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The 13 Crystal Skulls Will Arrive In San Francisco On 11-11-11

October 24, 2011 2:18
The Mayan Elders, The 13 Crystal Skulls, & the Importance of Their Upcoming Ceremonial Pilgrimage Across the USA

By Cal Garrison – The Spirit of Ma’at

I first heard about the Crystal Skull journey back on the twenty-third of July. At the time I wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together because so many variables, both logistical and ethereal, had to be taken into consideration. Since that day many things have been arranged and rearranged. After several meetings, Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeeper and Elder Priest of the Mayan Itza Council, and Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, President of the Mayan Council of Elders, have announced their plans to lead a group of Mayan Elders on a ceremonial pilgrimage that will carry the Thirteen Crystal Skulls from one coast of the United States to the other. The journey will begin in Manhattan on the 27th of October, 2011; it will culminate in Los Angeles on November 11th, 2011.

On 11:11:11, another group of thirteen Elders will arrive in LA from the Mayaland to come together in a Gateway Event that will be highlighted by the performance of the Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony. The Elders, whose traditions have always been kept within their inner circle, have been instructed to perform all of their ceremonies in public from this point on; for this reason, the Ceremony of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls, a ceremony that was last performed 26,000 years ago, will be open to the general public.

Enroute from New York to Los Angeles the Elders will stop at specific power points to fulfill a prophecy which states that the time has come to reawaken the Spirit of the North American Continent so that it can reclaim itself as the sacred ground in whose soil would be sown the seeds for the enlightenment of all mankind. At each stop along the way ceremonial gatherings will be held to open the ground and raise the ancient energies that will fuel the Gateway Event in Los Angeles on 11:11:11. All of these gatherings will be open to anyone who feels called to participate.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the significance of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls, these ancient relics are said to contain information about the history of our planet and the future of mankind. Carved out of pure quartz crystal, and other crystals such as jade, the Skulls generate an energy field that activates human consciousness in a way that expands our perceptions of reality. Ultimately they are the manifestation of Spirit in a form that is now helping to shift the magnetic frequency of Mother Earth. When the Spirits of the Skulls are ceremonially awakened, ancient wisdom, wisdom that has been preserved in a crystalline matrix for eons, enters the unified field and fills the collective consciousness with all the knowledge of everything that has happened on the planet in the last 26,000 years, and perhaps beyond.

If it boggles the mind to consider the full import of these events, the following message from Hunbatz Men and the Mayan Elders will help you to put everything into perspective:


We are very glad to inform all of you initiates from all over the world that on October 27th, 2011, the pilgrimage journey in which we are going to take the sacred Crystal Skulls, is going to leave from Manhattan, New York, with destination to Los Ángeles, CA, in the United States.

All along the way we are going to invoke and implore the Great Cosmic Spirit to enlighten our pathway and the roads we are going to walk on carrying our sacred crystal skulls. This way the skulls will enlighten and activate all the sites where the Great Cosmic Spirit is going to be present. Thus, the sacred sites we are going to visit like Great Serpent Mound, OH; the temples of Cahokia, IL; Sedona, AZ; and many other sacred centers will be activated through this cosmic resonance. Tamuanchán (the original Mayan name for the USA) will be once again the sacred site that must enlighten the whole of mankind in this world.

Please help us make this journey of spiritual greatness so the sacred Crystal Skulls take us in these our beloved lands of our eternal Tamuanchán where our Father Sun and our Mother Earth will take care of our sacred spirit forever.

May the Great Spirit be always with you,

Hunbatz Men Council of Maya Itza Priests and Elders

They say ‘there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing’; believe it or not, there is even more good news fueling this story. The “11:11:11 Crystal Skulls, World Mysteries, LA Gateway Event”, along with all of the ceremonial gatherings that take place as the Elders travel across the United States, are just the beginning; they are a ‘gateway’ to a series of unprecedented live events that will bring the secrets of the ages to the attention of the entire world.

As it turns out, Unify Earth, the organization that is sponsored by the people who gave us ‘Live Aid’, ”We are the World’, and other mega-events with a humanitarian purpose, has gotten behind Hunbatz Men, Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, and the Mayan Council and they want to provide a vehicle for the Elders’ message to be spread to every corner of the Earth. In collaboration with Cirque de Soleil, ‘Google’, NBC, Santana, Elevate Films, and others, all of the above have come together to sponsor a series of spectacular performances that will carry the seeds that are sown in the soon to be actualized Crystal Skull Ceremonies to hearts and minds all over the planet.

