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OUR WEDDING SONG FROM 1950 from the wedding we planned but couldn't have...

For the wedding we never had

I picked this one for the singer's voice is much like Val's voice.

And other of our favorites of the time we danced barefoot on the sands of White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas back mid July 1950.  Val sang them to me, he could hear a song through one time and be able to sing it next time. 

I'll just post a few of our favorites he sang, and he could sing better than Frank Sinatra, I thought.  But then I was a bit partial as he was the first man I'd ever been in the arms of and at the time I wanted to be a Carmelite Nun, unil I met the man I named, Val Thor.  Then all I wanted was to be his read wife, and all he wanted, he said, was for me to be that real wife.

There was a big moon over the lake, a full moon, like the Gemini moon of tonight, December 12, 2019.  Only I looked it up in an Ephemeris years later and there was no full moon, only a very small moon.but I remember the full moon. I saw a full moon and Val stopped dancing, pointed our hands up to the big full moon and said,

"Isn't SHE beautiful?"



And she was, beautiful, but it wasn't a full moon, it couldn't be, though I remember it as though it were last night.  What was it? It had to be his ship,  small one they transport him at times to planets from the big ship.

This reminds me of one of our favorites at that time he'd sing to me, "It Had To Be You".  Then hold me close, kiss me and promise to love me forever and a day and make me promise to love him, forever and a day.  I've kept my promise, and I believe he has, too. 

So if you're playing around with some invisible spirit thqt calls himself, Val Thor, please keep it to yourself out of common decdency as if I catch you, I'll call you on it because I don't believe Val will do that to me. 

"One reason is I've had all the woman I want in my arms through the years and her name was and is Valana Thor.  Another is I'm monogamous and I still love Valana and I keep my promises. The third reason is I've never met a woman that could compare with my Valana in any way and I'm quite satisfied.  I'm also quite busy and don't have time for what the Colonel calls, teenage boppers.  I believe all get the point.  Play our song we danced to in 1979 on the shores of Okinawa or wwas it on the shores of that Island off Panama where the military took over the Island for my landing in 1957 when the General brought you to me? - Cmdr Val Thor."





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I don't see a way to correct this, the wedding song didn't get on it is...

    beautiful song and Thank You for sharing your story I enjoy it very much.

   That is a very lovely romantic song and suites you and Val perfectly.



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