alright, im going to asume most here are aware of the concept that our core being is beyond our physicality/5 basic senses and that our core self is etheric in nature and resides on multiple layers existence [the dimensions] and each one's physicality has a higher vibratory frequency then the last, and then ontop of this we have our divine source connection,

esentialy its godself [eternal source] ->

individual divine untainted spirit [highest self] ->

soul [the aspect of spirit which is grounded into the dimensional physicality; 3d+]

and then our physical self which this all funnels into through our aura, chakras and meridians which we use to experience, learn, grow, and leave whatever impact it is we choose to leave on existence during our lifespan. also what we go through in our physical existence carries into our karmic patterns, traits, personal akashic records, which includes any trauma or unresolved issues that have come up, all this gets stored in the soul self which upon incarnating, those traits are involved in what makes you you, and has an influence on who you are through each lifetime.

the part that sucks about this is that our current human bodies on average dont have inborn traits to link up correctly [or atleast not completely or balanced] with our subtle bodies, i imagine thats in part due to genetic tampering that occured just before the time neanderthaus died out, had there been no et involvement and we'd have been left to physical evolve as nature allowed, we probably would've evolved in a way that our etheric source/spirit/soul selves would fully integrate and we would be a very peaceful prosperous race that can manage and learn from mistakes, but sadly negative ets got involved and saw potential to use neanderthaus for their own selfish manipulative dominative means. im sure when the did the genetic engineering they screwed with the ascociated genetics that go with source/spirit/soul connection in our physical selves. combine that with them, throughout history manipulating and engineering scociety that suits their individual needs.


back on point though, yes, we have a physical body, and its very very important to  our complete wholy health as far as a complete multidimensional being goes. the nature of the entire universe as far as what keeps it in motion is a divine flow of change that is ever moving. i hear alot of people say this "the only constant is change" and its very true. in the entire universe there is never one moment exactly the same as another, everything is always in motioon somewhere in the universe. so while our divine highest self is sitting there up in the heavenly realms being all divine and such, given that the nature of the universe seeks to create and expand, doesnt it make sense that our highest self would wish to partake in physical creation and experince the joy that comes with life?? even if we down here in 3d as indivuals loose sight of whats the divine joyous way of living, our source/spirit aspect still seeks it, and can see all, and will know the joy us in our physical self will feel when we've come to terms with our circumstances and realises the greater potential in life through divine living in soul, mind and body. the point is, even though we have a higher aspect  that is super awsome, we shouldve forget that our 3d self and 3d envirement is important and each of us are living vessels with personalities, and that we go through the same thing the next does. im not a bible thumper or a cristian or even religious for that matter, but if you as the reader are, just go back to what jesus said [thinking of him as a spiritual teacher, not a person who saved me by dieing] "do onto your neibor as you would have him do to you" in other words, treat others as you want to be treated. this is kindergarten morality stuff basicly that as we get older stops being reinforced and replaced with ego-ic "pretty pretty shiny shiny" subject matter.  anyway,my point is the physical self is important to our complete multi faceted well being, and if the human vessel were so unimportant to divine ascension, nobody in the universe would be here in this frequency density [3d] anyways and we'd all be perfect lofty angels already.  but here we are, living our lives in 3d, we can either throw our hands up in the air and say "aw fudge nuggets, life really is real!! cause and effect applies to me too! crud!!" or we can try to work with the universes dicvine structure and nature and create a heaven on earth by our own actions. bottom line is its up to us how we wanna play the game of life, what team you choose to play on [dark/light] and how much your let your actions overlap is up to you, but just remember people, cause and effect [karma] reins supreme in this dimension of 3, so you can run but you can hide, 3d is always standing behind you waiting for you to turn and face it and say "i give, i'll word with you to create a better tomarrow, how far in the hole you've gotten yourself before your ready to realise, only you know that as the reader. for me personaly, i need to combat lazyness and my self centered mindset or else face a life of never ending depression and unhappyness mixed with guit and feeling lowly for not bettering myself.


