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What do you think is happening with you and all of us as a collective?.. after 21st Dec 2012 ?

So, in your opinion, what happened on the Solstice, in terms of your own growth as a spiritual being and what do you feel is going on, on the planet right now as a collective?  .. since the 21st Dec and inwards ? .. in the present moment continuous, the eternal NOW.

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why thank you my dear sister .. :) ... I am very grateful .. and I like your energy aswell .. and you have a very nice smile :)

I am also seeking a breakthrough of sorts in my own life .. although I don't fully know what it is yet .. I just want to be happier I guess.. you know how it is .. I kind of feel really good even though things still seem like they are moving very slowly .. 

I wish you Love and peace and joy my dear friend ... forever.. and ever :)



ha! I totally agree!  Its getting to hold my light and pass it on :)  My "I AM" presence is bangin' lol.

What  you are saying reminds me of a candle lighting ceremony at Christmas candle/light can  rekindle the flame of so many others.



right with you Feather .. 

I am seriously looking forwards to 2013 .. I don't know why .. lol .. because I said the same thing last year about 2012 ... 

I have always felt that its a gradual change .. but as you said, its picking up speed now.. and although it may not be noticeable to some others, its clear to me .. I can feel it .. 

ohh..I like that feather.  And I get the feeling 2013 is just gonna keep getting better and better :)

It's like before I was communicating with my higher self with rabbit I its in HD :)

Lori...don't know ya, but dang...sure do love you :D  Shine on

Yes!  2013 we will get better and better and this is just the beginning.  The positive attitude is fantastic!

well ... I 100% agree Tamara ..


actually, now that the 21st Dec has come and gone, I am looking forwards to 2013.. no matter what happens.. I am a much more relaxed person than I was before the 21st..

I believe its more about sinking within myself, going more inside of myself.. and allowing change to take place, or a shift to happen in myself.. rather than waiting for visible signs of it outside.

The Ascension appears to be a long process.. but when you get to the pont where nothing can faze you anymore.. and you know that any chance of catching an ascension wave are all by allowing and being at ease with all.. well, it beats being all in knots about the world and so on...

being chilled out is one of my favorite ways of being .. lol..


You re making me laugh all day with your wonderful little videoettes! Thanks so much for them.

Hey rhmstudio.. no probs.. glad you like em my brother..

thanks Aly .. 

I feel fine these days.. I wonder what the 4 digits you saw were? .. 

I always try to make a mental note if numbers come up for me in a specific way, then its a quick dash to Doreen Virtue to unravel the meaning .. lol .. 

I am glad you are feeling good .. I have also been sleeping a lot lately, but my sleeping pattern is absolutely terrible.. I am generally awake in the small hours and knackered during the lively ones .. lol .. 

oh well.. onward and upwards as they say.. whoever they are ?.. lol 

Love to you as always .. 

I think lots. Things where happening and are happening. I think that After what happened in Connecticut it sent the nation reeling and it felt like a lot of reckoning was occurring from people. There was and is a combo of emotions like grief, mourning, it was a devistating blow along the lines of September 11. I felt not only from myself but people recommitting to be better people.

I have started in on action!! I have had epic war dreams where I am staying be hind to help people. After volunteering in a womens shelter I felt that my epic dream was as clear as day and as real as the nose on my face.

I can also feel lots of love and celebration from people in the mix. Seeing what I am seeing we have all been so rocked by violence. What happened will push people To work for peace, towards the old ways, towards a better world.

The only thing that I can think to do is to raise my frequency and start taking action. To lock it down like roots in the earth and raise it up.



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