The Bright Side of Saturn

The Bright Side of Saturn

Golden Age, Aquarius Era and the Ringed Planet

Carlos Cardoso Aveline

An image of Saturn, the Lord of the Rings
The following text reproduces Chapter 28
of the book “The Fire and Light of Theosophical
Literature”, by Carlos Cardoso Aveline, The
Aquarian Theosophist, Portugal, 255 pp., 2013. 
“Here and there twinkles a point of light
(…..). If the beacon of Aryan occultism shall
ever be kindled again, these scattered sparks
must be combined to make its flame.”
(“The Mahatma Letters”, TUP, p. 384)
“Procure a sixpenny lamp, keep it
only supplied with oil, and you will be able to
light at its flame the lamps, candles, and fires of the
whole globe without diminishing that flame.

(“The Secret Doctrine”, HPB, vol. I, pp. 121-122)
In the final chapter we’ll examine the occult link between Saturn, the severe initiatic Master of our solar system, and the statement made by HPB that the earth could be “a heaven” in the 21st century. [1]
For those who are accustomed to the average contents of the media in the first part of 21st century, an optimistic view of the future is rather startling - if not altogether unacceptable.
Yet life is far more surprising than present-day journalism - or fiction.
We have already seen that the founder of the modern esoteric movement gave the dates and duration of recent astrological ages, indicating that the year 1900 was to be the end of Pisces Age and the starting point for the Aquarian Age. [2]
She saw that the expansion of higher mind brought about by the new Age of Aquarius would be dramatically painful at first. In the same paragraph, referring to the equinox, she added: “When it enters, in a few years, the sign of Aquarius, psychologists will have some extra work to do, and the psychic idiosyncrasies of humanity will enter on a great change.” 
The transition between astrological ages is a complex process, though, and its effects take a few hundred years to become perfectly visible. The 21st century is a strong numerological figure which equals 3 times 7 - and HPB made a bright prophetical statement as to the karmic contents of this period:
“(...) Error is powerful only on the surface, prevented as she is by Occult Nature from going any deeper; for the same Occult Nature encircles the whole globe, in every direction, leaving not even the darkest corner unvisited. And, whether by phenomenon or miracle, by spirit-hook or bishop’s crook, Occultism must win the day, before the present era reaches ‘Sani’s (Saturn’s) triple septenary’ of the Western cycle in Europe, in other words - before the end of the twenty-first century ‘A.D.’.”  [3]
Strong words, indeed, and the fact that HPB mentions Saturn in these lines is not entirely casual. From an astrological point of view, Saturn is the stern Master of the lower quaternary or basic self in human beings. And the upper triad or spiritual soul has nothing to lose from the slow, powerful movements of that planetary spirit whose physical vehicle was called by Camille Flammarion “the marvel of the solar system”. [4]
The planet has several rings and dozens of moons, and we must bear in mind that there’s a difference between its body and its spirit. HPB wrote:
“Saturn, ‘the Father of Gods’ must not be confused with his namesake - the planet of the same name (...). The two - though in one sense identical, as are, for instance, physical man and his soul - must be separated in the question of worship.”[5]
So the material planet Saturn is the vehicle of the mythological Saturn. Although there is a clear difference between material and spiritual aspects of this planet, the interaction between them is very much like the relationship between physical man and his soul.
This planet is the Master of Karma, Time and Structures. It presides over our karmic harvest, but it is also the regent of Kriyamana Karma, the new karma we choose to plant at each moment. Saturn helps us make use of present opportunities in order to attain a lasting happiness.
Master of concentration, Saturn has an important role to play in the ladder to heaven taught in the Mithraic Mysteries of ancient Rome. It is said that this ladder has seven steps. The first one corresponds to “the sky of Saturn”, that is, the spirit of that planet.[6]  In any sacred ladder, the first step upward presides over the transition between the lower ground and the way to heaven. The first step makes us confront the borderline between the material and divine dimensions of life. Thus, astronomically, Saturn is the planet of the rings and establishes the limit between the “domestic” and the “galactic” sections of our solar system.
Mythologically, this planet-spirit also corresponds to the Jewish-Christian god Jehovah. Chronos/Saturn, the stern God in the Paradise’s Golden Age, tries to preserve spiritual life by preventing the personal ego from prematurely separating itself, at the end of the first races. It “devours” its children (that is, personal egos) back into an undifferentiated unity, until the right time has come for them to go ahead. When separation/differentiation finally prevails, then there is the severe and solemn warning from the Saturnian Lord, who sends Adam (third root-race) away from the Garden and into the hard world of dualistic life (Genesis, 3).
Saturn has many names, and in “Isis Unveiled” we read:

“Ilda-Baoth, the ‘Son of Darkness’, and the creator of the material world, was made to inhabit the planet Saturn, which identifies him still more with the Jewish Jehovah, who was Saturn himself, according to the Ophites, and is by them denied his Sinaitic name. From Ilda-Baoth emanate six spirits, who respectively dwell with their father in the seven planets.” [7]

These seven planets are, as Blavatsky explains in the same paragraph, Saturn, Mars, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, the same celestial bodies that form the Mithraic ladder to heaven.
HPB acknowledged Saturn as the king of golden age.[8] In many different traditions there is a direct relationship between the awakening of the higher mind and the emergence of golden ages. In Buddhism and other religions, gold (or yellow) is a symbol of divine consciousness. Any golden age is an age ofbuddhi-manas or spiritual intelligence, and there is a direct connection between this higher mind and Saturn.
We find inspiring information in Cotterell’s “Encyclopedia of Myths & Legends”. My own interpolated words are underlined, in brackets:

“Saturn, like KRONOS, was regarded as the ruler of a distant Golden Age, when life was easy and peaceful. During this age, he had taught people how to till the fields and enjoy a civilized way of life. As early as the fifth century BCE Saturn’s temple stood in the Forum at Rome and acted as the treasury. His festival, the Saturnalia, took place in December [at the entrance of the Sun in Capricorn] and lasted seven days. During the revels [the feasts] people ate together [celebrating universal brotherhood regardless of their rigid system of social classes] and exchanged gifts at a public banquet in the Forum.”[9]

Present-day Christmas is also celebrated in December and under the sign of Capricorn, whose regent is Saturn. It is a time for celebrating universal brotherhood, too, and for exchanging gifts; a time which goes on for little more than seven days, from December 25th through January 1st. As to our week, Saturn-day is traditionally seen as the seventh day, the day dedicated to rest, prayer and harmony. 
Mythological Saturn was exiled in Rome, and the poet Ovid wrote in “Fasti” 1-235-238: 
“(...) In this land Saturn was received, when he was expelled by Jupiter from the celestial realm; hence the name of the Saturnian people, used for a long time by our folks, as also his land was called Latium, because here the god hid himself.”
Indeed, according to ancient etymology the very word Latium (modern Lazio, hence Latin, etc.) comes from latere, “being hidden”, and refers to Saturn.
The exiled god established himself in the Capitol, the birthplace of the future city of Rome. He founded a fortified city which in some mythological versions is called Saturnia. He was received by Janus, a much older god in Italy, who also had come from Greece. The two gods peacefully shared power in theLatium. The coming of Saturn to Italy brought about the aetas aurea, golden age, when, as says Ovid inMetamorphoses (1-107-10), “springtime was eternal and the gentle breezes caressed with their smooth breath the flowers born out of no seed”.
Virgil writes of this golden age: “Sometimes there were rivers of milk, and sometimes of nectar [the drink of gods], and the land produced everything with no effort from the peasants. Everything belonged to everybody and there was a deep peace”. And Virgil adds in his “Georgics”, 2, 538-540:
“Thus was life on Earth when golden Saturn ruled;
There was no sound of battle trumpets yet,
Nor the tinkle of swords in the hard anvil.” [10]
Life is cyclic, and that enlightened past holds the key to the future. H.P. Blavatsky wrote these words about the next and bright phase of human history which she helped prepare:

“If Theosophy prevailing in the struggle, its all-embracing philosophy strikes deep root into the minds and hearts of men, if its doctrines of Reincarnation and Karma, in other words, of Hope and Responsibility, find a home in the lives of the new generations, then, indeed, will dawn the day of joy and gladness for all who now suffer and are outcast. For real Theosophy is ALTRUISM, and (….) brotherly love, mutual help, unswerving devotion to Truth. If once men do but realize that in these alone can true happiness be found, and never in wealth, possessions, or any selfish gratification, then the dark clouds will roll away, and a new humanity will be born upon earth. Then, the GOLDEN AGE will be there, indeed.”

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  • do you know the rings are made of glass. from the progenitors build a halo style ring around. A similar ring you can see in that movie jupiter ascending. This was about 5 million years ago due to whistle blowers in the Secret Space program

    • You are free to believe whatever you like, but I know physics and the halo is natural... however if it makes sense to you then that is okay too. 

