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February 20, 2009

The countdown has begun! On January 28, 2009, a cleansing and activation was performed for all 144,000 elohim, which shattered the frequency barrier and has greatly accelerated the progression of events remaining on the timeline leading to Terra. Changes on the inner are moving forward in tandem with changes in the outer (the current global financial collapse, for example) and Operation Terra is now in full activation status.

The Hosts are currently providing weekly updates on this process, which I am sharing through the medium of the Online Radio Shows, along with a weekly spoken commentary on each of these private messages and the process itself. If you wish to know more than is covered in this news update, then subscribe to the radio shows and meet the other members of the OT team! I have also identified a new group of essential oils that are helpful in supporting the present transition.

The Hosts have identified six specific stages remaining before the agreement made by the elohim 4.6 billion years ago will be completed. The first of these stages will involve the physical lifting of those who will be directly involved in the following two stages — the removal of the reptilian presence from the 3D airspace surrounding the planet in 2010, and the physical evacuation of everyone else who is making the trip to Terra at this time. Ground-level preparations for the evacuation will probably begin in the latter part of 2011 and the actual timing for specific individuals will depend on conditions on the ground during that period. The entire evacuation will completed before the geophysical Pole Shift in June, 2012. (These timeframes only apply to the timeline leading to Terra.)

The final three stages consist of the preparations for colonization of Terra, the colonization process itself, and the completion of the entire 4.6 billion-year agreement when the new leadership (the first generation born onto Terra) steps forward to take over the reins on Terra. Here are the details as they are currently known at this point in time:

There will be two groups lifted onto the ships, the first in the time period of April 25-28, 2009, and the second across a one-week time period in mid-June, 2009. Those who are lifted in these two groups will include everyone who will be participating in the cleansing of the 3D airspace and/or the evacuation. Everyone who is part of Operation Terra but whose role does not involve participation in those two specific efforts will stay on the ground and be evacuated as part of the third (and largest) group in 2012. After these two groups of initial participants are lifted, they will go through a rehabilitation process and be operational in their 4D bodies to a sufficient degree that will enable them to carry out their tasks in the next two stages of events.

My job and identity as messenger and steward of the Operation Terra material, site and services will cease entirely by the end of June, 2009. My next job for the “op” will be as Lady Adonna of Sirius Star System and I will be partnered with my twin, Lord Michael Adir of Sirius Star System. We will both be in charge of Tactical Operations, an umbrella organization that oversees all activities involving the ships in any way. It provides support for all of the other actions undertaken by the project, across all divisions. Strategic Operations is the group involved in the planning of all stages of the operation, and correspondences specialists will be involved in elaborate systems of communication between all of the galactic cultures that are involved with the Terra project. The result will be a great enrichment of the galactic group mind and a once-in-a-galactic-lifetime opportunity to create a galactic cultural exchange center that will affect all of the 4D positive-polarity experience, across all related cultures.

Lord Michael Andronicus of Sirius Star System has his own command ship and will be interfacing directly with the fleet commanders of all of the various commands that are taking part in this operation. He is supported by Tactical Operations and is also in close communication with Strategic Operations at all times. Two of the identified commands include the Ashtar Command, which sources from within our own solar system, and the Sirian forces, which have their own commander. In addition, the Hosts have identified the lion and dragon people as being participants in this project, and have indicated that there will be yet other races and cultures they have not yet named that will take part in this project. There are a total of around 40 million galactic volunteers involved in all phases of this project.

Following the evacuation and the processing of those taken up at that time, everyone will end up on Midway Station, a large mothership approximately 80% the size of our present planet. Adaptation to and becoming functional within the stream of information available in full consciousness will take place over the following 2-3 years, and then preparations for colonization will proceed for the next several years. During that time, many latent functions will emerge that will flesh out and provide the full richness of structures, activities and experience that will be present on Terra.

During the time between the lifting of the first two groups and the final evacuation, there will be close coordination between those on the ships and those on the ground. This is a single operation, with many facets to it, and all will be treated as being part of one effort, regardless of where they are stationed. In addition to Tactical Operations, there will be the Control Division, which acts to control all movement of all ships so that everything operates harmoniously and safely. Rehabilitation is staffed by the healers and technicians who are trained to carry out rehabilitation activities on all of those taken onto the ships. For those who have been lifted from 3D Earth, this function will be carried out by many galactic volunteers who are already fully operational in 4D consciousness until we are able to be functional ourselves. Colonization Operations will deal with all of the details of colonization and Strategic Operations will coordinate with all of the other divisions throughout the entire project’s life.