anyways thats it, hope you found the words here useful for whatever purpose




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  • Hey Traxiss, Yeah I have thought about those things as well, when we use our senses in life. It does make sense that these senses are like Radar Systems. Most certainly that makes sense, that it pings out when they hit something solid or a signal. With all of us, being different in this life time, the Radar System moves in different signal directions of what we are feeling. Especially with the Eyes, that makes a lot of sense, because not all of us here on Planet Earth see things the way that someone else see's it. We all look at something in a different light. Some of us, can see things the way it is, and others can see things that aren't there. All of work in  different matter so yes this does make a lot of sense :0) 

    Bless the Nite,


  • I think we only have one sense...feeling. All the 5 senses are just aspects of feeling, in my view. But yea I just wanted to say that....I agree with everything else you said :)

    • I was thinking about the 5 Senses like Taste, Touch, Smell, Seeing, Hearing. More likely though we are just feeling things out with our sense in the 3D. Of  course we feel when using these things :0)

      Bless the Nite,


  • Hey Gailene, We do have more the just the five sense's in life, that most don't talk about in this world of living. Yeah we do want to find ourselves and what entity we are. Soulwise we have had so many Past Lives before coming into Planet Earth, that it would be really hard to find our Identity, but that is why we a lot of times start to find ourselves from within and travel along. You have it right, there is no wrong way in explaining things like this. We just know what we are feeling and try to help others learn from what we are expressing

    Bless the Nite,


  • im sure i do help create while im asleep but im sure i also help create while im awake, the highest form of ourselves never really powers down afterall. no but theres a whole world of tangable mass out there that i'd like to experience, take part in and leave my foot print in a way that makes people think "dam he has a shapely foot" lol, no in other words i wanna leave an impact that is filled with intent of living my life to the fullest and carrying the highest good of me and others in my daily intents


    also you seem to have skated around an issue that from what i said  about "treating others as you want to be treated" instead of noting anything else in the article, you chose to focus in on that tiny thing and instead of agreeing with it as a positive thing that can help us get along with one another in humanity, you went and in a round-about way, told me i was wrong and jesus thinks otherwise [all acording to your perception of said things].

    so as  far as your perception goes, isnt it interesting that you'd sooner call me out on trivial things that conflict with your personal truth, rather then agree with me on the concept that we should be kind to one another in the 3d because its what we all deserve. what does that say about you perceptions? the bottom line is it shows you'd rather focus your intentions and energy on calling me out as wrong then coming together as like minds on a subject that can help everbody coexist happily, am i wrong, tell me if you feel i am, by all means :)


    so while you and the rest of the "love love love" bandwagon are moving on through, ask yourself if your expressions of "love" are genuinly loving in intent and meaning or if its all just word play...



    • Hey John, In a way that guy you had mentioned is right on one hand. We have wants, desires, that aren't always met in a way that we want it to be met at. On the other hand though we still do have Free Will, so it would of been hard to understand the first part of what he was trying to say. It is true though, we have Free Will, but how many of us use the Free Will that we are given in life. A lot times things happen in life that we aren't expecting, twist, and turns and we don't always feel like we have Free Will, but when we step aside and thing about our actions in life, we really do have Free Will. It is there, but we tend to get wrapped up into ourselves more, and what it is we want in life instead of those around us

      On your end, I appreciate you being honest about your outlook in life, because how many of us on here, really say that we have flaws like that. A lot of times we always look for something to blame on our own flaws, and we don't understand what our Flaws are in life. Now that you have a handle on what it is you need to work on, I think that you will get there and make the best of your life, with some up and down moments

      Thanks for sharing this 

      Bless the Nite,


  • Hey Mariania, I think that Jesus really is more of a personal thing, and many have views on this. I don't think that we really know what he was like in a sense of what he was thinking and feeling when he would try to show others what it is was that he was seeing. See I think that we can over look things in life, and that we think that Jesus should be a certain way, but in reality we really don't know, because we weren't there

    There are so many views on Jesus. I do think he was a rebel though, and that he had his own way of thinking. If he wasn't a rebel then there wouldn't of been so many who wanted to bring this man down. The only reason we think that he is this or that or other thing today, is because we are feeling some guilt in what had happened to him, or at least what the Bible had described what had happened to him

    For me, I think that Religion has a time and place, but I think when we close down doors we really don't know or understand yet what is that is being said behind religion. I try to research and study all parts of  religion, whether it is good or bad, and try to understand it as something that we are searching for in life

    I don't think one religion is better then any other religion out there. All Religion had lead to something in a past history, and it all had it's flaws and positives in life. No religion could escape the fact that.