Throughout 2012, on the March 21st Spring Equinox, the June 21st Summer Solstice, and the September 21st, Autumn Equinox, Cirque de Soleil will present special performances with themes that embody the wisdom of the ancients, the secrets of the Great Shift of the Ages, and the connection between the mysteries of the heart and the awakening of human consciousness. At the heart of each performance will be the wish to open the mind and the heart of humanity to the Ascension process, and to the prospect of a beautiful future in a whole new world.

This series of blockbuster performances will culminate in a fourth mega-event that will broadcast live, from the Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza on the 2012 Winter Solstice. On that night Cirque de Soleil will take over the entire Chichen Itza Temple complex. The Chichen Itza Pyramid will be transformed into a stage, upon which the artists and performers of the Cirque de Soleil will work their incredible magic. Carlos Santana, the man who has been a clear channel for the Music of the Spheres for over fifty-years, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the main event. If that isn’t enough, the Winter Solstice show will include an unprecedented, full regalia ceremony with the Mayan Elders. Yes, that’s right folks; the Elders will be there too; they are coming down from the mountains to be part of this.

At 11:11 PM, on the night of the 2012 Winter Solstice spectacular, at the exact moment when our Sun and the Earth go into alignment with the center of the galaxy, the Elders, and the Cirque de Soleil performers will present a guided meditation that will unite over two-billion viewers in their hearts and open the space for all of humanity to embrace the unconditionally-loving light of the Divine Feminine. The time has come; the ‘Quarantine’ is about to be lifted. This event, and all of the ceremonies and performances leading up to it, are the manifestation of a dream, and of a rise in consciousness that will help us to remember who we really are and guide us out of the darkness into the Light.

For those of you who would like to participate in any of these events, please refer to the following itinerary and be sure to go to for more detailed information.


Oct 26 The Elders arrive in New York

Oct 27 New York Ceremony with the 13 Crystal Skulls

Oct 28 Leave New York to go to the Serpent Mound, OH.

Oct 29 Serpent Mound Ceremony with the 13 Crystal Skulls followed by a day of rest.

Oct 30 Leave the Serpent Mound to go to Cahokia, IL.

Oct 31 Cahokia Ceremony with the 13 Crystal Skulls and a day of rest.

Nov 1 Leave Cahokia to go to Hays, KS

Nov 2 Leave Hays to go to Crestone, CO

Nov 3 Crestone Ceremony with the 13 Crystal Skulls, and day of rest.

Nov 4 Leave Crestone to go to to Kaatsi, AZ.

Nov 5 Private Meeting in Kaatsi with Hopi and Tibetan monks including Rinpoche.

Nov 6 The Elders will spend more time with Hopis and Tibetan Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche after which they will drive to Sedona, AZ.

Nov 7 Sedona Ceremony with the 13 Crystal Skulls plus a public event.

Nov 8 The Elders will leave Sedona and drive to Los Angeles

Nov 9 Los Angeles will be a day of rest for some, and return home for others.

Nov 10 This is the day that another group of 13 elders arrive in Los Angeles from Merida

11:11:11 Gateway Ceremony with 13 Mayan Elders and the 13 Crystal Skulls at Crystal Skull Conference in Los Angeles

Nov 12 Crystal Skull Conference in Los Angeles with 13 Mayan Elders and Pilgrimage Participants present.

Nov 13 Host Gabriel Romero is sponsoring a one day seminar in which Mayan Day Keeper Hunbatz Men will impart his wisdom. The seminar will take place on Sunday, November 13, 2011. Please feel free to distribute this information to anyone who might be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear the real Maya talk about 2012 and the sacred Crystal Skulls.

You will find more information about the “11-11-11 Gateway Event” in Los Angeles and the one-day seminar with Hunbatz Men by clicking on the Calendar Listings at:
Or contact cosmicm(at) or Gabriel Romero at mayangod2013(at) for more detailed information.

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The Mayan Calendar Crystal Skull Technology, Law of One Crystals & Time

Archangel Metatron through James TyberonnGreetings! I am Metatron, lord of light! I embrace each of you in light and love. I know each one of you, far more than you may realize. We savor these moments we share.

Dear ones, the universe—the cosmos—is perfection itself, regardless of any interpretationor perception of it. In a quantum sense, all things in the crystalline unified field act precisely and perfectly according to their nature and architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies or vibratory resonance than others. With these words, we begin this most interesting discussion.

