The Chemtrail Report (I need your data)

I have a gut feeling that the end days of the illuminati are very

very near. I've had it for a while and since yesterday, our skies

in Darwin, Australia have been strewn with an ugly thick criss-cross

fog from chemtrails 24/7.


This is the first time I have EVER seen it like this. If they wanted

to kill off a massive population, Darwin is not the place, since it

is so sparse and it has a very small population for a capital city.

Which leads me to beleive they're doing it in every major city

globally as of now.


To test my theory, if eveyone could be so kind as to check in here

and post any heavy chemtrail dumpings over their areas.


23/9/10 Darwin, Australia:


6 am - 10 pm- Thick fogs of chemtrails,

sun was blotted out most of the day. Evening moon could

only just peirce through it. Most of the stars blocked out.


24/9/10 Darwin, Australia:


6am - 6pm (Time of posting)

Checkerboard pattern noticable in the sky. Trails had been

laid an hour or two earlier, to appear as just clouds when

the population wakes up. Sun rose through ugly green

fog. 4pm this afternoon, caught a plane in the act.

Appeared to be a commercial plane, laying fresh

trail over old ones which had just dispersed.



If you could post any trails in your area, this would

really give me a good idea of what's going on. Thanks. :)


If you were the cabal and you couldn't resort to bombing,

plagues, bio-weaponry and wars, poisoning via chemtrails

seems like it would be the only viable option you had left

to kill masses.


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  • I will try to send some sylphs your way then, because I find they are usually quite willing to help anyone lofty enough to believe in them.
  • i went to city council to bitch people out the scary thing is their not ares alot of them when i zoomed in were hologram one plane only had 1 wing so ya know just stay inside get organite,zapper,grape juice and chemtrail buster and stay happy i know its hard
  • Hi Eiskel!
    I'm reporting from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada where a large segment of the population is experiencing respiratory problems, including myself. Halifax is a port city with a large container pier...population of 360,000. I usually never get sick but have twice experienced flue-like symptoms in the last month and there are many seniors and children who are particularly vulnerable.I've known about chemtrails for some time by listening to Coast to Coast AM and just thought I had some kind of flue until I noticed the telltale 'X' in the sky a few days ago. At the same time, the vibrational shift seems to be moving into high gear and there are many who seem to be losing it.
    Blessings from Eastern Canada!
    I'm including a snapshot taken with my Sony Cyber Shot.

    X marks the spot.JPG

  • this might be off-beat but has anyone seen the short movie, if I remember corectly; there , in this flick short clip shows a giant cloud-ship sitting above Mt. Hood ( I think it was Mt. Hood in Oregon ) collecting trails ( they look like chemtrails ) as the cloud is getting bigger and bigger and in the end looks like giant cloudship sitting above the mountain.......quite interesting and that made me think that those chemtrails might have another purpose, like covering what is happening in the skies.
    Just thought I throw this in the mix !

    ps. skies over Lake County, No. Cali were clear again today. I think the most sky activities are around and about big cities more than country side. By living in northern mountains in Cali you can get great view ahead, especially due south, of what is happening and I always see more activity with strange clouds closer to Sacramento or San Francisco but not around here.

  • i did alot of research when they were above me ok theyll the chemtrails will change your cells and make you angry your whole neighbor will fight. buy 100 oercent grape juice alot fill your tub 1/4 warm water you can you soap and then dump in alot of grape juice like 3 big ones then wash your whole body dunk your head. you will feel a tickling sensation their coming out of your body these little creatures love grape juice tell them that your in charge and to come out of your body to play in the juice you must stay at least 20 minutes scrub your hair as your head is still in grape juice you will see all these little bubbles kinda like popcorn get out when you dont see anymore , then when you get out you should feel dizzy but a million times happier lighter better, put a coffee filter in the drain to catch them you should get a flashlight turn lights off and watch they form lines as the going down to the drain after you get stuff in the filter put it under microscope youll never believ what you will see i have alot of videos on it i did http;// also you need organites and a chemtrail buster i sell organites if yu need some
    • I have never heard about organites, could you post some links about information about them? It is interesting what you speak of, grape juice. It sounds like you are talking about the Morgellions "critters". I will sail on over to your link on Youtube and check it out. Thanks...
  • well you know I understand cause its hard to break habits but dude you know what just do what makes you happy, think about the things you love and just go crazy having fun and enjoying life to the fullest who cares if the world ends tommorow we're all gonna die some day any way so why even bother worrying about it, and besides death is actually just a rebirth, so... yeah i guess thats all I have to say about that :)

    peace and love my friend
  • im sorry, But it seems like your focusing to much on the negative and are forgetting that one way or the other we all pass on to another life and well instead of focusing on how why dont we all instead focus on living and loving life , lets just be happy in what ever time we have even if its ittle :)
  • Seems like they are working over you guys and leaving Southern California alone for now. I haven't seen any trails in weeks.
    • This is stunning. If I was on the fence before - this is some pretty hard evidence that makes me a true believer now.
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