These messages by Saint Germain through Aruna Byers are available onlyfor those who subscribe her mailing list at:AWAKENING COACH is one of those obscure and little known sources, but in my opinion,authentic and which conveys REAL information concerning the Ascensionprocess and Evacuation by the fleets of Ashtar Command.There are no messages by Ashtar in Master Messages but there is oneby Archangel Michael mentioning the Ashtar Command, and the Three Wavesof Ascension is dealt with there, and in many others by Saint Germain.In the Awakening Coach website there are a few messages, and some of the messagesfrom the books Master Messages may be found at Just Channelings, just search for" Aruna Byers " in the search engine of Just Channelings, and 62 messages will appear.JUST CHANNELINGS recommended.---------------------------------------Message from Saint GermainChanneled by Aruna 4-12-2009My message today is to welcome those who are now getting my communication directly. It has always been my most challenging directive, to get new direct contacts with chelas. Chelas who have done the channeling course, I co-created with Aruna, can now glean my messages directly when they continue to do the things the course contains. Congratulations on this, and thank you for opening our contact.Most of you are aware that many of the changes my associates and I told you about in theMaster Messages are energetically closing in on your way of life. Because your time is also getting more compressed, we are concerned that doors of ascension will soon be open again and many who are meant to ascend will not be ready to do so. Is choosing to ascend going to be your choice now? Is this next wave yours? Many difficulties, soon to appear, are to make those who do not ascend on this next wave very challenged.What does it mean to ascend?1 - Making an energetic claim on your divinity,2 - BEING your True Self,3 - Melting the dross that deletes Mastery,4 - The Master within takes control of the ego, so that only divine awareness leads the dream you call reality.For ascension to occur, your dream needs to disappear and be replaced with the Golden Light of God’s will. God’s will includes your ascension. Goals of any other kind are not going to be addressed by our realm, only those that are aligned to ascension.Ascension can occur on the dates the Mayan calendar is designating as “the end of the world as you know it.” It could occur for some before their designated dates also. My request for ALL who choose to ascend is to allow your awareness to completely transcend the dream.Do not hesitate to call on my realm to assist. In all things of concern, please ask for assistance when needed.I AM THAT I AMSaint Germain

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  • These messages from Archangel Michael and Saint Germain through Aruna Byers
    are contained in the books Master Messages - Vol. I, II and III.

    Archangel Michael on Contact, Ascension and Prophesy

    August 9, 2006

    I AM Archangel Michael.

    Today's message will address the next step regarding the contact to be
    made by the members of the Galactic Federation. Twenty million of them
    are now awaiting a message to make their presence known. To do this
    they must activate an energy of heat not common to any of those on
    earth. Correct activation can deter any counter craft meant to destroy
    them. After their appearance, no man, woman or child will deny our
    ability to make contact.

    Many of our group is awakened and more are not. Those who are awake
    are to call on the others to demand their active compliance with the
    guidance of Master Saint Germain. Together, all of these contact
    members are non-threatening and make an active demonstration to humans
    that collective consciousness can control the mayhem encountered when
    those not familiar with these craft decide they are not to be feared.

    Appearance of these craft may not delete all of the dark, negative
    demands on man's collective consciousness, but it can drain away the
    non-awareness that the dark, negative masters base their mesmerization on.

    Two of the Ascended Masters coming to make the collective accept our
    contact are Saint Germain and Ashtar. Both can do an awakening
    clearing to make their call one of delight. Ashtar will be doing
    awakening in the collective and Saint Germain calibrates this to
    gather his chelas and meet with them, as their assistance will make
    our details easier to achieve.

    Neither Ashtar nor Saint Germain come as an archetypical messiah. Both
    come as friends and aids to New World changes. Together they can move
    more anchors of light to appropriate areas where their anchoring is
    needed. Ashtar can create an actual move from one area to another
    never before demonstrated on Gaia. Moves of this kind will include
    members of the Great White Brotherhood already aware of their role in
    the Master's creation.

    Aruna will be on the first ascension wave and cannot be counted on as
    messenger after this occurs. Two will be on the first wave. The other,
    a male, is now aware of his next dimensional change and does agree to
    this as Aruna does. Once this occurs there will be no doubt about
    ascension. Both can complete and dissolve into action during any of
    our close encounters.

    Ascension begins at first contact. Be aware that two more waves of
    ascension will occur. The first will be near the dismantling of
    corruption in all areas of human deception. The next wave will be
    after the healing has been done. The Third comes during mass exodus
    for all not accepting the consciousness needed to ascend.

