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Sheldan Nidle Webinar 44 - First Contact Fleet

Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for October

When the landings arrive, many of us will be invited to visit spaceships.

Once aboard, we will be shown many intriguing aspects of galactic life.

In this Webinar, Sheldan will give us a preview of what those visits will be like.

Topics include...

• What types of ships comprise the fleet and how do they travel throughout space?

• Sizes and shapes of the ship’s fleet - typical interiors and what they look like.

• What are the differences between sentient and non-sentient ships?

• What kind of energy or vibrations do these ships emanate?

• Who make up the personnel onboard and what do they typically do? How do they travel around the ship?

• How many ships will be visiting us during first contact and what is their purpose in coming?

• Why will scoutships be sent here when first contact begins?

• If we visit ships, how will our 3D energy levels be adapted so we can go aboard comfortably?

• Will some of us go directly to the fleet instead of Inner Earth to be mentored into full consciousness?

Sunday, October 20, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT
Thursday, October 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT

Talk to Sheldan Live... simply by using your home computer

(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

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what about you mr.ed when do you see contact happening?

good info i always look forward to hearing from cobra on whats going on same with nidle and fulford

I'm just curious, the meaning of "full conciousness" what does that exactly mean? For me it sounds like our DNA evolvement from the 2 stranded helix up to the 12 stranded helix will allow for more conciousness to be housed. Also, we would need a higher vibrational frequency of our physical bodies to be able to attain this much energy without disintegrating, am I correct?

its hard to explain my friend i dont have an exact definition of what it means their is still much for me to learn

o forgot to ask mr.ed where does the hidden technologys that have been kept secret from mankind fit into this when do you think they would announce them during the government changes or during contact?

Mr. Ed, you know, there will be no first contact or disclosure. Or at least not in this generation. 

Sometimes I feel this way too, I mean look how many years and years of well known channelers have been saying "their coming soon" and we all look to the skies as years and years pass and nothing happens. What have they ever done for us and what do we really know will happen if they did? I think we should think of these things and be weary of manipulation and foolery. I have had contact several times and remain open to the fact that it all may be either good or bad. We've been lied to all our lives and it's obvious that beings millions of years smarter than us they would know how to do it even better if they wanted to. Look at all the civilizations before us who were supposed to be in leaque with them, ex. Egyptions none of them exist on this planet anymore. Who was there to save them? Alot of evidence today we do have are of animal mutilations and horrific abduction stories. I hope for a positive experience but quite frankly we are helpless no matter what the case. Our government and our guns aren't gonna save us.

I couldn't agree more!

The so-called channellers should stop telling lies about dates for disclosure. When it doesn't happen, all the believers will get really sad and disappointed and will never believe again. 

Dear Mr.Ed,

Thank you for your reply.

What will you do the day when nothing happens which your channellings have promised? What are you gonna tell all the disappointed people?

I dont need no first contact to know they are here and that they exist, people who dont know it need it. 
I dont need to visit no ship nor to live in one, they dont need to study me i think they know more about me than i do.
Life for me currently is beautiful, our planet is giving us more love and peace than anybody can and ever will.
I have my soulmate here, im full of love and everything is just beautiful. No need to change anything in my life..

And of course much PEACE & LOVE to you guys from Aurora <3333333333333333333

Ahhh yes! I agree. I am keeping my feet on the ground in the loving arms of my family who are right in front of me. Spread the love.........Thanks Aurora.

Im glad we have the same opinion regarding this topic :D
Why change something that allready makes you happy and enjoy the life how it is, Earth is not a bad place.We just make it bad for ourselves then blame other ppl and just want to run away from problems.. They think that visiting aliens may help solve some problems in theire life..No thanks Im staying here as this is the most beautiful experiances im currently having and i dont want to change it! :)



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