According to modern Mayan calendar interpreters 1, we are experiencing an acceleration of consciousness like no other. In fact, the researchers say that the rate of consciousness will speed up by a factor of 20 in 2011, so a shift in consciousness that took a whole year from 1999 until now, will take only twenty days. This factor of 20 will be in full potential from March 9 to October 28, 2011.


If this is so, what does it mean exactly?

The potential for increased consciousness is indeed taking place as a pre-set quickening of the ascension. However, the “rate” of shift varies with each individual, and as such a fixed factor of acceleration cannot truly be given per se. Before we comment further on the acceleration of consciousness, we wish you to know that the remarkable Mayan calendar, was not developed nor originally written by the Maya in the manner that you suppose. It predated the Maya by more than 18,000 years. It was originally developed by the enlightened Atlanteans of Poseida with assistance from the Sirian/Pleiadean Alliance, and was stored by means of crystalline technology, termed the crystal skulls.  Even your more creative anthropologists state that the earliest Mayan society only began around 2000 BC. We assure you the calendar was in place in a much expansive format long

before the Mayan society came into existence. What you now refer to as the Mayan calendar is but a small remnant.  The area inhabited by the predecessors of the Maya in the Yucatán area of Mexico and Guatemala was connected by a land bridge to the Atlantean island of Poseida before the quakes and the final deluge of Atlantis submerged it. Technically advanced cultures from Atlantis inhabited Central America and Egypt long before the final demise of Atlantis. The Central American, South American (Og), and Egyptian colonies and cultures emerged from and were one with the highly spiritual Atlanteans of the law of one for many millennia before the destruction

of Atlantis.  These societies each contained within them an elite group of what might be termed scientist-priests. These sages of the Atla-Ra were highly adept at the science of mind over matter.

These masters operated through mental physics in full consciousness of countless subtle degrees of multidimensionality.  While the untrained masses of humanity in the era of Atlantis lacked such skills and utilized land bridges and other less advanced forms of transport to and from the colonies of Atlantis, Og, Yucatán and Egypt, the inner circle of scientistpriests had the means to etherically bi-locate and physically manifest—not just on Earth, but also galactically. They interacted with extraterrestrials of the Pleiadean/Sirian Alliance and they were the original source of the cyclic Mayan calendar. Small enclaves of these scientist-priests flourished for millennia after the deluge. They retained knowledge of the calendar and supervised construction of various pyramids with assistance from the aforementioned extraterrestrials.  Yet these scientist-priests did not represent the society of the Maya as a whole. That is why the Maya are an enigma today. Some of the accomplishments attributed to them reveal great technical advancement, and yet the society as a whole was

rural and given to unseemly ceremonies involving human sacrifice and other aberrations. The scientist-priests of Og, Yucatán, Egypt, and other forgotten cultures understood the science of mental physics and had knowledge of astronomy and dimensional cycles. Only members of adept initiate traditions understood and utilized the science of mental physics—the influence of precise thought on matter. It is a forgotten science.

The scientist-priests knew the art of dematerialization and remanifestation. The greatest of the pyramids were constructed using translation of physical matter from location to location. The Atla-Ra and their descendants had the ability to shift matter from the third dimension into fields of what might be termed antigravity. In certain circumstances, they were even able to alter their own reality and dimension. The Olmec, Aztec, Maya, and Meso-American peoples did not retain mastery of this aspect of their culture. However, the Atla-Ra developed the calendar, and segments of the Maya retained that knowledge and re-created records and texts to preserve it. But just as in Atlantis, the scientist-priests, while highly respected, were not the governing body or the decision-makers regarding social development.


Is this the reason why changes seem to be happening not only faster but also with more intensity?

The increase in resonance escalates the potential of each individual to shift upward into greater conscious awareness.  The ascension is underpinned and defined by the dimensional expansion of the Earth, including the crystalline realms. Ascension is characterized by new input of lifeforce consciousness units called akash, or adamantine essence, by your ancients, which are the potent light particulate of reality manifestation.  The crystalline realm begins at the level of the fifth dimension

and extends to the twelfth in terms of the omni-Earth. Prior to the dimensional expansion of ascension, a stepped-down version of consciousness units has been perceived as electromagnetic

energy in the physical space-time continuum of the third dimension. Your subconscious minds manifest crystalline consciousness units of higher frequency through the higher aspect of mind. The intensified energy and quickening of time are attributes of the resonance.