    Masters and Angels are able to direct these activities. None of them
    are to take on human density to be teachers or dramatize their gifts
    on Nebadon. All of our actions will be completed on this depth of
    contact. Make the ability to communicate to other dimensions an
    essential one for yourself.

    Correcting myths being fed to channels by the dark masters or their
    own egos needs to be done. No dark master can answer affirmatively
    when asked "Are you one with Christ Consciousness?" Any message given
    MUST be challenged with this question before accepting the message as
    being from our consciousness.

    Members of the Great White Brotherhood on our side do not need to go
    out of their dimension to give their best effort to their chelas. None
    do now and none are going to. All beliefs about another appearance of
    Jesus are only mis-conceptions. All beliefs are not to be created. No
    answer to Christian or Jewish material about the next appearance of a
    messiah can be counted on. All decisions about these Master's actions
    are up to them, in their own control, and at their own discretion.
    Count on nothing detailed in any prophesies. Only trust the guidance
    of the I AM Presence in your own body/mind.

    Chapter and verse of these times is yet to be written. Please delete
    all concepts about the future and maintain awareness of the contact
    being made in your own awareness. Never give your absolute faith to
    any teaching that is not available to all. Only the teaching in your
    own heart is true. Believe in this only. Apply this consideration to
    any choice being made.

    Clear the mind. Open the heart. Forgive all those who have misled the
    details from their own beliefs. BE FREE of these false prophets and go
    within for TRUTH.


    Archangel Michael
    • Saint Germain on Ascension and Evacuation

      through Aruna Byers

      September 12, 2006

      I AM Saint Germain.

      Contemplate the light in all actions taken. Create light with this
      contemplation. Every day of non-aggression cancels the darkness in
      consciousness. All of those called to the light for healing and
      teaching are being called again to another task. This one does not
      create money. Anything done now must be given to all not able to pay
      as well as to those who can. Achieving our goals for ascension depends
      on our ability to deliver many to open and aware consciousness.
      Clearing non-aware negative thinking must come before any activation
      of ascension can commence.

      Begin with the conversations making their energy felt in every
      dimension of awareness. Answers from our realm are not to detail
      darkness with an intention of creating negativity. All of our details
      are to give ample opportunity to make you capable of accepting new
      conditions that do not provide the conveniences currently required by
      mind's continuum of demands.

      Many details have been given and no communities are awaiting these
      developments. No concern comes now, even though our frequent mention
      of creating communities has been coming on a major current of energy
      to networkers. Communities are absolutely needed for the days to come.
      Only groups of dreamers who can maintain the world vision of Golden
      Age conditions are going to be comfortable during the great closing of
      man's current manifestation.

      Many children are facing critical choice now about departing during
      the changes, building a new country or ascending as conditions allow.
      Children are greatly needed as guides of heart and unconscious
      directors of the next days activities. Couples that have children are
      going to be answers to many who are not able to give their own dreams
      credibility. Children are active, clear conduits of Christ
      consciousness when not destroyed mentally by collective attitudes of
      distrust of their own answers from non-conscious awareness. Creating
      different nuances for children to act as critical centers for each
      community must come into awareness. Nothing new can come to those
      driven out of their comfort zones unless they are content in the
      awakened awareness of heart and mind alignment and clear channels of
      their own I AM awareness.

      Many days of contact by guides on all continents have given this news
      to man's mind. Alarmists we are not. Caring directors of new growth in
      human destiny are calling on the divine I AM in all to awakening and
      to hear our messages. I AM can deliver news and close the door on any
      dramatic answers that are not aligned to awakened awareness. Peace,
      calm and creativity are the answers needed, not grief, anger and
      dismay. Children can give good examples of how to gain awareness in
      new conditions.

      Activation of ascension needs calm and clear contact also. Changes of
      consciousness and changes in daily choices of activities come
      together. Once the new DNA becomes available the contact of dark
      guides ceases to be a concern to any of our dimension. Only dark,
      negative thinking can attract them.

      As the oceans change and continents converge on one another, courage
      and conviction about leaving this dimension is needed. Please give
      this concept another careful consideration as advance notice so you
      are able to accept new directions. This guidance comes on nature's
      call to delete all the destructive annihilation man has delivered.
      Corrections are absolutely necessary to develop new consciousness and
      closure to these destructive manifestations.

