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Peace to the World Song

Peace can be created by a critical mass of people focusing their thoughts and words on peace.

When enough people focus on peace, the idea of peace will resonate throughout the world.

We now know that every cell of the body has a frequency, but more importantly every thought
and word also has a frequency.

The best we can do as individuals is to take responsibility for the thoughts and words we speak and be kind to one another.

So I am asking you to share these links to hear my song, sung by Cameron of the Ten Tenors, with as many of your family, friends and networks as possible. We encourage you to join us and help build a worldwide community that resonates peace.

It is an obvious but powerful truth that with more people focused on peace, the greater harmony will be achieved worldwide.

Thank you – Love and Light Valemma

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,


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Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful reply Joanna.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, & Abundance,


Just so beautiful and so true...Thank you Steve for this gift...LOVE IS THE WAY, THE ONLY WAY TO PEACE...

You are most welcome Amparo, and thanks for sharing your divine Love & Wisdom & beautiful photo.

Infinite Blessings of Love, Light, & Abundance,


Love, Peace and Infinite Joy to you both, Steve and Amparo, and to All. 

A friend sent this beautiful video to me a few days ago, and we can 'pray peace' (and sing peace) into the waters too, as all water is vibrationally resonant, all around the world....:)



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