    I think that in a sense of Kingdom and Divine energies, we all have this within yes, but it is important to know we are living in our reality as well. We are living the 3D world, and trying to make this Planet Earth a safer place. We all have hopes of having this Planet Earth a better place, and I don't think that we want to see this Earth disappear right before us either 

    There is a reason we are going through Ascension right now, and it isn't because we have to, but it is because we are looking for something in our lives. The Earth is feeling this, and is feeling everyone of us awaken our Kundalini energy that we have within us. It is important to know what part we play in this, because we want to know how we can help when the time comes 

    We don't want to get caught up in someone elses drama in life, we never want to do that, but sometimes in order to understand what a person is really going through in life, we have to be right there with it, and not over look that there are people who are suffering out there yet.

    We want to be in control of our own Path, and yet help those around us, and we can't do that when we just close our eyes and say no drama no drama. No, that doesn't help either. We have to understand and know what that person is going through in order to understand this. We don't want to merge all of our energies together into one huge puddle, because are still separate, and we don't want to collect someone else's junk, and say that it is okay to be that way because we are all sharing

    We need to know what it is like to be an Empath, to understand and to stay living in this world yet. Take charge of our own lives. Know our physical bodies, because that is the thing is that is keeping us alive and here yet on Planet Earth. Our Physical bodies are keeping us alive. It is very important to this Planet Earth. To know that we are alive and living yet in this world, and that we still have things to do

    Yes, we leave our physical bodies while we are sleeping, but it is important to know that we are in charge, because we come back into our physical bodies afterwards, and we see what is going on. We don't want to see anyone who we are close with leave this Planet Earth, but when it's there time it is there time, when they are forced to leave Planet Earth though, we want to know why and we want answers and we are still responsible yet

    I don't think that Jesus himself, would say it was okay to force someone off of Planet Earth, and take there lives while they were here yet. I think that he would want answers as to what had happened and why that person had to leave for, when it wasn't there time. We can't ignore the fact that we all have physical bodies 

    We don't want to carry out someone who is passing over in bad health, we don't want to carry out that feeling and say we are all one oh well, lets all of feel this. We want to know how to heal it, and how to take care of it. Not suffer in someone elses bad health choices in life. That isn't fair to the rest of us living here on Planet Earth either 

    These are just some rambling thoughts on this 

    Bless the Nite,


    • i liked all of that and i agree with everything said here 100% people do go through things in the 3d and people blind to this need to realise the importance it has on our surounds as far as taking care of things in a healthy manner goes, i dont wanna see people go through shit in the world, i hate it!

      so when we sit around being like: "oh 3d doesnt apply to me, im in my little 'anti material existence' safety bubble and you cant make me come out- whats that? by not paying attention to my 3d family life my kids are starving, theres no food, the car is broken and the rent hasnt been paid and we're being evicted??" ~person goes back into their 'denial of material world' based happy bubble made of woven threads of self told lies and denial and casualy watches their life fall apart feeling its ok cuz 3d nature doesnt apply to them, cuz theyre divine and too good to engage in reality~