      Forests must grow again. Oceans need more clearing so common diseases
      now causing death to creatures of this domain can cease to infect
      them. Alteration of air content is needed at once to keep clean air
      available to provide man's nutrients and disease control. Because of
      dangerous toxins in the air, clearing air, oceans and dense wells of
      dross off of this earth must be done.

      Close the door to answers currently available. None of them are
      getting active enough to change this necessary clearing. Only dramatic
      cleansing can do what needs to be done. Politically no dramatic change
      here can do all that needs doing either. Only deep clear acceptance of
      the next days deliverance by controlled management can provide
      containment of the crisis now anticipated.

      Crews of conscious beings are available to deliver all who are open to
      their contact to another galaxy where humans can continue their daily
      lives. It will have clear and controlled air that has been developed
      on the mandate of Prime Creator. Only having no automobiles will
      change daily activities. Movement must be on carriage or monorail
      devices. Craft of non-aerial types can also deliver door to door on
      mental activation.

      Not all conditions can be accurately detailed now. My concern about
      getting those not able to accept our craft to this amazing place must
      come before details. Please advise any who are not able to consider
      changing their enclosure during this near disaster contraction of
      earth's contents. No man can adequately deal with nuclear air diseases
      after the collapse of these devices. Choose to evacuate. Choose to
      ascend. Choose to continue life.

      My name is Saint Germain. I am the one delivering the news during the
      days of calm before the great contraction. I am being given directions
      from Christ Michael of Nebadon. No delay can alter these changes. No
      dreams of delivering light to continents needing healing can do enough
      to counter what is denied by the dreams of man. Please go into
      communities to discuss these things. Please gather all who cannot
      accept their next days contact with our crews of carriers and teach
      them that the dark death described on the TV cannot be allowed. Any
      day now the destruction of man's habitat can be cleansed. Continents
      needing complete evacuation are Asia, Africa, Central and South
      America, USA, Canada, and after them, Europe and all the other
      countries not attached to these. Twenty million can be assured no
      disasters can destroy their lives. No more than that can be evacuated.
      All the others can ascend. Ascension means ample light can delete the
      density of the body to create a light body. Clear awareness and a
      light body will deliver these advanced conduits of light to wherever
      they are needed. Not as our crews will deliver the others. Mind
      controlled delivery will be their conveyer.

      Ample time is available to change the decision about ascension or
      going on the new carrier of deliverance. No money will be needed. All
      can ascend and many do not need to ascend now. They can go to the new
      galaxy and ascend from there. Angels of death are not hovering around
      this planet. Nuclear contents are not to be a concern until after the
      evacuation. Ascension can deliver all the light needed to clear this
      planet. No dreams of denial can cause alteration to this news. Contact
      will come next. Awareness of the crews must become available. Close
      the door on fear. Get excited about the next dimension of
      consciousness and the drama of this new adventure. Hurry to deliver
      yourself to ascension as none of this concerns those that will ascend.

      Please do not delete this message. Clear denial. Choose to ascend.
      Choose our guidance over the disturbance of mental activity. Begin the
      ascension by daily meditation. Bless the days on this dimension and
      close all concerns. Be a model of divine awareness to all

      I AM THAT I AM
      • Saint Germain on Ascension Considerations

        October 8, 2006

        Good afternoon. I Am Saint Germain.

        More of my messages are on ascension than any other topic. Maybe this
        message can detail ascension in a way that answers questions not clear
        at this moment.

        Ascension can occur on an energy opening that delivers dramatic
        effects to man's consciousness. Once this opening occurs, many
        candidates will decide on ascending and not descending; ascending and
        descending; or not ascending. Some are complete with all their
        contracts and are not needing any more awareness dramas to awaken or
        master man's condition as mortals. These can ascend and master another
        dimension as done by all the Ascended Masters coming out of mortal,
        angelic consciousness to the consciousness of One. Only those who are
        enlightened can do this. The angelic realm cannot energize the
        "consciousness of One" in an ego that is not able to give any
        assistance on earth. Giving healing or aid must be an attitude, not an
        action to get money or acknowledgement.

        Ample teachings are now free to those needing assistance to get
        answers about consciousness. Novices to contact with our realm can
        demand our attention now as never before. Answers come as energy,
        necessary for any co-creative challenge.

        Ascension will come to any that can demonstrate caring and detachment
        to those who are not ascending. Choices made before incarnating are to
        be chosen again. No candidates can ascend collectively. Children
        ascending must be willing leave mothers and other community members.
        Adults must decide on their own, not on the advice of their children
        or other members of their community. Parents not choosing to leave
        their children can ascend during the third wave, not the second wave
        which is meant only for individuals. Children with a collective nature
        can ascend on the third wave to another nation of mankind and continue
        their development teachings there.

