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I am 21 now. I smoked marijuana twice when i was 15. Both times it was the worst experience of my life.  It made me feel like my mind kept resetting every second. It scared the sh** out of me!!! Horrible paranoid and anxiety. So I want to know, from a spiritual perspective, why is it that my mother, father, and my brother have all smoked marijuana several times in the past and enjoyed it, yet I just can't? Perhaps it is because my consciousness is different than theirs? (I am the only spiritually interested person in our family). But I know that many spiritual people are able to enjoy marijuana. Even to this day if I recall the experience of the mind resetting it comes back and starts again and I get panic attacks. So I was wondering, perhaps this has something to do with ascension coming? Or my naturally altered consciousness?  I ask here because any friends who I have explained it to before just tell me I'm crazy and I just need to smoke more and get used to it then I can enjoy it (but I will never smoke it again).


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  • I love the way you see this. "my brain kept resetting every second". That is exactly why I did it for a while I guess. Felt the need to reset my brain. Keep out all my bad thoughts, all my thoughts. I think I did it to lift the duality in my mind. Now I don't need it anymore as I now feel like I think from my heart and don't need the dual state of mind anymore. It's like I needed to develop a button and now have control over what I think. Things are no longer bad or good, but just not for me or yes for me. No more judgement. Live and let live. 

    Love Jenn

    • That is wonderful that you now think from the Heart. Thank you for sharing your story Jenn :)

  • Smoke small amounts. LIke just one toke of a joint a night just to get a taste of the high. It sounds like you had too much.

    Also, there's different strains of Cannabis that have different effects. There's Indica strains which are the shorter plants with wide leafs that has a very heavy high that is sedating and introverting, and for me gives me paranoia. Then there's the Sativa strains which are the taller plants with skinny leafs that take a long time to flower. The high off a Sativa is uplifting and mood lifting, sociable, and it's what the hippys were smoking back in the day and I believe are native to Mexico and South America. Most strains you get illegal these days are Indicas or hybrids because they yeild larger buds in a shorter flowering cycle. I dont' like Indica strains at all. I find the high simply not enjoyable. Some ppl who are naturally highly energetic and confident or extroverts, they seem to like Indica strains as it balances out their personalities and body type. Someone with ADD for instance would like Indicas. For me, I'm naturally introverted so i don't need to be sedated any more.

    For ppl who like recreational drugs, I find ppl either like uppers or downers. Cannabis has varieties of both. When you buy illegally, you don't know what you're getting really (unless you know the grower).
    If you ever get the chance to go into a medical marijuana dispencery, ask for any of the Haze strains. They're sativas. Super Silver Haze is a nice one.


    • problem is you don’t know what you’re getting..don’t ‘russian’ roulette

      with marijuana.  Trust your gut..if it doesn’t agree with you..makes you feel uneasy.. one of our friends here’s just like peanuts..good for some..toxic

      for others.  if you can’t prove what you’re getting is safe..don’t smoke it.. (that’s my personal advice).. 

      wish you the best..have precious grandkids your age..MAY GOD/SOURCE BLESS AND PROTECT YOU…ALL WAYS POSSIBLE~

    • I might also add that it depends on the ripening stage when harvested, I believe that when it is harvested before the Tricones are ripe you get a head stone and if they are over ripe its more a body stone. So like a good wine, depends on it's age.

      • head stone and body stone are from different strains, basically there are indica and sativa strains, i cant remember which is which but one is brain and the other is body.

        harvest time only relates to THC content.

    • Love me some SSH.

      Best comment ever. 


    • Ooo I didn't know this. Thank you for educating me on these different strains bb :)

  • Hi man, I smoke Marihuana very, very often, and from personal experience I can affirm that the "bad" effects that the herb provokes you is because you are not used to it, smoke more and you will se that those "bad" effects will dissapear, remember that the things you will feel depends on your mood....
    if you are nervous about geeting cought or things like that, the most probable thing is that you will not enjoy it.
    But if you are in the right place and with the right people, or simply alone but confortable, you will enjoy!!!!

    you are consciousness is nt altered ;)

    If you have the chance give it a try!
    I enjoy alot reading when I smoke, or before I go to sleep! It helps lucid dreaming and astral pryections.
    Listen to some music, close your eyes and fly man!

    You know why marihuana is banned?
    Beacuse it helps you knowyourself better...
    Here in Mexico our civilizations used this herb for many things,,, it is one of the herbs of the gods.

    Sorry for bad english

    • Exactly, now put on Pink Floyd or the Moody Blues and you will like it. lol.

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