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Out of Body Meditation! Crystal Formation & Spiritual Cleansing!!!~~~

I am universe energies, we all do are things different. A few time, I do meditate in a wake stage, I sing in language, not lately, I do this in sleep stage, when I do need too,when I leave my body to a higher dimension, To make a connection, to formation the crystal for 13 dimension. I think what color and stone to used in it, I did not know yet, what to used to make it. I end up with a crystal clear formation crystal in a higher dimension. with my thinking and mind power. I go to meditation stage at first, then I start forming crystal formation for 13 dimension.

Spiritual meditation happen at Out of body experience , Deep sleep stage. higher Dimension.

1st connection i was working on formation of crystal for 13 dimension energies.

  1. I focus my self meditation in my mind while I lay down to sleep.  Ok I doing different one,
  2. When I leave my body at sleep stage, I am meditate another Dimension. I tend to do this in a higher Dimension, I do what, you all folk do awake. But do this in sleep with your out body experience. It is a different method, same thing,
  3. I do common one meditation that everyone knows. Note: Spiritual body in energie form, So I am wear cloths spiritually , this is pure energies, white energies
  4.  Cross your legs, shoulder straight up, Close your eyes spiritual state, Mean Close it twice, your sleep, close it again in spiritual state. Leave your body to higher dimension. highest Dimension,Empty space. Your are the only things that is glowing in the dark empty space. 

A.) Round Finger Circle

circle are my spiritual crystal formation energies, how I connective to crystal light energies in higher Dimension.

B.) Move your circle hand upward lay flat, on each legs cross

History -Crystal light beings- Are connection to your Dal universe ( twin universe) or highest dimension universe, white or light blue energies, They do formation of crystal matter, solid matter in a highest dimension to design an object by a single thought. White or blue energies will come out of my hand, during formation of object. That is what, I have in a higher dimension, I did shock a few people energies at the beginning of jan-feb 2014, when the Shape shifter in the govt, tries to hack in! for my rock location on earth. I zap them out. Lately, I don't used my energy to kick people out, because no one has dark to energies enter my spiritual energies. I used my energies to create or heal, other positive things in the higher dimension.

5. Than I switch to another hand position , while in mediate stage "out of body spiritual"

Round each of my hand at shoulder length,Do this remind all of your past life in during egyptian time? they do this mediation, with their knees bend , but I did this with cross leg to switch the connection.  I am recieve communication.

I do this when I am awake, A few of you are high in meditate human, ET beings, higher beings, higher spiritual beings,that are connection to me, I do this, when you make connection. when I receive, If i do this public seating down, I had to do this quick, because my friend and families against spiritual people. I either run to bath or my room. I started speaking cosmo language. It mean I hear you , sense you, I know you connective me.  

In spiritual out of body state, I used to open connection to formation the crystal for the 13 dimension, I play with color, different tone of color, I came out plain crystal. Too much color and energies formation the 13 dimension very hard for me, working highest dimension formation the crystal energies into 13 dimension.

  • You can do this awake, it higher dimension connection and energies, Used similar mediation in highest dimension.  Each universe energies, do things different, I am explain, how I do my unique energies , I only do this every few week or when it needed for out of body experience Meditation,  when someone connect me, it depend if do the receive hand sign.
  • You all have ability to create, I am assign formation crystal 13 dimension, everyone formation is different, and color different. it how you connect ,interpret to 13 dimension. People can create other things in crystal formation.
  • Mean  universe energies is pro create, pro create life, pro create love, pro create many things.
  • Note: You will be able to used 13 dimension, after universe upgrade reunion, In the process formation , activation dimension at the moment , trying get my energies fully link, safe adaption for your all going at high rate spiritual. 

Than second connection, I could not connect to any one Energies.

  • Et beings blonde and brunette and female try connect me , also high spiritual human try connection me, I pull them away 
  • Disinfection first batch of 20 high and human beings spiritual
  • cleanse almost 50 spiritual beings next batch.

 I felt my energies healing them. I went on a huge cleansing and disinfection in the higher dimension.

I could not make a connection to high spiritual beings on earth or ET, I end up cleaning their energies, call them dirty energies. 

 i was self cleanliness. 

I woke up, telling the higher being about next connection I had to finish cleaning 100 spiritual beings to disinfection/ cleansing. 

happen in higher Dimension,those are trying connect me , Bare with me, I am going thru stage of getting you all ready for new dimension layer, baby step. Symptoms, Right now, I felt emotional. Remember 13 D is open by my energies and other high beings,There is team of us, group. Open new doorway that is safe for your all energies vibration adapt, long process to complete around 2015. 

Real fact. Teaching understanding on how some Universe Energies work, Everyone Method is different, this is from, my point of view. We are all one of kind. With different technique of healing and creating. 

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USE One of the WORDS During mediation, toward bed sleep, nap, out of body state. connection to universe Energies

" es -sol-ya"  Or "eck-no- me" or "en-no-me" Cosmo Language, universe activation 

Cosmo language, should have regression or awaking, or etc. repeat one of those words, over and over. till your relax meditation, calm, vision and memories come back.

You welcome! 




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