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It was the summer of 2010... I had taken these photos with my old digital camera... the camera was lent and lost forever, and the laptop the pictures were downloaded on exploded, literally blew up one day and caught fire.  I thought the pictures were lost forever... until I happened upon an old sent email and voila the images were saved in the web-verse all this time in my Hotmail account. 

Apologies for the poor quality, my cheap camera was not equipped to take sky pictures.  In the end I ended up pointing up and taking random shots praying that the orbs would show up on film.  Since this event, I have seen orbs and ships many times, pink-orange ones, blue ones and bright star shaped ones... but I will always cherish this special gift that I feel was a hello from our cosmic family. 

I believe now as well that the airplanes I saw were in fact the ships, somehow they morphed... how could so many small planes show up at once... the photo of a long line beside an orb is in fact an airplane in profile pointing upwards toward the orb.  An interesting experience to say the least, and I was so excited to see it happen before my own eyes.  The negative images are my attempt to bring clarity to the poor images.






I was at the lake for the weekend and when I looked out in the morning I saw some beautiful sylphs gathered outside and grabbed my camera to take some pics in the morning light.  There was already a plane leaving a chemtrail and I thanked the sylphs for their help and sent them a beam of love because I knew they'd take care of that white streak in the sky.  After taking some shots I noticed they were gathering into a giant form crossing the horizon... it was a big eye, with eye lashes and an iris.  I tried to take a picture but my camera couldn't put the whole thing into the frame.  I was looking up at them, wondering what the message was... "keep your eyes on the sky?  We're "watching" you?"  when I noticed that the whole sky seemed suddenly full air planes.  There were four and then five, crossing in front of each other, droning the way planes do, with no chemtrails.  Still looking up, I then saw a white circle of light moving really high up in the sky, too high to be a bird, and too fast.  Then there were two of the white orbs, circling each other and making "s" shapes, I pointed my camera and prayed for a good shot.  Airplanes continued to fly over head, I took frames of them too, to show size comparisons.  I've seen one of these orbs before, a few months ago when I was with a friend driving.  But these ones were incredibly high up, and moving fast, and then they were gone, they just winked out and the airplanes flew away not to be seen the rest of the day... And later on the that day, I saw my first bald eagle, which happens to have nested on the property I was at, which probably has nothing to do with it but was  a nice coda to the day nonetheless. 







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..Hmm I Have Orbs....Captured At Stonehenge...For Me.......Just Random Experience.....<3.....x....

Sky -what's the energy like at Stonehenge?

...Pet Rock...The Whole Atmosphere At Stonehenge Was Amazing....Everyones Happy...You Can Feel The  High Vibe...Then When The Sun Comes Up Through The Stones...Its Really Beautiful.....Touching The Stones Themselves.....Felt Like Electric....My Hands Felt Like Buzzin.......Im Sensitive To Energy Anyway....But This Was Quite Strong......If Your Ever In UK....You Shud Go..You Would Love It......Me + My Ex Partner Were Filming...The Whole Thing......He Has The Film.....We Only Noticed The Orbs When We Got Home.... + Was Looking Over The Footage......Was A Great Day................x........

Sounds nice Sky-Thanks

Heehee that must have been something... something so ancient amid modern life.  And orbs?  Icing on the spiritual cake :-)  If you have pics to share we would be honored to see them :-)

I was with a bunch of people one night and we saw many orbs darting around when Mars was at it's closest to us-they would move slowly but then dart off in all kinds of directions at sharp angles at high speed -somebody later said they were red laser lights from an observatory 30 miles away but they were too high and bright -there were city lights also that would drown out lasers and there were no clouds for a laser reflection. Later we went to a park on a cliff that has a 200-250 foot drop and witnessed, with about 200 others, a bright red orb at about 800 feet? descend slowly and when it was almost even with the cliff andprobably 1000 feet away, it winked out.  Nobody had a camera thogh I saw others around taking pics-It may not have shown up on the screen

Oh that would have been so neat to have a group experience... they were showing off for you.  Must have blown peoples' minds.  Without high powered tech, I don't think a pic would have turned out... I've tried taking cell phone pics but they are next to useless for sky pictures.  

Have you seen the "Christmas" light in the sky that changes colors?  I thought it was a satellite at first...

I see that all the time Kelly-red, green, yellow, white-is that a huge ship or some said it's a star that twinkles colors because of the atmosphere or a satellite but satellites a way up there

Everybody should experiment with orbs by throwing them a thought or command and observe the reactions...

Lovely photos, my beloved.....Keep up the good work... ;-) Drekx x

Thank you, dear heart :-)  There haven't been as many now that they have stopped chemspraying my area.  I heard that a collective of lightworkers in Edmonton did some sort of group effort to transmute them. 

what is the purpose of the orbs Kelly/Drex-obviously there are different types

Most orbs are of the devic kingdom, which is a hidden kingdom and parallel to humanity...These devas are sometimes captured on film, or can be observed with aetheric vision...Either orb shaped or rod (cylinder) shaped...

Also, the actual form of astral fragments, or ghosts, is that of an orb....And like ball-lightning, upon the plasma-aetheric plane, they can pass through walls easily...Albeit they transit here from the astral plane, which is a finer vibration than that of the aetheric...

Moreover, GFL star nations tend to model the designs of their ships upon the bodies of devas...some being rod shaped motherships, like the devic elohim, and others being spheroids, like orbs...

Sirian scoutships are based on spherical orbs, such as the solar devas...albeit, the sizes may vary, considerably...

Telemeter probes are basketball sized and issue from tetrahedral Sirian probes....And larger spherical probes issue from the Atar trangular craft.....The sphere is a well known sacred geometry and ideal as a form for spirit to inhabit.... ;-)



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