The Benefits Of Walking

Been doing this more as of late because of wanting to be healthier and to help clear my mind. Would definitely recomend it feels great. Gonna post some videos on the subject if anybody is interested on this topic.

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  • hope you will do it everyday, the Shamans call it 'search for the vision' or 'vision quest' or Vision Walk - To go on a vision walk, you just need to step outside your house or any other room and walk with the intention of gaining insight during this walk with the question for example: 'you are in need of help to understand your path' while observing the signs. It could be any question or situation.

    This is especially important when you are faced with a challenge in life or a difficult situation. The walk can take 10 minutes or it can take longer. Your intention and observation of the signs distinguishes this practice from a normal walk. And it could be done anywhere.
    • Never heard of vision quest or vision walk Ara ill have to look those up, but yes the goal is to walk daily or most days with the minimum being 30 minutes and the maximum being until i start to feel tired, in my experience that means i can go 2-3 hours maybe even more.
      • In most native cultures around the world, there is an ancient tradition called the vision quest. This is
        a very special time when a young person goes into the wilderness to commune with nature and ask for a dream or vision that will reveal his or her gifts and place in the tribe.

        Though the Vision Walk is focused on answering one specific question, but it works just like a vision quest. The principle is exactly the same: You shut down the mind and open the heart. You soften the boundaries between you and your surroundings. But you do all this in minutes instead of hours or days. From start to finish, the Vision Walk usually takes less than half an hour. All it takes is relaxed attention, clear focus, and a little faith.

        The Vision Walk is a tool, and it is also very practical, an active state of meditation. Your true self is always waiting for you, just beyond the noise in your mind and for accessing inner wisdom. “Why am I here? What do I really want? What is the highest expression of my talents and abilities? Should I stay in this relationship?

        So the Vision Walk is a way to get the ego self out of the way, get the mind out of the way, and re-connect with the real you.
        • Interesting thanks for telling me about this Ara. Ill have to try this sometime.
  • Will post more whenever i get the chance
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