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Sacred Sexual Healing Activations By Anrita Melchizedek

In this wonderful Sacred Sexual Healing Activation transmission, Tamra shares how making Love is so much better than s**. Through our misuse of love and sexuality, many have lost touch with the higher consciousness of our Divine Blueprint. As we partake in the sacred alchemy of purification and in the process of human love and feelings, we move deeper into intimacy, and connection with ourselves and in partnership, vibrating our sacred sexual energy out into the world.

To deepen into intimacy in relationships, we need to deepen into intimacy within ourselves first, appreciated our sacred sexuality as well as our sexual organs and body parts. When we are still finding "who we truly are" in our magnificence and Light, we may "pretend" sexually in relationships with others; faking orgasms or "not feeling good enough", or for men, "not being big enough".

As we clear false beliefs of "not being good enough" as well as the need for validation and approval of others, we release frigidity, lack of intimacy, sexual abuse, impotence and many other sexual related areas of discomforts to open deeply to the essence of Divinity within. This in turn ignites a flow of sacred sexual healing energy though the body, as we enter into the inner alchemical marriage of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits.

Before we can truly love another we must first experience the love of our Self and the sacredness of who WE TRULY ARE. As we release guilt and shame, the sacred sexual energy of orgasm ignites into the unity grids and rose grids of Unity and Love, bringing us all deeper into the experience of intimacy and Love. When we make Love, we are creating Love within the world and bathing Mother Earth and all her Life in the collective signature of the cosmic orgasm of Divine Love as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.

Through these Sacred Sexual Healing Activations, Anrita takes us deeper in to self-love and self-appreciation, sovereignty and freedom and the knowing that we are completely unique and immeasurable in our magnificence and light.

As we accept, appreciate and celebrate ourselves in each Now moment without judgment, we experience a deeper sense of the natural flow of our sacred sexual energy from the perineum center to the crown chakra, from the earth star chakra to the soul star chakra and the cosmic portals beyond this. The quivering passion of intimacy with self activates through the fire of the Shakti-Shiva kundalini and the renewed balance and integration of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits.

As we continue to release, accept and/or embrace all that no longer needs to be experienced as we walk the path of Divine Love we enter into the Heart of Intimacy. Touched by the Golden Rose Light codes of Christos-Sophia and Overlighted by Magdalene and Jeshua, from within this nakedness, vulnerability and love of Self we experience the natural sacred sexual energy of our soul's physical Temple of Light ~ tantric intimacy.

As the kundalini and tantric channels activate, we deepen into the initial slow dance of ecstasy and passion through our sacred sexual energies. We move through each one of the chakras in particular breathing techniques, adding our vaginal and/or anal muscle contractions and rhythmic body movements. We experience the electric heat and tingling of Divine Love, intimacy and sacred sexuality throughout our body and energy field as the tongue gently moves to the back of the throat.

As we embrace ourselves within the Golden Rose Petal of Intimacy we release old blockages and judgments from within the chakras. We travel karmic timelines and bring in the energy of the Golden Rose in Unity and Love, forgiveness and compassion.

In this dance of ecstasy and joy we embrace our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. We merge with our Divine Feminine Spirit opening to receive a deeper level of self-love, intuition, vulnerability, compassion, gentleness, beauty, flexibility and grace. Through our Divine Masculine Spirit we open to receive a deeper level of trust, reliability, respect, wisdom, stillness, protection, empowerment and action.

Additionally we anchor and activate the Cosmic Codes of Divine Relationships and Re-Union of Hearts within our Soul clusters as this slow dance of passion gathers in tempo and energy. We are ready now to open to Love, to make Love, to experience Intimacy and to know that All Is Love. And so it is. And so it shall be


Video - "Sacred Sexual Healing Activations - The Sacred Vagina & Magical Penis By Anrita & Tamara -


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