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Good day Galactic Brothers & Sisters out there 

please can you make contact with we the people here on mother Gaia as our governments are not telling 

us the truth and with holding much from us there are many questions we need to ask to build a bridge to you many of us want peace and to make step's in this way yet the government's treat us as slaves and are making many of us suffer there are many awake doing what we can yet we want to create free energy yet our government pushes for nuclear also the are trying to chip us or make us sleep we really  need to talk with you please get in contact soon from your loving family here on Gaia lovelight & blessing thank you <3  

for all here feel free to add your  questions to our family out there and finger's crossed they may read this 

Namaste :) <3   

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save the animals...   this includes humans also. lol

Great post Lightheart Elf :) I hope they read it too <3


Well I don't think it's right to say....well the doing this or that. The government is a big entity....the US government alone has 2.3 million federal workers, so it's kind of unreasonable to say, well the government is doing this or that. Not everyone's in on the conspiracy, in fact, probably no more than a few dozen really are.

The government itself isn't a bad thing, neither are politicians all bad people. In fact, it's my belief, most of them actually aren't bad people at all. They do what they know...and there's legitimate differences between different parties. The biggest problem, I see, is the rigidness....the partisanship....the lack of compromising to make deals and get things done. Alot of politicians are pretty stubborn....and ideological differences get in the way far more than they should.

Also, I've noticed this....there's always the people in politics....who want to do things to help people, and care more about individuals....and there's the other side, people who think individuals are dispensable, and care more about the collective structure of things. And you know, that's a legitimate debate to have, in alot of cases. Ideally, you want to find a solution that appeases both sides, but sadly, many times...both sides fight too much, and are stuck in their ideological corners, and that delays getting anything major done. It took 100 years for America to pass a form of universal health care, for that reason.

Thank you John for your post. The voice of reason. I have also noticed how the minority of dark folk slip riders in with these perfectly well-intentioned bills, and the representatives vote for them, maybe or maybe not knowing they are there -- or counting the costs of the bad stuff that gets slipped in and voting for it anyway because the good stuff outweighs the bad. There's not enough money in the world to get me to go to Washington, DC or Raleigh (in North Carolina) for that matter.


Standing ovation Kelly! :)))))))

As for the government hurting know....I'm sure there's people in government, who know what they're doing....when they talk about banning guns, or imposing a carbon tax, or even instituting a world government. I'm sure they know the real agenda that serves....and why that's on the agenda. I'm sure you have people, in government....who understand their role is to contain people and push the world further into the NWO agenda.

But for the most part....I don't think most people in government think that way. They do what they do, because they feel it's banning guns, most anti-gun people in government truly believe in banning guns, to keep people safe. Or they support a carbon tax, because they think that will help reduce carbon emissions that they think are helping cause global warming. Or even a world government....when they talk about it at CFR meetings and things like that, most of these people truly believe....a world government would be better for humanity, and that common people, by and large, just aren't evolved enough to have true self determination. They may have flawed reasoning...but to them it's just the right thing to do.

But, I don't think the majority of world leaders are like truly dark, some are, but by and large....I think, either they're manipulated or deceived, or they just don't know, and just try to do what they feel is right. Plus they have to answer to all types of different interests groups, and lobbies....and sometimes it's easier to just accept a pay off, than to stir the lions den and cause a big stink. Sometimes it's easier to just go along....than to risk facing death or character assassination. Is there a lack of strength there, sure.'s easy to judge from afar.....imaging being in that situation, at that level....I reckon most people would probably fold as well.

So to get to the original point....if we want to lobby help....from the GF, well we have to know what's going on. I really don't like marginalizing, or generalizing, or's not real. You can't just say, well the government is doing this or that, like the government is one entity. It's not one entity.

So I would tell the GF, to put more pressure on the individuals, who are responsible for the delays in the changes, whether it's political leaders, or church leaders, or leaders of industry and finance....whoever these people are, who don't want to lose their power and wealth, or who think humanity just is too dumb to be able to assimilate the changes....let them know they're wrong. And we have to stop proving them right too by being afraid of it. And also, put more pressure on these truly dark people, who truly do seek to control and enslave.....that their time is up. It's over. But....I reckon...the GF are doing just about all they's not up to's up to those individuals to get out of the way.

Thank you John. Here here. And it's also up to us to send love and light to all concerned. I remember the days back when I was young when I was eaten up with a desire for power. I am so glad I was allowed to grow out of that phase. And the dark folk will too.

well put john.

Thanks Feather. I love Abraham-Hicks.

Awesome. Thank you Lightheart Elf.

i think this is wonderful elf :)


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