Ascension is the expanded ability of humanity to rise into the crystalline dimension previously unavailable to you. Having the ability does not mean that everyone will immediately grasp

the opportunity. The choice to do so remains with each person.  Ascension is a personal option that depends on the readiness, pure intent, and light quotient of the individual. Earth is a freewill environment by design. Ascension is not magical stardust that immediately transmutes all that it touches. Rather it is a newly opened frequency doorway that individuals choose when they are ready.

It is important to bear in mind that the Mayan calendar, while accurate in its determination of cycles, can be analyzed differently according to the perspective and light quotient of each interpreter. The degree of shift is determined by the awareness of the individual. Certain Mayan texts destroyed by Spanish priests provided information that would have given far more expansive views of the calendar. Many centuries before the Maya, other vital components of the calendar were lost. These loses have severely impaired understanding of the calendar.  Permit us to stress once again that the rate of an individual’s ascension is determined by and actuated by his intent and his ability to absorb enhanced energy.


Could you talk about this aspect of acceleration and what it offers humanity?


Dimensional reality on Earth is programmed to appear in a linear time sequence. Using your computer terminology, it is a program facilitated by a server, which in this case is the 144 crystalline grid. Through the 144 grid, subprograms of time are inserted as holographic realities. There are epochs and eras, entire civilizations that are inserted into the grid server as programs. That is why certain civilizations such as the Maya seem to have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere into the vast sea of creation.  Linear time is a functional, purposeful illusion. In truth, all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore on the level of the oversoul, you are experiencing many civilizations and lifetimes at once in the unified field of the crystalline multiverse.

One aspect of the ascension is the centering of all time. In the greater overview, time acceleration is occurring as all lifetimes align to complete themselves in this cycle. As such, that which you term light is itself accelerating, and this is affecting every aspect of your present experience.


How does the acceleration affect time, and will time itself disappear?


We have said that time is accelerating. Time and space are different aspects of light, and the speed of light around Earth is accelerating. Your planet is reformulating, and humanity is increasing in vibration. As we have said, the world remakes itself now as time speeds past more quickly than it did yesterday.

Light acceleration and your expanding consciousness continue in 2011 and 2012. With this surge, life itself shifts into a higher tempo. Your moments, hours and days flash by more quickly.  As time reshapes itself, it will also reshape human experience of visible and invisible forces of nature. Linear time is a conceptual abstraction of third dimension duality. Each dimension above the third has its own unique laws of physics and its own time pulse. Light becomes crystalline coherent light at the level of the fifth dimension. It increases in velocity and frequency in each higher dimension. Eventually time disappears.

Three-dimensional time is out of sync with fifth-dimensional time. Time expands or contracts in exact ratio to the relevant quanta of light present within the space. The pulse of time is increasing as Earth reshapes itself in ascending energies. The acceleration of time results in the increased velocity of light. When greater quanta of coherent light are present, time does accelerate, either forward or

backward, from your linear perspective. Many of you feel there are fewer hours in the day and you cannot accomplish the same number of tasks within set amounts of time. The time flash aspect has

increased by approximately 25 percent, and you have not adjusted to it. Therefore it seems that time passes more quickly compared to three decades ago. The acceleration of time results in a compacted

experience. One feels more consolidated, seamless, refined, and less abrupt.

The crystalline grid transforms light and affects the physical body of the Earth. This transformation of time results in increased spinning of the Earth’s core. This is accomplished by transducing light waves. The crystalline core of the Earth is spinning faster and the ratio of the inner spin to the axial

tilt of the Earth determines the movement of linear time. It is indeed appropriate to say that the clocks and chronometers of the Earth no longer accurately measure the pulse of time as perceived

by the brain.

The information you perceive about time is a more or less intentional illusion. Signals initially received by the mind at the speed of light are transduced or translated by the brain, which occupies physical matter and space. It interprets and exists in time. The mind does not. The inner universe of the mind takes up no space and it does not have its core existence within linear time. Your illusional physical reality, by contrast, does take up space and has existence within time. However, it is not the true reality in which your divine mind and soul exist.

Its perceptions are determined by shifting cosmic forces.  As we have said, time and space are aspects of one mechanism. Space is “congealed” time. Accordingly time is the inverse of space. Both occur through the harmonic flash of consciousness units—the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter via black holes and white holes. What you refer to as anti-matter composes the great majority of the cosmos.

