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Sheldan Nidle Webinar 44 - First Contact Fleet

Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for October

When the landings arrive, many of us will be invited to visit spaceships.

Once aboard, we will be shown many intriguing aspects of galactic life.

In this Webinar, Sheldan will give us a preview of what those visits will be like.

Topics include...

• What types of ships comprise the fleet and how do they travel throughout space?

• Sizes and shapes of the ship’s fleet - typical interiors and what they look like.

• What are the differences between sentient and non-sentient ships?

• What kind of energy or vibrations do these ships emanate?

• Who make up the personnel onboard and what do they typically do? How do they travel around the ship?

• How many ships will be visiting us during first contact and what is their purpose in coming?

• Why will scoutships be sent here when first contact begins?

• If we visit ships, how will our 3D energy levels be adapted so we can go aboard comfortably?

• Will some of us go directly to the fleet instead of Inner Earth to be mentored into full consciousness?

Sunday, October 20, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT
Thursday, October 24, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT

Talk to Sheldan Live... simply by using your home computer

(After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

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I must repeat a phrase I heard in the early 90's. It seems applicable now: "The facists of the future will call themselves antifascists". ;)

 Sh!$, That deserves a kiss-plus1 award!!!
 :)) Thanks... You made my day. :))

@Ann Oying...

actually, Ed is right again here ... the darkest souls need to be detoxified so to speak .. their souls need a good clean and they will, I believe, be sent right into the central sun and their frequencies will be fine tuned, brought back into alignment with source energy and so on .. I have heard about that many, many times..

and also, because ALL shall indeed return to full conciousness, then it makes sense because those who refuse to comply simply cant go against the Creator forever .. remember, it is designed in such a way that ALL shall return to the Creator, for the Creator is where we ALL sprang forth from...

slowly ... but surely ... we are ALL returning home.... and that includes the worst of the worst.

always a pleasure Ed .. and thank you aswell .. I always enjoy your discussions and blogs here :)

Plus those who haven't seen the error of their ways will be cast down to the 2nd dimension where they will start all over again in experience, trials and tribulations, and soul growth.

(just my 2 cents worth)  Man, I feel for these poor souls.  They need all the Love and Light we can possibly send to them!

Love, d'tewa

I.e those who connect with their Higher Self, would be closest to knowing a fragment of God/Creator/Source's universal mind ;).

The "Higher Self" is only your connection to your SOUL'S FEELINGS. It is the Divine Self -The GOD SELF is the KNOWING SELF. And to bring one's KNOWING of the God Self through the Sacred Mind in synergy with the FEELING of the Soul Self is to manifest the true nature of the Spiritual BEING.

Those who awaken only to the Higher Soul Self only remain subject to manipulation and of the dark ones and do not truly know FREE WILL. To become a truly full spectrum being, one must fully incarnate the Highest GOD SELF within. 

These are the true Metatronic Teachings my friends. Since the tower of babel, 13,000 years ago, the connection to the GOD SELF has been removed from Humanity. And this allows the Annunaki to fill that role of so many still. 

Love and blessings to all... Jacob

Annunaki Agenda - This is explained briefly here

I think this was the kind of Self that I was describing, only that the only word I have for it was Higher Self :) In a sense, it is a higher knowing is it not? Words and label can all confuse us very much, the true meaning is that we find out our OWN meaning through the means of inner work and gaining that connection. For me it's not something you can read from a manual and understand, you need to be present within yourself to get your verion of it.

Blessings Jacob

Yes dear brother that truly is it. Well done.. I can only offer you the true Metatronic Teachings It is up to you to prove that for yourself within your heart. You must make you own manual.

If only more souls did this seeking within the heart rather than spend their hours on a forum...

It is actually no longer necessary to cut them down.. We Kumaras have upgraded our beings to that of the DIAOMO SWORD level. I am now working with all the Archangels in teaching them how we can simply reignite these dark soul's heart seed crystal from black back to pure unconditional love and light. In this moment, I simply lay my hand upon the hearts of the Allanaki, and/or any of their subsequent generations and in just a brief moment, I reintroduce them to their Divine Selves once more. They instantaneously embrace all their mistakes and are filled with remorse and love in an honest reflection of ALL THAT WE ARE. The Elohiem are now acting on this new divine blueprint as it is in our best interest to embrace our fallen brethren rather than to fight them.

And yes, regardless of those who were cut down, or those who chose to be saved, and all these thereafter who now are being shown ABSOLUTE TRUTH and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, you are all seeing correctly as they must forego an immense retraining. They are being sent to reincarnate from the very beginning in stone age planets. All souls must truly DO THE WORK in seeking within and in doing so, they will learn that there is value in all life. 


I hold unconditional love for all souls alike.. <3 Jacob

It is no longer necessary to FIGHT OR FLIGHT - A 3rd OPTION

Loving the dark ones

Guiding the Lost Children to the Light

yes thats right .. there is a hell .. its dealing with some folks in Ashtar Command !

Of course Avatar.. but I feel no one will get left behind because essentially we are all part of the same family, intrinsically connected and all of this is just a dream within a dream anyway.

When I observe Sacred Geometry, it becomes clear .. nothing comes from nothing and personally I cannot fathom how anyone can get lost forever .. if people are waking up, as they are, then like the domino effect, ALL will follow suit..

but if there is one soul remaining who refuses to come home after everyone else has, then perhaps the great Love of the Creator will rescue that one remaining soul who appears lost unto itself  .. just like a Loving Mother will rein in her wayward child.

never to early i dont think this will have to wait that long the way things are going i say 2014 maybe even the end of this year



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