• i hear ya on that

  • Awful to watch.....

    Aloof and corrupt Legislature + Arrogant and power hungry Executive = Evil Amerikan Governance, modern style.


    The united states of America's founding fathers would be frowning in disapproval, to see these clowns in action...LOL

    • what now? since these fools are still allowed to spy on us this aint a step backwards to defeat the dark is it? i hope not

      • Well, don't let government eavesdropping effect what you do....Just do it anyway.


        There is an old saying, that predates electronic eavesdropping and that is; "Eavesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves...!!"

        So, around the world, all the results will continually prove to the listening agencies, that people everywhere are "disobedient" of the status quo, in their thoughtforms....That people are daring to see a braver world than the elites are trying to present...People won't volunteer to serve tyranny.....

        Now this trend of rebellion is continuing, even in those who easily get sidetracked by the media....even those ones are making comments to friends about how bad the whole economic system is, or how bad governent is....etc, etc....In the UK, everybody continues to moan about the EU and the coalition government....And even those individuals within the army, intel and police are being effected by the current malaise in the economy and banking...Only the hyper-rich are padded from the downturn, as they call it...It's actually a system breakdown, but they hope people don't notice.


        So the agencies that monitor the public, will see higher and higher divine discontent and report it back to their elite masters....

        It is the same with their genetic surveys....The results indicate that humanity is changing and becoming less and less, controllable....

        Let the dark see this....It is happening and it is worldwide...

        • understood so let the light brighten their darkness and end their tyranny

  • nice dog and pony show,  full of fake drama of shock and disgust, BUT the right to privacy was thrown out the window, this should not be a shock to anyone, human history always seems to repeat itslef left unchecked, it was to be a """national security secret""" for who i don't know who. that coined slogan is sounding of dark secrets of the few, using it on the many.

    the only difference is us being smarter????.

    more e.s.p. skills are on the way and other help suppose to manifest as well. s.o.h.o. does not lie.


    blessings to all of us for we are all one

  • It does not surprise me one bit . Just looked at it myself and could not get it to share either. Just goes to show how the puppeteers are manipulating . Creating separatism in America .  

  • we need to get some protests going in washington make those clowns quit their corrupt agenda

  • There ya go, Justin...... ;-)


    I'll give you a response a bit later, as busy currently on other things....

    Incidentally, you are sure to enjoy my resurrected blog on Sirian sabotage ops against Western missile testing...

    You're most welcome to visit and place comments...

    • thanks brother and will do

This reply was deleted.

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