Be prepared for the Quantum Leap

Saint Germain

Circa June 15, 2022

Good and diligent students, let's go to another important class, I want to see many scales falling from your eyes. To start I apply fluids of peace, light and a lot of love with the powerful Transmuting Violet Flame so that you will be lighter to register our important instructions.

Understand that your bodies are loaded with negative fluids from these troubled days where energies mix and it is difficult to distinguish between them, so I ask you that as soon as the new day dawns, invoke the powerful Transmuting Violet Flame, create a pillar of the Sacred Fire andcover your bodies for just a few minutes, shielding them so they don't get involved with the dirt of these times.

Dear children of Absolute Love, listen with discernment, speak with wisdom and act with love, forgiveness and much gratitude for everything and everyone. With the promissory notes due at the end of the cycle, I suggest that you do not transfer your negative karmas to other lives. with great determination, focus your attention on this purification of your bodies and walk fast!

Although they do not know because it is not interesting for the other gentleman to be aware of what is happening in the world, the Alliance remains firm in the purpose of cleaning the surface and interior of this blessed Earth and I also suggest that you do the same with your bodies, cleaning inside and out, transmutingencrusted energies, clinging to the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

How much time is left? Only Father-Mother God knows, it could be now, it could be today, tomorrow, what does it matter? be prepared for the Quantum Leap, absolve your consciences and don't sin again, remember that the Great Teacher has already forgiven you and left important lessons on the way and there is no other.

Many news spreads very quickly and the objective of the dark forces is to distract you with colorful events that fill your eyes but this is just a waste of time that runs out very quickly. Can you see how time is flying?

The Earth's axis could become vertical at any moment, we do not want to frighten you, but to warn you that the times have arrived.

Pray and watch, the messengers' feet will not tarry. Grateful I am to life as a whole, most grateful I am to the sowers of stars. come, free yourself from these tentacles, and free go to the Light that continues to shine because that is how it is.

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  • What Sain Germain is saying in this message is similar to what Ashtar is saying in those messages I've posted here.
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