        All those who have not ascended in the first and second waves can
        ascend in the collective group wave, it is not only for those needing
        to complete their contracts. Many able to ascend on the second wave
        will choose not to due to alignments with nature on this planet.
        Choosing not to ascend means death or changing into a different
        dimensional existence not currently possible. Altering characteristics
        like animals do to adapt to new contents in the air and making camping
        conditions clearly the choice over damaged, non-habitable dwellings
        must be an acceptable alternative. No material world conditions can
        continue after nature's ascent and the ascension of those who are
        going to make another collective nation on another galaxy.

        Our attempts to make contact have been negated by disbelief and
        conditions announced that have not completed. Contact must be done
        only with clear, direct energy movement within the new candidates own
        hara (gut). Making a decision must come directly as a consequence of
        that moment's contact and cancellation of mental control. Mental
        confusion may restrain next day's actions and no confusion must deter
        these actions. Fear cancels detachment and control of fear cannot
        compete with awakened awareness. To give away all denial and all
        distrust, a clear acceptance of our contact and accurate guidance must
        be established. To do this my dear ones, my greatest desire is to have
        meditation done on a daily basis. Only meditation can create
        detachment from mental control. Only meditation can create awareness
        of hara contact.

        Changing nothing other than adding meditation to your daily schedule
        can determine ascension or mass destruction as your answer to this
        divine calling. Claim ascension and give healing to all those who have
        come before this one dramatic moment. Ascension deletes all closure
        needed on mental decisions not congruent with awareness. Making a
        decision for ascension calls on our realm to contact you in the name
        of the divine calling. Permission will be assumed if daily meditation

        Conditions are getting demanding for completing God's next direction.
        Channelings are not contracts to ascend. Only an active commitment can
        demand our attention. Can we get yours?

        I AM THAT I AM
        • Saint Germain's Call to Ascension

          through Aruna Byers

          October 24, 2006

          Good afternoon. I Am Saint Germain.

          My message today is about ascension. More and more chelas are ready to
          ascend. Mastery of their lives has been done and they are contributing
          much awareness to all those able to accept their news about God's
          divine plan.

          All challenges to life are for closure of unresolved conditions. Any
          candidate not able to clear these conditions can continue to mandate
          them in the next dimension. Not ascending is another possibility. Can
          my call to decree awareness about these conditions awaken and dissolve
          them alone? No. All must demand to clear their own cords of attachment
          to anything not denied by mental density. Forces of non-aligned
          character are closing the door on clearing non-conscious mandates from
          mass consciousness.

          Healing can occur in a moment that catapults the beginning of
          ascension. All who are now detached from cords can ascend. Two will be
          first. Next are the major groups that can accept ascension as their
          own choice and comply with their inner directions. No one will be
          clear to ascend who cannot determine the guidance needed and act on
          these instructions.

          Major changes on the land of Nebadon are to greatly disturb more than
          the children on its surface. Our entire realm is going to be unable to
          give assistance during most of these changes due to negative mass
          consciousness after the first two groups ascend. All of these changes
          can close the door to more ascension until mass consciousness clears.
          One condition that can assist clearing the gateway is collaboration by
          all who are open to common goals being an activator of consciousness.
          Calibration will continue and as soon as another opportunity opens all
          who can ascend will.

          Never has it been said in my dictation that all will ascend. Masters
          and all who can become Masters before the last wave can ascend. ONLY
          Masters can ascend. Those who do not ascend will either die on Nebadon
          and their next lives will begin on another galaxy or be part the group
          delivered there by the Galactic Federation.

          If this makes you afraid, this will be my last wake-up call. My goal
          is to wake you up so the decision to ascend is made. All of my
          channelings through this conduit have given clear instructions and
          anyone not following my ascension directions cannot claim they didn't
          come. Together we can create an active call on this dimension to
          millions who can ascend. My words do not reach this many. Can you
          assist in contacting those who are not getting them?

          Community consciousness can aid in this direction. A change in
          direction can be given out to one in the community who can deliver my
          call to the rest. Many can complete their contracts now as messengers
          of caring and delete any cords that control their answers about
          devotion to their own contact of light.

          Teachers are needed to address ascension. My channel can make an
          active call to one group and they can address others. Ascension must
          be consciously accepted before the callings come.

This reply was deleted.

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