  • this is good Kelley-more people need to do an astrological chart or if they could get someone like Malcolm they'd be surprised at finding what their own influences are-and be more content following them-my own house is extremely influenced by Saturn

    • That's awesome, Pet Rock, Saturn gets a bad rap.  It is a very powerful planet to have, you will have had some trials from it, but many rewards, as Malcolm stated.  I met the Saturn energy a couple of weeks ago for the first time as an old man, my mind interpreted him that way... He didn't seem to have patience for frou-frou emotions and carrying on, lol... all business, but in a nice way, I think.  I think he is a peg that holds us suspended between our physical and astral self.  

  • KELLY: Saturn has a very important bright side that many people fail to talk about: a valuable reward that is sometimes given away from this very restrictive energy source (i.e. Saturn) and of which is also a valuable lesson desired by others since this reward is RARELY taught or "given away" by this same restrictive energy source.

    BUT WAIT: Saturn is disliked by many. Also note that this same old tough survivor who loves to restrict (and who is hated by so many) will be impressed and will reward the few inexperienced individuals showing great respect for the expectations mandated by Saturn.  Hence, Saturn will allow a "passing on" of a valuable lesson (or a reward) to those for tolerance of and the following of the rules expected from Saturn.

    My favorite examples of this Saturn "reward" for tolerating the energy of Saturn can be seen with two fictional characters: Charles Dickens' "Ebenezer Scrooge" (from "A Christmas Carol") and Quentin Tarentino's "Pai Mai" (from "Kill Bill part Two").

    Click and go to 7:20 for my example with Saturn-like Scrooge giving out such a reward to those who followed him (despite his Saturn cruelty).

    Click for my example of Pai Mai being a real Saturn-like jerk to a young U.S. woman (Uma Thurman) who is seeking Kung Fu secrets and martial arts knowledge

    Uma Thurman's Reward: click for the "reward" that this Saturn-like jerk ("Pai Mai") gives to Uma Thurman for her tolerance as a protege.  The reward is important knowledge via "the deadliest technique in martial arts" (and of which turns out to be needed, since this technique is used against an evil martial arts master (David Carradine) who tried to have her killed in the "Kill Bill Part One"). 

    - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • Very interesting, Malcolm... I see the correlations.  Saturn does offer "spiritual intelligence" but at the cost of one's own ego...He is a stern old man, lol...I see it too. 

      This planet's energies are prominent right now so I thought it a good time to talk about it :-)  

      • Kelly: you are correct that it's important to talk about Saturn now.  Saturn is currently retrograding past the star of Dschubba, a.k.a. "The Crown of The Scorpion" (at about 3 degrees Sagittarius). Saturn will then change signs and retrograde into Scorpio.  In August, 2015, Saturn will go stationary near the star of Toliman (a.k.a. Alpha Centauri, at 29 degrees Scorpio, on August 2, 2015). Jupiter will be near the star of Al Jabhah (at 28 degrees Leo) at this same time, and Jupiter will also be in in a hard square formation with Saturn at this time as well. This square is a classic "hard choice" or a "sharp trade-off" per definitions in most astrology texts..

        Individuals who were born with important placements of the star of Dschubba (i.e. one ex senator who wants to be president, and one ex senator who is president) may be coming down with hard decisions and hard choices to make of some kind in late summer to fall of 2015.

        This summer should represent a hard choice of some kind within a large influence or situation of some kind. I suspect financial implications, but don't look for a stock market panic (since there are still too many people calling for it to happen). But oil did a serious drop in price, and Saudi Arabia is about to openly accept usury due to financial losses that exceeded calculations done by the best that Wall Street can offer.  Moral of the story: making money via equities and paper instruments will always carry an element of risk that you simply cannot minimize with contrarian equities and paper instruments (i.e. derivatives).

        • The drop in oil production has drastically affected my town, it's trickling down to increased crime and violence, it's going to reach a breaking point, but not soon, I think.  If you could hazard an educated guess, Malcolm, when do you think Canada is going to "wake up"... there has been some political change recently, so the signs are good for some real growth but there are such yahoos making our decisions right now that we're stymied... 

          • Canada is experiencing aftershocks due to the big drop in the price of crude oil (reportedly overdone by Saudi Arabia, since the financial impact has Saudi Arabia using leverage more and taking part in public usury (borrowing money) for the first time in fifteen years).

            Neptune is currently in it's ruling sign of Pisces (till 2025), and Pisces is very definitive of hospitals, services, chemicals, drugs, and petroleum. The square taking place between Saturn (in the sign of Sagittarius, which rules "the law") with Neptune in 2016 strongly suggests a strong restriction placed on "Pisces areas," and Saturn will be conjunct the star of Antares ("Archangel Oriel;"  "Watcher of The West").

            • Thankyou, Malcolm.  I really look forward to some changes being made here.  Our leadership is a joke, elections are coming...fingers crossed.  

This reply was deleted.

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