      also part of the reason i feel everbody is so drawn to 5d is because its basicly the next tangable dimensional layer up from 3d in terms of vibrational status and i think its the heaven that everyone dreams of who'd rather forget about the issues of reality, im not saying 5d isnt real or unhealthy, because its very much already a part of ourselves and when we dimensional travel we're using our astral abilities to tune into our higher forms of awareness and mergeing with our 5d aspect to experience a period where we can feel 5,6,7,8,9th dimensional frequencies also our own level of mental awareness plays into our ability to tune in, as far as gaining knoledge and then applying it to make an experience of our own, this is part of the reason i get so upset when i hear people dissing the mental body because the mental body can be such an incredibvle took for fixing issues in the world or making things better then what they are, and when we integrate our divine aspects and divine highest good into this, you get a powerful flow of consiouss, cosmic intelegint energy that can change the world, which again part of the reason i dont like it when "spiritual autharities" say to abandon the mind, because its given to us divinly to do something with of our own chooseing. and given the massive longterm opression attempt that the dark luminotti and their many underlings are attemting to keep hold of on planet earth i think this kindof "dont think at all" mindset is only good if you wanna and are capable of [without restraint] to engage in that 'swami on the mountain' lifestyle, but i think alot of people arent realistic/looking at the bigger picture/arent informed to look at the bigger picture and dream of holding the divine status thjey see in the swami on the mountain. if we can come to terms with our reality and stay informed on it and not deny the stuff we hate looking at or dont like circumstancialy, then with the adition of integrating our divity and etheric selves into our physical vessels, doing this collectively, as a united humanitarian force, we'd be unstopable, and the dark luminoti/underlings know this, hence why they wanna keep us down. i myself have been trying to figure out how an easily figure-outable free energy machine design would work by getting images then trying to get clarity to figure out how it works, thats an examply of the logical mind and 6th senses working in harmony to achieve an outcome, again the 6th sense isnt just a fun toy to levitate dice in a water glass, you can use it for really really complex productive stuff, which is what i want to do and am trying to acheive, you april have a terrific sense of what goes on energeticly btw, you've shown me up plently of times in terms of acuracy/imagery/telepathy/ingeneral hitting the nail on the head i'll tell you that lol!



      • Hey John, Well that seems to be the problem with some of the New Age material out there these days. They wanna skip over our own reality world, because lets face this world sucks when we can't pay the bills, or can't tend to the kids out there that need our attention. That is why this new material of 5D coming in is very appealing. Yes there is a 5D, and it does relate to our Spiritual world, but it only exist from within us, and we are trying to stay there as much as we can, because we want to bring Heaven to Planet Earth. The truth though is that we aren't there yet

        We can't all agree on a Health Care plan for this Planet Earth, so there for we can't agree on what is right for this Earth together. We can do this, but it is going to take a long time for us to get there. My mom and I had a conversation this weekend about Disclosure with the ET beings, and she said something really interesting on it. She had said that being that the ET beings aren't in contact with us yet, is because there so far away from Planet Earth right now, and that they to are watching us here on Planet Earth, so there for they don't trust yet enough to make that kind of contact. Like my mom had said this weekend, sure it would be nice to get that contact made, but we just aren't ready for it. She is right, because all of our actions here on Planet Earth is being watched. If anything we would first get contact with some negative ET beings first, because they are seeing what kind of world we are living in. That wouldn't be good either

        We have to balance out. I don't always agree with the Ra Man, but in one of his youtube videos, I had liked what he had said once. LoL. I say once, because the rest of his stuff is really out there, but this one time he was right. He said we aren't meant to all live together in one bubble, because we are still separate in a sense that we our Souls come from somewhere. Sure we were all together in Pastlives at times, but as far as living together in the 3D world goes, we have to remain separate. We have had many Soulmates from pastlives, but there are times when we have to realize that we have had Karma patterns to learn from them as well, and we find out later why we aren't living with them today 

        Bless the Nite,


  • Hey John, It is really good to see you blogging again. See when reading this, I didn't get a sense of escaping reality at all, but more like you are saying we need to respect our physical bodies, and for what they are made up of, which is reality what we are living in now. Very good article :0) I like it, because we tend to lose sight that we have our own physical body while we are traveling through the Spiritual world, and that can cause a lot of blockage

    Forgetting our physical bodies is never good, and it tends to get us wind up in all sorts of illusions. When thinking we are living in 5D, can really bring out bad false bad hopes, and I think that is what you and I were talking about this afternoon on the phone. The fact that we can tend to get caught up in false reality at times while we are on this Spiritual road. Things that people don't even think about when they are on this path, and that can be a real sore sight when we realize that we are still human beings yet.

    I know that both you and I have a real good sense of what reality is, and that we know that our physical bodies exist yet. There are some though on here that do lose sight of that, and that can really hurt to think that this whole world is one huge illusion when it isn't. 

    Sometimes there is a thing where people will try and justify things for what they do in reality, and say we are living in this 5D reality, so this was a good article to try and sum things up in a nutshell :0)

    Talk to you later. 

    Bless the Nite,


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