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Thank you, Galactic Federation of Light, for cleaning up our skies!

Salutations fellow Lightbearers! I have been doing some research and I wanted to share with you all what I have learned so far about the changes our beloved planet is going through and the part that our friends in the Galactic Federation of Light are playing.

In my previous blog I shared that the vortices seen around the world as giant spinning spirals are in fact created by the GFL to assist in cleansing our atmosphere. Our good friend Commander Drekx Omega of the Ground Crew has explained in greater detail how this works and there have been many examples of the GFL being seen helping in Japan and other countries where industrialization has corrupted the earth environment. They do this for no reason other than it is the GFL method to see life as Service to Others rather than Service to Self, and they are always happy to assist in any way to make this world a better place.

We have all noted I am sure, that Japan is not only having a difficult time since the earthquake and tsunami with their nuclear facilities, they have also had almost unprecedented sightings of GFL craft and telemetric orbs… this is all part of a monitoring service that our space brethren are doing to avert a massive disaster.

In fact, Drekx has revealed that there is an ocean cleansing process planned similar to the one over Japan’s skies, though it is unlikely that we will see or photograph this occurance, and certainly our media is not going to reveal any positive changes in our oceanic pollution. Now if only our GFL friends could do something about the Texas sized floating island of garbage floating around our planet, that would be wonderful; but I understand that some things we need to deal with ourselves thus satisfying the Lords of Karma and balancing the energies of Gaia.

** Japan

Well the Japanese UFO was one of many ground launched plasma projectiles we have been launching all over the planet….They fulfill similar functions to the plasma vortices, in so far as they usefully neutralise harmful pollutants, counter increasing radiation hazzards, as well as nullify chemtrail particulates…
Unlike a conventional rocket, note that the projectile is not physical, but the 4th state of matter and is designed to aetherialise completely after it has completed it’s role of laying an anti-pollution counter-trail accross the sky. They are also repairing damage to the various atmospheric strata layers as they streak ever higher…and ultimately spread out their light to clean as wide an area as possible…before completely disintegrating, leaving no harmful debris to fall back to earth…
Like my recently deployed aetheric grid, these plasma projectiles, along with plasma vortices (spirals,) are supporting efforts being planned and instigated by the GFL, on the orders of the Ascended Masters themselves…..Especially in relation to Master Hillarion’s department.
Plasma projectiles appear as comet-like atmospheric luminaries….and are neither natural, nor made by earth governments.
Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!! Plasma UFO’s?

***Plasma vortices, grids and projectiles will increase in numbers worldwide…eventually the people themselves will be involved in their own atmospheric cleanup applications…..once such devices are made available and not kept secret….
Those who seek to maintain the status quo have an interest in keeping this quiet, in spite of the positive deployment they are noticing worldwide… ocean whirlpool

***There is an underwater version scheduled to sweep accross the Pacific ocean….
It will probably be ignored by humans, if not the fish…!!

***And just to add that by GFL standards, the technology is not that advanced and such devices are available to the Earth NWO Elites, who choose not to use them for clean-up operations that aid planetary transformation…in defianance of the Divine Plan.
So, the deployed devices are GFL duplicates of those contained within the exotic “weapons” arsenal of Earth’s NWO elites…. and are based on the researches of Nikola Tesla.
If the GFL wanted to instantly remove a certain chemical or radiological element, or compound from the atmosphere, there are very advanced devices that can instantly dematerialise all contaminants of a pre-determined atomic frequency, at the speed of thought…
This alternatively longer technological process is a wake-up call for humaity to take responsibility for the cleanup, whether “elite” or otherwise…


I have heard a good number of ficticious explanations for the plasma vortex over Norway in late 2009…
David Wilcock & Richard Hoagland say it was HAARP related, because it was near the base EISCAT, the official study of the northern lights….south east of Tromso, Norway..
However, at the time of the vortex projection, that base was placed within a stasis beam, so HAARP was not in operation at all…

But the vortex was, indeed, projected from the ground, as speculated, in mountains, near the base, to deliberately cause this confusion among hostile intelligence circles…working for the NWO..
Also, it was not project Blue Beam, as no follow up attempt was made by the NWO controlled media, to convince people that it was an “alien invasion.”

If anything, they (the PTB) were trying to convince everyone that it was only a failed Russian rocket..thus downplaying it…

The GFL vortex plasma was also deployed in Russia in 2006 and in China…and more will be deployed… Russia vienna
The NWO do not possess HAARP bases in all countries…

Think of this glowing white vortex plasma as an eighteen-grooved record being played with a blue stylus, playing music so harmonious, that not only does it suck up all negative pollutants, but it opens a wormhole to higher dimensions, and allows energy to enter here, that would otherwis be blocked…
Cosmic love entered that unblocked portal and has made a difference in the world…

**** Quotes from Commander Drekx Omega*****


Thank you very much to Drekx for helping to explain these phenomena and to the Hierarchy and the GFL for all they do to help us and our Great Mother Earth... words cannot explain how wonderful you have been to us, and we are grateful for the cleansing that is happening, most especially in Japan where the nuclear reactors are a dangerous poison to life on the entire planet.  Bless you, always.

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Do you appreciate the political and social ramifications of taking down chemtrail planes, by GFL forces....? Considering the majority to be civilian airlines, subject to above top secret classified prog..?? We are not so foolish, albeit, defend against hostiles such as jets, exotic back-engineered, or missle attack....

Hypothetically, let us place an imaginary scenario for contemplation: Ravinder Singh is Supreme Commander of GFL forces, for a 24-hour period, in which he orders multiple attacks upon chemtrail planes navigating standard aviation flight paths...The following morning, you tune in to news outlets; the tabloid front page story about "UFOs destroy airliners with no survivors - death toll in the hundreds."

SO, A BIG FAIL RAVINDER....but we thank you for showing an interest......;-]


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