Phase 1: The Event (3-7 days)

Mass arrests of the Illuminati
‑Military sweep
-1 day viral and mass media info distribution
-1 day arrests
-Up to 3 days shutdown
-5 to 6 days conviction process

Phase 2: Restructuring (3-6 months)

New financial system backed by precious metals and commodities introduced
-Federal Reserve dismantled, US Treasury prints gold backed money
-Basket of currencies (6 or more) base of world financial system
-Worldwide debt forgiveness
-Bank debts canceled (credit cards, loans, mortgages)
-Banks must be re-licensed, no interest (usury)
-Multinational companies split and nationalized

Redistribution of world's wealth begins
-Prosperity funds released
-Humanitarian and environmental projects funded

Free energy technology and advanced medicines released

Government UFO involvement disclosure

International criminal court tribunal of Illuminati

Statutory laws invalidated, return to Common Law

Interim national governments and then elections

UN restructured as head of Provisional government

Disengagement of warring parties, military forces recalled permanently from active duty and restructured into peace keeping force, nuclear weaponry disarmed

Phase 3: First Contact (1-3 months)

Contact with selected private individuals

Re-education of humanity, including our history not told: Atlantis and Lemuria

Global telecasts over TV and Internet

Increasing number of spacecraft make themselves known, culminating in a massive flyover when tens of thousands of ships will take part as final proof that other civilizations are out there

Two week contemplation period

First contact: Public contact at UN - Electric surge into Earth Light body -Galactic / Cosmic synchronization / Tachyonic alignment

After First Contact
-Interaction with Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters
-Start of technology transfers and educational programs
-Beginning of pollution cleansing and renewal of ecosystem
-Start of full consciousness training (Ascension chambers)
-Reunion with Confederation Fleet and Inner Earth

Portal 2012


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  • Can't wait for the mass arrests :) Should be extremely soon now.


  •   We are heading toward a mass spiritual awakening and a religious death . Sincerely , your " father "

  • Im with you on this Star Flower. If things haven't started Im gone as well. Seeing craft up in the skies is nothing anymore because we all know the govts have replicated them.


    We need to see a mass of them all over. This planet or rather its peoples need an almighty kick up its backside in order to awaken them.

  • I feel awkward asking all this, but then again feel awkward not to ask, as I am sure I am not the only one who is wondering. With so many channels out there, and everyone saying different things, I have taken to just going within and just focusing on my own ascension so I will be ready no matter what happens. But, Questions do arise and I would like to ask just for Ships and giggles. :)

    I am wondering why the 2 weeks contemplation. and what does Electric surge into Earth Light body -Galactic / Cosmic synchronization / Tachyon alignment mean?

    is this all happening before the end of this year? I remember reading in a channel that they will de cloak and land before the pole shift, as to help relocate some out of unsafe areas. I wonder if those who are not ready for all this will transition first. And then I read another channel indicating, they will not land or show until after the changes have taken place on the planet.

    • Nothing wrong with asking questions to seek further light and knowledge. Some channels say there will not be a pole shift. Yes, Its supposed to all happen this year, so if it doesn't we'll have to accept that not enough were enlightened and ready. :(

  • "a massive flyover when tens of thousands of ships will take part as final proof that other civilizations are out there"

    I have seen this in the dream state many times over for at least ten years. While it's happening, messages are written across the sky saying calming things. It is incredibly moving in a very positive way. 

  • I'm looking for further light and knowledge on these two aspects. Anyone?

    -Worldwide debt forgiveness (debt as money/no forgiveness)
    -Bank debts canceled (credit cards, loans, mortgages) ,(microchip implant implement in 2014)

    I don't understand " (debt as money/no forgiveness)"

    and haven't heard anything about a microchip implant. Do tell. 

  • I think these messages say alot about who we are as individuals, the level of spiritual growth we have and the intution we access... Those that turn inward for answers versus those that look outside of themselves for "truth"... Our reactions are likely being studied, are we hostile and ignorant?  Do we treat et's as saviors (which they don't want, lol)?  Do we take this timing as a sign to "put our houses in order"? 

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