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It was the summer of 2010... I had taken these photos with my old digital camera... the camera was lent and lost forever, and the laptop the pictures were downloaded on exploded, literally blew up one day and caught fire.  I thought the pictures were lost forever... until I happened upon an old sent email and voila the images were saved in the web-verse all this time in my Hotmail account. 

Apologies for the poor quality, my cheap camera was not equipped to take sky pictures.  In the end I ended up pointing up and taking random shots praying that the orbs would show up on film.  Since this event, I have seen orbs and ships many times, pink-orange ones, blue ones and bright star shaped ones... but I will always cherish this special gift that I feel was a hello from our cosmic family. 

I believe now as well that the airplanes I saw were in fact the ships, somehow they morphed... how could so many small planes show up at once... the photo of a long line beside an orb is in fact an airplane in profile pointing upwards toward the orb.  An interesting experience to say the least, and I was so excited to see it happen before my own eyes.  The negative images are my attempt to bring clarity to the poor images.






I was at the lake for the weekend and when I looked out in the morning I saw some beautiful sylphs gathered outside and grabbed my camera to take some pics in the morning light.  There was already a plane leaving a chemtrail and I thanked the sylphs for their help and sent them a beam of love because I knew they'd take care of that white streak in the sky.  After taking some shots I noticed they were gathering into a giant form crossing the horizon... it was a big eye, with eye lashes and an iris.  I tried to take a picture but my camera couldn't put the whole thing into the frame.  I was looking up at them, wondering what the message was... "keep your eyes on the sky?  We're "watching" you?"  when I noticed that the whole sky seemed suddenly full air planes.  There were four and then five, crossing in front of each other, droning the way planes do, with no chemtrails.  Still looking up, I then saw a white circle of light moving really high up in the sky, too high to be a bird, and too fast.  Then there were two of the white orbs, circling each other and making "s" shapes, I pointed my camera and prayed for a good shot.  Airplanes continued to fly over head, I took frames of them too, to show size comparisons.  I've seen one of these orbs before, a few months ago when I was with a friend driving.  But these ones were incredibly high up, and moving fast, and then they were gone, they just winked out and the airplanes flew away not to be seen the rest of the day... And later on the that day, I saw my first bald eagle, which happens to have nested on the property I was at, which probably has nothing to do with it but was  a nice coda to the day nonetheless. 







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Thanks Drex-may I ask where you get the info? Almost as if you've sponken to people who've passed on and then brought their 4d body back-I had a disscussion with a young lady ( I noticed her hair was still a bit grey) she looked like an 18 year old!  She was explaing that she was going to school 'up here' studying aquq-fire and other subjects that I can't recall-they also use school buildings we use as schools also-complete with school jackets, skate boards, etc.

Although I have studied Near Death Experience cases I have never enjoyed that priviledge of NDE myself, in this incarnation...However I have been trained by both Master R and the Sirians, in out of body transfer techniques, both astral and aetheric...As well as teleportation, albeit I was teleported using a device, rather than through a natural ability of my own... ;-) I'm not an Ascended Master yet...

Moreover, the Sirians have turned it into a science, of which there are few earth language terms to describe it...Theosophy offers the best and I'm also an ex-student of the archane...

my interest piqued and then some!! teleportation device similar to what Andrew Basagio describes? That's brave! I was driving down a rt 138 for the 1001 time and coming to a rise and over I ran into a roundabout that is not there!  I entered it then made a right turn onto a road that does exist and after a mile or so I realized I was about 3 miles north of where I should have been! Has not happened again but there was no device , maybe some type of space/time folding or something-I didn't have an NDE these people have passed and have manifested there 4d causal bodies-most of them appear teens to twenties but some are old 

A bit like the fictional Star Trek TV series, but without their noises and flashing lights....It feels like a high velocity elevator and is then over so quickly, just as it is about to become a strain...Albeit, the body feels no fatigue after the event itself...

I believe that Kelly wrote a past forum describing a genuine 2011 GFL operation which included teleportation...I'll add the link here for you...


That space/time folding, within certain areas, is a well known Tellurian phenomena described as TIMESLIP....Many people have written about this worldwide..


Cheers, Drekx


thanks Drex

You're most welcome, Pet Rock....Also I'd like to add some data for you about what Sirian telemeter probe orbs are capable of...

At 06:34 on this video about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, witness Larry Warren describes what he saw...

These red illuminated orbs were engaged in various tasks, centered around a radiation cleanup in the forest...Also, the one described by Warren, made a rendevous with a marker plasma, located at Capal Green (a farmer's field) and activated a T-Mat transfer, which physically materialised a larger scout ship, directly at it's location, after it was absorbed into the aethers...

Enjoy his description, most of which he saw, albeit, did not comprehend at the time...


Wow those are really awesome, thanks so much for sharing! The one on the top is like a rainbow...


The orange lights are street lights not orbs..only the glowing sprites/ balls..and transparent orbs..

My tree sprites/ visiting night orbs..

Check out ECETI Ranch,guru James Gilliland..interactions are amazing..they really have contacted ET are in contact with ET light beings,Orbs,fairies etc people who have attended have video footage and photo's of them arriving and interacting with them.

above photo - ECETI Ranch orbs..

Wow thanks so much!  These are beautiful :-)  I was trying to remember the name of the eceti ranch today, what a nice coincidence.  I was terribly saddened when I went to the zoo, the elephants especially touched my heart.  I like to think that these orbs comfort them in their cage, I cried last time I went I don't think I can do it again, those poor beasties all chained up.


Were they in the semi open to the elements?, is that snow on a cold concrete flooring?... that's shocking they arnt used to those type of temperatures,they need underground heating or central heating of some kind,their feet might even get frozen stuck to the frozen concrete pad otherwise,ever seen that happen to a wet tongue on a frozen pole it's horrid...yes tragic seeing animals in captivity full stop,even if they have been rescued say.. they still should be on open safari's or reserves in the wilderness aye...go see them in their natural habitat is the best..

I totally agree, my sweetheart, about the zoo elephants and also other animals held in captivity....It's very sad to see and all such creatures should be released back into the wild, if and when possible...Of course, we live in a crazy world where poachers kill elephants for ivory and so keeping them in zoos is a way of conserving their genes from extinction....YET, things must change and that means blind human greed...


I have seen wild animals in Africa, during safaris, with the only shooting being cameras...Elephants, lions, zebras, cheetas, giraffe, etc... ;-)


I have never seen prehistoric wild animals, myself, but am told that in Agartha, Earth's 7th continent, there are animal species allowed to roam freely in special nature zones (some of which are holographic in construct) including those now extinct animals, once on the surface....from ancient prehistoric epochs.. :-) They don't have or need zoos, in GFL worlds...including inner Earth.


Bless you, honeybunch.....Love, Drekx XOXOXO



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