Where space and time merge, consciousness perception aligns awareness of simultaneous lifetimes. This occurs in a magical instant, which is 10–43 of one second. At this point, time and space merge and become nonlinear and the torus aspect comes into play. Space is turned back on itself, and time units float in a nonlinear pool of what you term past, present, and future. The space-time continuum dissolves and becomes conscious energy units that are reformed into matter and antimatter as they are pulled in and projected out via black holes and white holes respectively.

All versions of the omni-Earth coexist above the linear programming. This axiom of truth is initially very difficult to completely comprehend from your position in the third dimension. That is because third-dimensional density operates within a linear time program that enables Earth plane experience. Pre-indoctrinated linear perception determines so-called normal resonance patterns for the experiential

probabilities that humankind selects, projects, and perceives while growing into greater consciousness.

But we tell you that the source reality from which all lifetimes emerge is not written in stone, and therefore your experience is never predestined. From an assortment of potentials,

you chose the experiences you wanted to have. Although your third-dimensional preconditioning is linear, you not only have the ability to reach beyond physical programming, you also have the ultimate goal of doing so. While inhabited by human consciousness, the living physical body operates as an intense focal point for Earth plane experience. Consciousness focuses its own network of perception and communication of both the ordinary and the extraordinary. In terms of the latter, you are constantly perceiving in ways that you do not recognize with the ordinary physical senses.


Law of One Crystals

You are influenced by vast arrays of colors, sounds, electromagnetic energies, and sensory feelings perceived on cellular and crystalline levels of quantum. This network is connected in harmonic oscillation to all others like it. However, most of humanity is unaware of the extraordinary interactions that take place among their crystal, electromagnetic and material bodies. This interface occurring in the crysto-merkanah light body is more far reaching than humanity realizes. The physical cells can and do respond to each other, and their activity triggers higher centers of crystalline

lightbody consciousness that tie into multidimensionality. This crystalline activation is a key aspect of the ascension. The crystals are a major part of everything, especially the high level of spirituality of the Law of One. But it is important to note that spirituality took precedence in their application

during the golden era. The technological applications were applied through the use of crystals in the sacred sciences.

The crystals were viewed as living entities and were used only for betterment within highest good. Before Atlantis was taken over by the Aryans in its final destructive stage, a beautiful,

peaceful, and highly spiritual matriarchal society called the Law of One presided in harmony for over 20,000 years in the golden age of Atlantis. The era of the Law of One in the golden age of Poseida achieved the highest frequency of love ever actualized on planet Earth. A key part of the energy of

that enlightenment, the crystals are re-emerging now.

At the time of the ascension, when Earth and her inhabitants enter the new crystalline era, the major power crystals will not be taken from you and misused, as occurred long ago through the Aryan deception. Never again will the crystals be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this. It is a sacred oath of the Law of One that will indeed be kept. The Law of One is re-emerging in spiritual grace within the crystals of Arkansas and Brazil.


Are the Mayan pyramids symbols of the cosmos?  Gateways would be a more accurate term. All pyramids built on measurements of the golden mean are tools for opening portals into higher dimensions The Mayan pyramids were constructs of the Sirian/Pleiadean alliance. They were formulated, engineered, and manifested by means of mental mastery of physical matter. They were specifically fashioned in order to create a network of multidimensional energies and frequencies.

One purpose was the specific alignment of certain pyramids with specific latitudes and longitudes in order to create a field of resonance for the planet. 

Why did so few people understand the Mayan calendar?

The Christian missionaries, for example, considered these stories to be metaphors for different categories of hell.  The interpretations of the Spanish priests were limited by their preconceived notion of the Maya as infidels and pagans, outside their own narrow Christian doctrines and fear-based



Crystal Skull Technology

I understand that only the first part of the calendar has been discovered; the second is still hidden, or lost. If this is so, what is there still to discover?

Written portions of the original Atla-Ra calendar, which became known as the Mayan calendar, were lost, not only because of the depredations of time, but also because of further dissipation by various interpretations. The full information is still retained within the thirteenth crystal skull known as Max.

There are halls of records yet to be found that contain vast stores of information, including world histories. Although Edgar Cayce channelled predictions that they would be revealed prior to the new millennium, they have not yet been discovered.  The comprehensive records of Atlantis are contained in holographic data recorded within Max. The retrieval technology is not yet available to you. In the future, you will develop crystalline receivers capable of three-dimensional holographic playback of the data.  Just as you now store information in computers through digital files and no longer transcribe lengthy texts on paper, the Atlantean historians stored such information using crystal technology.

