stems from not being able to live according to the structures of peace and harmony that you have known in other realities and incarnations. Your souls have memories of these things, and so you know something of what you are missing - as opposed to sleeping souls on earth, who have blocked off any such knowledge. Yet to take away your memories would mean that you would not have a blueprint or foundation upon which to work on building a better reality on earth. You would not have the awareness of the knowledge you need to teach others, or lead by example. So having such awareness can in some ways be a double-edged sword, so to speak.It has been said through many teachings conveyed and channelled on earth that the path of spiritual awareness is often a lonely one, because you are expressing something that the "masses" do not feel, or are not aware of at this time. This sets you apart from the status quo, and that includes members of your own family and friends.It may be that you find you can only relate to some people on limited levels, and after a while this frustrates, stagnates and bores you, so you will create something to end the relationship, or you will simply drift apart. The opposite of this is that you will begin to attract yourself to others who are of like mind, and who share common ground. This too may be limited in some ways, since not everyone will agree with you, nor you with them. There will always be some differences because this is the diversity of human existence. Of course the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself. If you do not acheive inner harmony and wholeness, then it will be extremely unlikely you will attract relationships that are harmonious and whole.As a maturing soul, you will get to a point where you recognise the signs of dysfunction, and things that need refining or changing - both in yourself and in others - and your first instinct will often be to avoid the situation by not having a relationship while you work on your own growth and balance. So relationships become optional as a growth tool. Remember that this is why we have relationships. The other person will always act as a mirror for us, and we for them. Some people on a path of spiritual growth will decide not to have relationships because they find them to be a distraction, or not worth having if they are going to be filled with problems to be overcome.Therefore you learn to relate in the ways that you are able, and become more aware of gently touching people's lives with your Light and sometimes sharing your knowledge when you are asked. This is very important, because this is what "Light Work" is truly about. It is not about bulldozing your way through other people's lives and attempting to force them to change (though that may be tempting at times) because that will always backfire. They will resent you in your role as 'the Angel of Change' and simply show their resistance by turning on you. This is because you cannot enforce change upon others. The only thing you have the power to change is yourself.But when you understand how you create your reality with your beliefs, attitudes and actions, then you know that when you make changes on these levels, your outer reality will reflect it. Those that do not resonate with who you are and what you represent will be repelled. Those who do will be attracted. This is one of the laws of the universe. However, sometimes you will attract something that is the polar opposite so that you can learn from what it presents.Be careful about 'wallowing' in these emotions, because they will lead to depression which will instantly act to block your channels and awareness and cause you to burn out or just no longer cope with being on earth. It is one thing to allow the feelings, but if you keep experiencing them long-term then you will need to work on releasing them. By this I mean when you feel this starting to happen, you have to actively and even forcefully change your thought patterns and also do things that will help you to balance and feel better.It can be different for everyone, but you might find listening to a piece of music helps, vigorous exercise, or going for a walk, or just being somewhere beautiful in nature. It might be talking to friends who understand where you are coming from (it helps to talk it out). Meditation always helps as well.When you are strong in your core, your truth, and balanced within, then feelings of loneliness and frustration are rare and fleeting - if you keep using the techniques to bring yourself back into balance.

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    • Hi Belinda,

      My earth body, the one I inherited on earth, was born of human parents yes, although my biological mother is a starseed. But we have also altered my earth body in various ways so that it can integrate with high-frequency energy for long periods of time.

      Of course I can go off-planet astrally, as many do. I have some differences because my Pleiadian form was merged with my human body on an energy level, which allows me to manifest a blended form physically when I am off-world. So I travel in energy form, then manifest a solid form at the other end, so to speak.

      My earth body is only taken physically aboard the ships if it needs repair work and healing due to life-threatening problems. Otherwise I heal it myself. I have had two attempts to destroy my earth body since I have been here, and both times required urgent healing that could not be obtained on earth.
  • As tinywing said: I couldn't express this better! I totally agree.
    unfornutately im one of those lonely beings, but full of joy at the same time.
    I m also discovering that here in peru the number of awaken beings is growing!! the change is being felt.Thank God!
    this came in the perfect moment. thank u captain A.
    and looking 4ward more enlightening messages!
    love to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1and kizz and hugz!!!! :D
  • My real home is a state of unbounded awareness in tremendous unity; this is the place from which I am estranged during my life on Earth...My homesickness is the pain of having lost this beautiful, open state being....
  • really appreciated this posting .. it seems representing my feeling so far.... I always been in NOT ‘resonated’ or ‘matched’ or ‘ ring a bell’ or ‘vibrated’ with anything and anyone on Earth since I was born...

