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Resistance is Futile; instead substitute a better and more empowering thought

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When faced with a belief or mental model that doesn't resonate with the authentic you; don't resist it.  Instead substitute an empowering thought or mental model in it's place.

Substitution is a powerful tool for change.

When you push against something; resistance is the end result and that creates a disharmony within your thinking and emotional spheres of influence.

Whenever there is disharmony there is frustration and blockage. By substitution of a new, more harmonious thought, you are freeing yourself from the grip of resistance.

You are aligning yourself with that which you seek and not that which you fear.

Love attracts; fear repulses.

Each of us is empowered to create our own experience in this 3-D universe; it's referred to as "free will".

You can create pain and suffering or you can create happiness, joy, vibrant-health and propserity.  The choice is yours.

Please choose the pathway of love and enlightenment; the walk that moves you along the light-filled trail.

Choose wisely, my friend.

Namaste, Dave



I agree with what you say UP TO A POINT.  I still believe that we must fight against the crazyness in this world.

In my experience, what we fight grows stronger.The way I choose to 'fight the crazyness in this world' is to seek to enahnce my inner peace. Once I am at peace within; nothing can upset that calm peace of my soul.


That does not mean that you need to hide your truth and just get along.  It means that the truth you settle upon must be so solid that no matter what is thrown your way that no-one elses truth will have negative impact upon what you know to be true at your core.


Here is what some of the most empowered souls on our planet had to say about this subject:


"To make peace with an enemy one must work with that enemy and that enemy becomes one’s partner.

~ Nelson Mandela


"We are constantly being astonished these days at the amazing discoveries in the field of violence. But I maintain that far more undreamt of and seemingly impossible discoveries will be made in the field of nonviolence." ~ Mohandas Gandhi


"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world."~ Mohandas Gandhi


If what gandhi says is true and I believe it is; if I wish to have a peaceful world, I must begin with establishing peace within me. Gandhi askes us to operate with a clear goal in mind and work toward the attainment of that goal; to become the change.


The more I trust my inner guidance system and work from the inside~out; the great is the resevour of good in my life.

If I fight against what I dislike than by my attention to it I am empowering it to hold sway in my consciousness.


When I focus upon the good I seek and not what I fear might contiue or be; the stronger I become.

When I spend my mental and emotional energies upon fear-based thoughts and feelings; I find a greater amount of these along my pathway.





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