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Good day Galactic Brothers & Sisters out there 

please can you make contact with we the people here on mother Gaia as our governments are not telling 

us the truth and with holding much from us there are many questions we need to ask to build a bridge to you many of us want peace and to make step's in this way yet the government's treat us as slaves and are making many of us suffer there are many awake doing what we can yet we want to create free energy yet our government pushes for nuclear also the are trying to chip us or make us sleep we really  need to talk with you please get in contact soon from your loving family here on Gaia lovelight & blessing thank you <3  

for all here feel free to add your  questions to our family out there and finger's crossed they may read this 

Namaste :) <3   

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Please come we miss you.

If the Galactics are ready to give more physical assistance, I would like to add something from my list.

I what the Galactics to do a exchange in Eternal Essence Embodied value for 1. Build me a house. 2. Supply me with a transportation vehicle. 3. Supply me with a communication device. 4. Supply me with a replicator. 5. Supply me with 300 lbs of precious metals

Peace & Love

Bruce White


Eternal Essence Embodied


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