Max is not of the Earth. His origin is the Pleiades, but his construction was more of the Arcturian crystal masters. He is a vast consciousness, akin to a supercomputer, with a huge volume of data storage. He is the most powerful and conscious of all of the remaining ancient crystal skulls. Within Max are the complete records of not only the original Mayan calendar but also the complete history of the Earth and humanity—and beyond. The original crystal skulls are the prototype of perfect human consciousness, encompassing full human potential. That was their prime purpose and why they were brought here. Originally the crystalline skulls were brought to Lemuria from Arcturus and the Pleiades, but the original model arrived before the Earth was fully in polarity. That nonmagnetic plane knew perfection and was inhabited by an androgynous manifestation of etheric spirit in full consciousness.

Even then it was already known that the firmament would dissolve. The plan then was that the extraordinary holographic record, the original crystal skull, would serve as the prototype for initial integration. Therefore the skull contains the model of the twelve strands of DNA, the fully conscious mind and being of the evolved human.  The crystal skulls contain within them all that you were before the human experiment and all that you will be when you complete the circle. They were manifested into form above and beyond physicality and have been brought into physicality at various times. As such, no true age can be assigned to them because they have appeared, disappeared, and reappeared many times in the millions of years of Earth’s habitation by humankind.

Obviously the Maya knew that their own society would decline and disappear. How did they protect and record their knowledge, and where did it go when their civilization started to dissolve?

As already stated, the full records are available through Max, the thirteenth extraterrestrial crystal skull—a vast conscious crystal computer. Max was and is the living data archive used for storage of the complete information of the calendar. There are other such libraries, but Max is the only one on the Earth plane at present in the cranium format. The crystal skulls contain within them all that you were before the human experiment and what you will be when you complete the infinity circle.

The Atlanteans worked with the original crystals skulls.Max contains the full energy of the other twelve and was safe-guarded by the high priest of the Maya. The thirteenth skull not only gave access to higher dimensions, it was an incomparable source of information and data relevant to the Maya. It contained information regarding the calendar and the complete map of the cosmos as related to Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus, and beyond. It also contained the laws of physics for each dimension and the cyclic codes.  This conscious recorder, the crystalline cranium, is an

immense databank and an invaluable tool. Certain high priests of the Maya, with Sirian assistance, maintained the knowledge of how to read it. It existed for them in a semiphysical dimension and manifested through theta level thought.

Within this crystalline conscious computer, Max, are the codes for reprogramming the Earth. That is why it is in a manifested form in the present time. The crystalline skull was solidified and programmed in a most complex manner. It is imbued with the divine aspect of the soul when it enters the Earth’s ambit from the unified field. It is the pattern recorded into the God self—the deep subconscious of the human mind—of the original model of perfected being to which humanity now aspires and gradually returns.

Max is one of two skulls that are truly extraterrestrial in origin.  The other is Sha Na Ra. Both originate from the moon of an enormous planet, some twenty times the size of Jupiter, circulating Arcturus, the orange star of creativity. Interest in the skulls is rapidly increasing with humankind’s desire to better understand himself and to reject systems that no longer work. To put it another way, humankind is rebooting, just as the Earth is doing.

Knowledge of the universal mind exists above and beyond the crystal skull; yet universal mind is encompassed within it in a way that benefits humankind. The knowledge within it is available for human access.


The Last Shift in Consciousness?

According to the source mentioned earlier, we are not only living the last shift in consciousness but the ultimate shift, the one that has driven evolution for thousands of years. The final Mayan calendar step to 2012, the last galactic wave or underworld, has started on March 9, 2011, and will be completed on October 28, 2011. At that date, the ninth wave will be activated.

Is the ninth wave the unity wave? If so, are we asked to really start to cocreate unity consciousness?

This conceptualized ninth wave does indeed have the ability to create sufficient group consciousness to stir the quickening already in place as the ascension draws nigh.  The ninth wave is a conceptual initiative based on a modern interpretation by Carl Johan Calleman, a highly evolved soul and credible theorist. Fitted within the interpretation of the writer is the astrological timing of March 9 through

October 28, 2011.

