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Adding to the opinion of good vs bad just gives attention to unneccessary events that bring down vibrations. Believe it or not those who awakened have a responsibility to lead the rest as gods/goddesses do for their people. So essentially this earth was given a whole load of gods to accelerate acssension because for the longest time the feminine was not expressed equally. Its coming fast and its coming on strong. You will feel jolts of lightning aand long drawn out dajavue. It will start to feel like words lost value and seem cheap versions of how you feel. You will need more spiritual words to feed your spiritual thirst. Strong words with meaning for you to give to the humans in the dark. Believe in youselves because you are starseed hybrids,you can do anything,you have the ability to move mountains. Believe and you will pull yourself to christ conscience. This is who you are. Please dont doubt your abilities, that goes against your purpose. The less ego you possess the more you can manifest and manipulate our atoms with your direct force you possess

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Your spiritual strong need for strong meaning in words lies in you. You have a direct divine cord given to you to lead the humans out of the dark. Seek and you shall find. Its easy,theres no complicated avenue. Thats why awakening occured to show you how simple it lays within you

good vs. bad no matter....

take flight

free flight

these are my wings of

blue and white

you are right we have the ability to move mountains.....believe in our abilities and what we can do.....the less ego you possess the more you can manifest and manipulate our atoms.....YES!! YES!! YES!!

Yes when i awakened one big reason i started taking medication,which lowered my vib,was because i was attackd on so many levels by family,a new relationship by one who seeked me out with charm that turnd to evil. At that time of imaturiy i did not understand that i was not suppost to change the world. It took many year to break me though.i stood strong until my son had a heart attack and passed away. I do agree with all forces of evil attracking to us. At the time i didnt know that others went through the awakening and needed to seek the others support. What i learned from this experience is to give my piece of light to a person and walk away. I am working on lowering my med dosag to completly get that medicine out of my system so that i can go back to that beautiful high level of vibration of love completely again. This time around i will be very careful about who,what,and when. We are to be exaamples of love to shed fear-hate illusion from the souls that need a leading hand when they seek us outt for it. The more humans receive the messages on their journey that will prepare their hearts but for us to subject ourselves to their pain-anguish of inner confusion that presents itself in the form of abuse towards others, is not the key to helping them ascend. Thats just allowing them to suck energy from our souls for their own present insane understanding that love means owning,controling something good which makes them more superior than they previously were before they owned you. People are at the state of being where they are racing eachother with this sick sense of greed trying to obtain as many great possessions as posible for vain wanting approval from others. Its a sickness a true sicckness and to subject your beauty to their cause,not their love,their current cause of greed,heirarchy,vainness,fear subjection,oppression(all of which are sickness that these souls have been conditioned with)to subject your beauty to any cause which does not brighten your light is just allowing assasination of our souls ability to express love which if that were to happen then we will be as dead in love as they are. So that is not the correct solution to pulling humans out of insanity and back to sanity.

I was reading another post and answered it on biokinisis on changing your eye color. Now, I have been thinking about the less ego one person possess then they can manipulate atoms with the direct force you possess. I have been thinking if that was true, and could see how it would be true. if you have less ego getting in the way there could be more direct energetic contact with your atoms with your mind without the ego playing tricks on an individual, or without the person thinking they are this or that and so this is why it cannot be done. How to pull self into christ conscienceness and make the ego less????


