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Hello everybody,

First of all, I'm new to this website. So briefly, I'm 19, I live in Montreal, Canada. I made the best decision of my life 2 years ago: smoke marijuana. What it did to me is just wonderful; total spiritual awakening, mind openness...Sometimes I forget I was a pure capitalist dreaming about making tons and tons of money Wall Street style...Wow. I've changed so much! I'm a musician and really, that's all I was living for a couple of months ago until I've starting to learn about UFOs, illuminatis, ascension, potential Nibiru other words, hidden truth (or potential truth). Now I need some clarification regarding topics such as ascension,'s all confused in my head :P

Well, let's start with Nibiru. I know it has been said it's a hoax in order to scare people off. I mean, it all makes sense, and I was skeptical since I've first read about it. However, I've stumbled across a website with people constantly tracking Nibiru's arrival ( This really concerns me because there seems to be proofs of its existence. Or could this be some kind of ship? I'd like to hear your input on this one.

Now, my main question, ascension. I've watched the latest David Wilcock conference and woah...I love this guy! I really believe something will happen on December 21st, 2012. But all this ascension thing, it's confusing me. The whole idea is so vague, so abstract. First of all, what is needed to ascend? I've read an e-book ( which states that all you need to ascend, is basically to be awake spiritually and let your higher self guide you. Now I've started to meditate and frankly, this is refreshing. One particular experience I had while meditating was when I started to see lots of eyes in my mind. I couldn't conceive what was going on! Then a bubble appeared and as I concentrated on it, it brought me to space. I could literary see stars, and I could count them. It was so beautiful and beyond real! Could it have something to do with the 3rd eye? Anyways...I'd like to know what I have to do, clearly, in order to ascend. Because I'm gonna be honest, ascension is my biggest dream. I feel I just don't belong in this world, I feel the ascended world is made for me. I mean, I know there are a lot of people like me, here, on Earth, only I can't find them and I just don't fit with overall society...I mean, I just want to love everybody, but then all these social barriers, these schedules where you're forced to do your boring job (ok, student jobs are really boring)...And I just feel most of people aren't on the same...hmmmm...line of thinking that I am, especially being 19 years old. Most of people of my age think about clubs, movies, sports (well...can't help myself: Go Habs Go! :D), partying...Me? I meditate, I love...So what do I need to do to ascend? I don't feel any of the effects I'd be suppose to feel (according to the latest energy update from a channel). Is it just becoming a better person? Or does it have anything to do with opening the Chakras?

Another question: Are we to evolve to a 4D dimension, or a 5D? David Wilcock states it's the 4D, with many other peoples and channeler, but then there is the other "school of thought" that suggests we'll evolve to a 5D dimension. What's the difference anyways? 

So thank you for answering my questions, and sorry if it has been asked quite a few time, but the information is so dispersed on the web that sometimes it's hard to find everything you want.

Keep it real: Peace, love and light!

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  • DMT can do such. I have done it, with hesitation. See I sobered up five years ago, no booze any more. Since then certain drugs arise or manifest. Dmt was one of them, I did it three times. I didnt like it. I saw lights, but I see them anyways, just with D it was enhanced, to the point of lines and even pinwheels around people. All the "visions or rite of Passage" I was to go through I had already done, so this is more than likely the reason I was not "into" it. It was a fast feeeling, I felt like I was chasing something. Favor the light when inducing such states of being. -They say.

    I am sorry for my short answer Gab, earlier, see I read all the other repsondants and concurred, in my mind. I was tired that day , just arrived on this site, was tired and jmerely interjected, if you will

    My pineal gland became more active after I started the Lightwork. After the Pleiadians came to me, I was guided to a book, THe Divine Ka By Amorah Quan Yin . I have since met her on Mt SHasta talked with her and many others. THe Ka is your LIght Body, What we emit is felt in all dimensions.

    I used breathwork for Pineal enhancements, Pranic Breathing, Kundalini Yoga-for Manifestations, Qi-Gong Thai-Chi, any energy work I can find was info and thrown into the "lightwork" files.

    I astral Project daily, at will. working on levels of rememebring all when there, I do have visions and jump into a time space where it is so so so different to describe one fascet with all would take a long time. I choose to go the drug free zone as I tended to get attactched to ways to get out there ,not the Out there, part, you know? Sure it is medicine but if you dont need it, it can be harmful. but you are your own pilot, trust yoru heart, when I go out there, I am aware I a surrounded by my intention, a bubble of Love. This attracts certain beings and repels others.

    I send you greetings on the waves of love. It is the only wind I trust will guide me.