The concept and initiative of the ninth wave, however, is a contemporary interpretation and is not a preset point of the Mayan calendar. That does not diminish its validity or value.  The wave concept carries a very high vibration. So understand that although it is contemporary, it is valid. The ninth wave is being created in the present and, as a result of the focal belief and group focus, it will benevolently occur.

But to be clear, the resonant momentum of the ascension is quickening the energies. Without this source there would be no potential for a ninth wave. It is the critical planetary centering in the galactic field that is the prime source of momentum.  As such, there are astrological influences that play roles in the ascension, independent of the coining of the ninth wave of consciousness conversion. Indeed the equinoxes, solstices, and eclipses of 2011 and 2012 are original sources of energy for field

of unity consciousness.

The foundation of influences that establish acceleration of ascension energies provides the opportunity for increased consciousness, and these influences exist with or without what is termed the ninth wave. However, the conceptual intent of the ninth wave has intrinsic value. It is capable of gaining momentum and assisting in the establishment of unity consciousness if it garners sufficient participation. Other such concepts will develop between the present and December 21, 2012. All will

find fertile ground within the energetic foundation that is occurring. Whether one chooses the name ninth wave or any other name, it is a subjective interpretation and not part of the Mayan calendar as such. Rather the ninth wave has its own benevolent merits and validity.  The ascension is, in geo-mathematical terms, occurring in base 12. It is perhaps more accurate to say that the crystalline

transition at the core of the ascension is occurring in twelve waves, from the 01–01–01 through the 12–12–12. The expansive earth of the ascension has twelve dimensions. The 144 crystal grid is activating in twelve stages through the twelve triple-date portals. The twelve-wave scenario shares the resonance of the ascension. There are twelve major sun discs on the planet, each with a specific purpose and new crystalline codes. Each of the twelve feeds twelve satellites and those connect to the 144 crystals in a complex symmetry suited to the Earth and the crystalline grid itself. The triple-date portal gatherings that occur in the crystalline strata regions of Arkansas and Brazil on the 11–11–11 and 12–12–12 form the boundaries of the twelfth wave, and as such are paramount to the crystalline transformation of the 2012 ascension.

Is this ninth wave a period of opportunity to reach the highest quantum state? Is it the basis for a harmonious peace on Earth?

It is indeed an opportunity, especially within the stated intent of its author and followers. However, this opportunity is valid regardless of the name. The ascension is a universal truth.  Unity consciousness, occurring since 2001, will quicken through 2012. This is a necessity. The 2012 ascension is the twelfth wave of the ascending Earth. The forward movement has been quickening as a result of the Harmonic Convergence and the replacement of the magnetic grid by the crystalline grid. The ascension of your planet provides the critical mass that will convert energy through the crystalline grid and increase the Earth’s frequency from third-dimensional to twelfth-dimensional energy and beyond. It is akin to your television changing from antennae to satellite reception. It is the crystalline age. The fulcrum was the 09–09–09 cosmic trigger, and the shift continues through 12–12–12.

The conscious divine energy behind the Mayan calendar is independent of and predates the Maya. The energy is a potent living field independent of the calendar or its interpretations. The energy is dynamic and ever expanding. While it is the source energy that allowed the calendar to be composed, that very composition is merely one aspect of this dynamic gestalt.

I am Metatron and I share with you these truths. You are beloved, and and so it is.



The above Archangel Metatron channel is copyrighted to . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is include

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Hello, everyone, I updated this discussion with the Metatron posting regarding the crystal skulls.  Very interesting read :)  Enjoy!

Dear Kelly Thank you for this magnificent article, did you notice if you would add the age of every person from and older than 10 with the birth year the outcome is always 111 and children, animals younger than 10 is always outcome 11 in 2011 when you had your birthday already.


Hope this doesn't sound too chaotic.

Hope all is well (it feels well) Sending you Love and Light!!!



Interesting !.. These skulls together have so much memories. The most powerful skulls, Max is said to carry memories for them all. Planted in sacred places they help the planets energy to fleet nice and smooth so the 5th- dim energies can comes to every continenet. Keisha Crowther and her friends have planted one in Sweeden. Was it so that 2 of them come from out of space.
I was at the Serpent mound ceromony yesterday,and it was a wonderful time. as we followed the elders around the serpent the wind picked up,then as we came to the other side a rainbow appeared for a few minites. Very nice! One thing that is misleading here...There was crystal skulls there.but not the ancient ones, just 13 different ones made from different people!!.. I was a little disappointed after driving 3 hours to see one,but all in all it was a good time!



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