    any of ‘worldly knowledge’ can not be stored in my mind and I always have difficulty in expressing myself

    I feel like .. it's been torturing condition all the time

    I am glad I found this site and forum ... again thank you
  • thats a very good way of putting our feelings in prospective i already use aspecs of this treatise
    to help a friend who has had diffilcuti coping with these changes but shes coping much better
    now which says a + for your good advice thank you capt. A love and blessings mike jay
  • Thank you for posting this, I was just feeling that way before I read it. I must have lead myself to it for a reason.
  • This is very good advice, I have had to deal with many issues of depression. What works for me is humor, and finding outlets to express myself. I usually limit now how many functions I go to as well, liking the peace of my home. I am very empathic, it took me awhile to figure it out. I also have a miniture poodle as a pet, this has helped for a reason to go out and walk.
    I find singing helps too, especially if I go out, believe it or not, karaoke. It releases vibrations and clears me, through sound.
    I have been doing this for years, I find it helps alot. As well, you can have relationships with people in these places that do not necessarily follow you anywhere else. You can choose when you go and when you don't. That is actually where I headed right now, out to belt out some tunes.If I get this way during the day, I go for a ride and blare my radio for awhile. I think the most important thing is to try to find balance in how we feel, if
    I feel lonely, I seek out company, if I don't then I stay home. I work from home, and go out for meetings and sometimes travel. I hate repetitive work, it bores the crap out of me.
    My last issue was getting enough sleep, that is very important! If you have frustrations already, your body can run down faster if you are not sleeping properly, it effects your mood and energy levels, the same as cutting protein out of your diet.
    So I believe it is a balance in all things that helps.
    Love and Light,
    • I too only want brief relationships with people. I don't like the commitment of having long time friends. It drains me. Most things drain me. I don't feel depressed because to me depression is lack of faith and focusing too much on myself.
    • This koncerns me!
      I Thank you from the depths of my soul.
      When i was a child i had tremendous home sickness, i knew that ewerything was wrong, i asked several times after my mother - The One i Knew Loved me, i felt like i was a observer in our house already before 4 years old.My memories are strong feelings but they are hard to put into words, because they are hard to explain, Harmony, Justice, Balance, Respect, and that all surrounding Uncundictional Love that are something so intierly different than what" Love" stands fore here... I never understood Why the Adults where Lying!!?
      I remember how it Feels to Be Home, i Know that all the unrightfull acting and behaving Never could have happend at Home, then my hope came to be- when im grown up then ewerything around me will be set to Normal.... I thoughte that adult people would understand and abey that understanding wich we live by at Home. Ewerything is so Simple, and it all builds up on 100% Thruthfullness.
      When i reached my twenties and understood that Nothing was like at Home, i came into maijour crises and my heart nearly broke, i thoght that i allways would be Alone in this understanding of How it Should Be...
      I am at this day a mother of 4, and i feel so much Love for this life, this oppertunety to be abel to given birth to theise children, and have bein granted the trust to raise them up, i know that this experience is one of the reasons to why i came here, to enjoy giving them the best possible start for their missions, and to be that safe harbour to them and everyone ells who need thrue compassion, i came here of Love to experiencing motherhood and being a light house-beicon of safety inpersonated.
      I offer my convictions to the ones who wants them, moust often wery subtile, just enough to make them start their ovn questiounings, and search for their ovne thruths.
      I know that my family are watching me clouse nereby, i know that i have choosen this part out of Love, and Joy of the Rodeo thats included=-)
      Thank you again for thouse words, now i know that the longing tunes i my heart are others music allso!
      Rejoyce to You from me/ A-k
  • This so accurately describes my life as it had been for many years. Just very difficult. For a long time I had lots of friends and acquaintances who share my perspective and gave me positive feedback and support whenever I needed it. But after I relocated away from the metropolis to where life seems to be dominated by the minutae of day to day existence rather than those 'big' issues that I have been concerned with, I have found it hard to keep going, Consequently I often feel depressed, sad and lonely and totally unappreciated. So much so that I do have days when I feel like fading out but manage to keep myself going with various distractions. But they dont last; I want the real life we were designed to have and I want it now and I just wish that we can have the breakthrough needed to shift humanity's reality enough so that I can relax and enjoy the view.
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