    You ever take ten deep breaths in and ten big breaths out? Ten Loves in, Ten Blessings Blessings out Namaste'
  • I haven't tried it but I've heard the same thing about it, that you can communicate with etheric entities. If you get a chance check out Geoff Stray's Dire Gnosis 2012 web site or book (I have the book) he breaks down DMT, Salvia etc. and explains how it works and what they all have in common. It's actually a really good book that goes over all the 2012 phenomena and explains which ones are plausible and which ones are fake.
    The pineal gland and the pituary gland are considered the bases of male and female energies; with the upgrade we are getting they are connecting and balancing each other, resulting in the well of dreams chakra(which gives us telepathy and other gifts). Melatonin, seratonin and other enhancers like 5HRT are like food to these glands and help them grow and strengthen.
    Have fun with your psychonaut adventures :) Be safe and never fear, you are a divine being and protected by God. :)
  • People are right when they say it is up to you what will happen in 2012, and what our future entails as humans. However I have found the eastern esoterics most helpful in sifting through all the theories. Master Djwal Khul is an ascended master who lived in the last century and has written a few books published by Lucis Trust. He talks about the galactics but it is mostly the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light from the Great White Lodge in Sirius that he is most descriptive of. He talks a great deal about the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the future of mankind. Fascinating read, I would recommend it to anyone newly starting on their spiritual journey.
    It sounds like you astrally travelled, wonderful! Good for you! Do you know about chakras yet? I would focus on those as well, your ajna chakra located above your eyes will open up soon, as well as a new chakra system coming online for your lightbody merkaba. Weird pains in the back of your head? That is the well of dreams coming online. Learn to focus on these points and you will see a new world open up. Pay close attention to fear based realities that seek to control you, unfortunately there are fear driven people in the New Age world but you'll learn to steer clear of them. Absolute faith and love is all that is needed really... those that are "sleeping" are going to ascend too- we indigos and lightworkers just are closer to the action than most.
    PS- I almost forgot- when you try to travel astrally again don't forget to say a prayer of protection. The fourth dimension can have harmful entities in it but you are divinely protected and need not fear them. Just ask AA Michael or Mother/Father, whomever you pray to; for protection. You can never be too careful in 4D... the higher you go in the dimensions the more lightfilled the other entities will be that you encounter. 4D is where we go when we sleep and when we die... and where our ideas manifest. Try Barbara Hand Clow for more info on dimensional structure if you are interested. Good luck, happy to meet another light soul on the path :)
  • Real nice writing style. Pursue that.

    Then you will be immeasurably helping those that you are led to
    write to, and for.

    Much love,
  • Ascension is a process we will all experience in some manner. It means becoming a more loving peson, letting the body take on more light [become a light Being], and acknowledging that God is THE essence of each one of us. Planet earth is a total free will zone in the universe, accepting the BEST and the WORST people can create. Everyone is at a different level of light or vibration. You're light is much stronger that most of your friends. You know this because you want and expect 'different' and 'better' things in your life than they do at this time. When the time comes, those whose light is strong enough will 'ascend' to 5th D. The others will continue playing the 3rd D incarnations unil they choose to ascend. We have the free will to decide how we want to live our lives and this will determine whether or not we ascend to 5th D.

    This planet and its population is being spared from SELF destructtion. God has decreed this. However, Earth will ascend herself because Earth is a conscious living entity like each of us. [The universe is evolving.] And she will make her own dramatic changes. in this process. Our Galactic Family in the Federation is assisting us AND Earth in making these changes a 'gracefully' as possible,as well as guiding us toward the truth of our existence. The more love and Light we become, the 'easier' the actual shift,[change] will be. From the information that I have, the 4th D will be phased out during this process because it existed to suit Earth. It apparently has no equal elsewhere.

    You may have used a chemical stimulant to open your consciousness, but I rather suspect you were ready to do this anyway. You likely would not have accepted this 'new awareness' had you done it naturally. You definitely have no further need of any chemical stimulant to continue growing into greater understanding of your true self and in a short time, you should be able to get these answers from your heart center - the truest source of all wisdom - your direct link with GOD!

    Each person lives his own truth. The question is knowing what is important for ME. or for YOU. This is where your [or each one's] inner guidance, God's wisdom through your heart center, becomes your guiding saviour. There are people out there who are guessing at the truth, and there are others who are inventing false info and who would want you to believe it as the absolute truth. To know the difference is call discernment. Your mind [head] can convince you of anything you want. We have let it become so powerful. Your heart [inner guidance] FEELS and knows the truth. When you speak, let your words come from your heart center. When you hear words, listen with your heart. In a short time, you will be able to discern your truth easily.
    Love, Peace and Light to you.....
    Ed .
  • Lives in the 5th Dimension most of the "time" This one is Truth, Unity. People in the 3rd dimension seek goods, not love. Fourth is "Choice" which melds the alternate realities. (the dimensions are magnificently unfathomable somtimes, yet precise in mathmatics too) this one is informative.

    The Reptiles are part of Our Genetic Code, we are also being guided by the Pleiadians and Zetans etc.. The reptilians are not as bad as they say, just some of em. They are the gods of the old testement, who lived off our strife. They now want to be released from their past.

    I have been talking with the Pleiadians since1995. I will chat with you in a bit, This is a new experience for me. Ashatar Galactic Fed. is Fun.

    Imagine, a Pyramid all are gathered at the bottom, tegether they traverse, up the Monolith. Each step they go up they are close to each other, after awhile they are at the top, hugging, Cosmic Hug.
  • hey gab here's some more sites to check out'' ''the galactic roundtable''tree of the goldenlight'' 2012 scenario'' you'll be amazed peace
  • Well, the ultimate answer to all your laid-out questions is:
    Stop worrying, man!

    There are people (as you know) that will be on one side of the argument, while others say the exact opposite. Sneering at each other from opposite sides of the fence.
    Here's something: google "Nibiru is a hoax"
    then google "Nibiru is real"
    You find one side, the other, and fence-straddlers too.
    So, instead of doing that, fly into the sky and look at the fence, and all the people around it.
    Isn't it kinda silly, looking at all those people worried about a little fence? They think it means something. They don't see that big swinging gate called open-mindedness.

    Now, having said that, you probably won't be able to get it off your mind, worried about the Near Future.
    So, disregard everything I said, and do what everybody else tells you to do, which is:
    Do Your Own Thing. (which, again, is what everyone is telling you to do.)
  • hallo Gab 1159, what a lot off questions, i like that, why not, but i think there is a very small answer that i like to give on, thirst, make you music, play it, for me is any art very important because on that moment you work with the right side off you brain, and that is a very important side, and second, be in love, love is for me the most important thing, love with everything and love with everyone, just love man ! the best greatings and succes, with love! johan
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