This is extremely interesing information. I know this much as far as atom manipulation,its vague but a good start, i know for a fact atom manipulation can be acheived with ease once we learn to set ego aside. To set ego aside completely would be impossible at this point because we still must think about third dimension caution for vibration preservation. But at moments when were safe it is available. I had an experience that i know im supost to share regarding this topic. Funny how we are always all united in conscience even without meeting,like a wave of thoughts flushing through out the world of starseeds simantaniously. Anyhow,i noticed triples alway showing up,as all of us do. Then one day i looked at my computer clock and for a split moment,i actually watched the clock turn from (sorry my keyboard wont allow me to type numbers for some reason) turn from twelve twenty seven back to twelve twenty two. Twelve twenty two or triple twos are my numbers i see every where plus its my birthdate. So obviosly i thought i saw the clock wrong. Then this occured over six other times and i quit counting because i now understand that at some point my vibration was high enough to see this lower vibration changing of matter right in front of my eyess. Its hidden from eyes with vails but as we ascend we are going to see more hidden mysterys. I saw with my eye matter manipulate right in front of me so yes if that force can do it,so can me. We need to request to know and the answer will present itself. When it happened to me i was in absolute confidence that i could move mountains. No doubts,no doubting your own self. Stop rethinking then doubting your self. Thats the key. Know what you want,put passion into knowing its ability,be excited. Excited your vibration. Pull it out of doubt. Its there your not seeing the answer just yet. You will learn atom manipulation. Instant atom manipulation. Be excited about knowing that you are a starseed YOU CAN DO ANYTHING,ANYTHING YOU WANT. You are that special. I know you can.drown out all peoples doubt,self doubt. Thats the illusion, doubt is the illusion. The reality is,yes we can walk on water,STOP THE DOUBTS. I felt that, you believe with every single cell,you believe zwith excitement,you believe its all possible and the solution will show itself. Its there,never went away. We send voices through phones,images on tv. All that is evidence, just believe with true conffidence. Its in you,its very easy. We make it hard. Just remind yourself everyday,this is easy. No matter what it is and you will see how easy it all is

wow this is great stuff thank you so much!!!!

Then this occured over six other times and i quit counting because i now understand that at some point my vibration was high enough to see this lower vibration changing of matter right in front of my eyess.


I agree stop the doupts and self doupt. It can be an esteem and self esteem killer. Doupting that you can hit a ball, but when you get up to bat you can knock it out of the park.  I was thinking about another discussion about oneness, and during this experience when I felt one with everything It was as if my atoms where spreading out in all direction as if I was becoming is matter spreading out becoming something other than matter...I have to raise my vibrations.


You are so right when you say we make it harder than it is, but in reality it is all so much more simplier than we make it out to be....THANK YOU!! This is wonderfully inspirational to me....thank you

your so close to completeing your ascension.You have so much ability that its amazing. I didnt like myself while i was a skeptic. Good riddins that changed into my being completely open. I believe when im told about this or that because gut instict initially comes in loud n strong. Fear is a different feeling. Gut instinct is when you dont doubt what you feel. Fear is when you initially get scared,gut feelings not a feeling of fear but a feeling of absolute knowing. If another believes they experienced an event,believe yourself to know that its possible because each one of us born into thIs world is an extraordinary event at conception bt since its so common pzeople excuse that divine phenomena. Flying is extraordinary,thousand years ago people would not believe fllying was possible just as we right now doubt atom manipultions possible but heres the key,if the mind can think it,it will express itself as soon as the solution arises.

i like that line "if the mind can think it it will express itself as soon as the solution arises." I feel like I am so far away from "completeing" my ascension and still have much to do and to learn around it......and had that experience of "oneness" i believe spring of '09. I like sitting in the realm of belief myself instead of being a skeptic.....I find it more enjoyable and free flowing....It is true (things like flying) they didn't think people could run a 4minute mile and when that barrier was broken suddenly other athletes where running 4minute is like when the mass consciousness figures out something is possible they are like "oh, ok I will do it too." thank you, thank you... tentinyturtles

Ways i have learned to higher my vibration. I stopped using,thinking,and accepting words of lower vibration. Like, im JUST a vessel its NOT of my doing but gods. Or its hard to drive a car,anythin limiting. It is you who can so stop lowering your talent.. or i CANT acheive certain goals. When i stop givng myelf credit and humble myself i start lowering my vib. I dont allow myself to lose excitement about doing good deeds. Thats the reward,accept it. You will feel which words change your emotions,chose the ones that always enhances you. Your always worth it. Form a habit of this selective hearing,speaking,thinking and your on your way to egoless existence. Ego is not giving yourself credit,its giving yourself credit at the expense of harming others. As long as you dont harm others feel free to accept as much credit from everything you touch that turns to gold. Dont doubt and try o reframe from talking about subjects that are not good subjects. Everythin youdo,say,think, changes your molecular make up. Strive to digest and omitt all positive vibrations. Emerse yourself with light and ohers will mimick you,lead them to the light.



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