After Terra is fully colonized by civilizations from throughout the galaxy, the Terra experience will continue to enrich the entire galaxy from then on. It is expected that the first generation of children born onto Terra will come into being around 100 years from now, measured in present Earth terms.

Lyara has already left this body and only Adonna remains (see February 1, 2009 private message). I will provide continuing support until after the second group is lifted, at which time I will put up a new version of the OT site, based on the theme, “Home of the New Dawn” and the radio shows and Family Forums will be shut down. All of these stages will be announced in future mailings as they occur.

Love to all,

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February 1, 2009

All right, now. We have asked to speak with you right now as part of our weekly update series. This week, we wish to lay out some of the things that will be occurring in the near and further term. There has been much set in motion as a result of the elohim activation, which occurred on January 28, 2009. This will affect all of you personally, but also the entire planet, as things that were “on hold” now move forward more quickly and completely. However, the real news for those of you who are heading toward Midway Station at this time is still what is going on within you, rather than what is being reported by the media in the world at large.

With regard to the inner news, there is much processing going on and your teams are actively working with you around the clock to ensure your movement goes forward as smoothly as possible and as quickly as possible. What is happening for you on the inner is closely tied to the pace at which things are proceeding in the outer, and now that there is a new President in place in the United States, the way has been cleared for things to move forward in the outer with much greater speed. We knew this was coming, we prepared for it, and everything that has taken place up until now was done in anticipation of this time arriving.

Many of you are wondering just how you will get from where you are to where you are going in terms of the physical expression involved. All we can tell you at this point in time is that, regardless of one’s linkup status, your progression toward physically expressing in a different frequency band is being taken care of and we are providing the necessary “ingredients” for that to take place. Once again, all you have to do is receive the process as fully as you can. There is nothing else for you to do to make this happen. We have the technology and the skills; your job is simply to allow this to occur.

The first stage involved will be to get those of you who are supposed to “go” at this time on board the ships and from there onto Midway Station in the physical. There are some of you who are supposed to remain on the ground until the actual evacuation takes place, and you will do so. Everyone will be provided for in terms of their script, and in terms of their place within the “op.” In terms of the latter, we would like to mention that job assignments will change for some people at different phases. For example, your Lyara has served as our messenger, the steward for the ground portion of the “op” as a whole, and to some degree an interpreter of the material that we have provided. That function will not be needed in the near term future, so we are actively preparing her for yet another role in which she will take an active part in what is now about to unfold. Because she is one of the people we have mentioned as occupying two bodies in 4D, we are actively preparing her present body to emerge as her second body (Lady Adonna) at this time, because it will be as Lady Adonna that she takes part in the near-term activities leading up to and including the evacuation itself. Lyara does not have a role to play in this phase and therefore will not be prominent until after the evacuation has taken place and the phase leading to colonization is actively underway on Midway Station.

Likewise, there are a number of individuals whose roles do not play a part in the near-term and who are not involved until the colonization preparations are underway. They will remain on the ground at this point in time and be taken up during the evacuation. We would like to remind you that this process is being supported on a galactic scale, and the greatest proportion of the personnel involved are not walking around on the ground in 3D at this time. There are also several species involved that do not appear human to your eyes, which come from several different star systems. You will be acquainted with them further once you are on the ships and on Midway Station. A few of those are on the ground with you now, and receiving information about the forms they will occupy in the intermediate phases. There are two cultures in particular we wish to mention at this time. One are the lion people, some of whom are from Sirius Star System, but who also occupy other star systems in the galaxy. The dragon people will be resurfacing again, as well. These are the survivors from the time when the dragons sought to prevent the reptilians from spreading their domination throughout the galaxy, and in particular with regard to Earth, because it is Earth that will now become Terra and their domination must cease.

To this end, once you are all fully rehabilitated on the ships and on Midway Station, there will be an involvement on the part of the fleets in the eradication of the presence of the reptilians within 3D so that the movement from 3D Earth to 4D Terra can proceed smoothly. This will occur during the period between your disappearance from 3D (this year) and when you return to carry out the evacuation itself. Because of this, some of you will be taking different roles at different times, according to the needs of the time.

Right now, the most immediate need is to get those in the first two waves on board the ships and Midway Station. Once that has occurred, all necessary rehabilitation will take place on board the ships and Midway Station. Those of you who occupy multiple bodies will probably focus on just one of them during that time, and the other body will remain in potential because it does not have an active role to play until later on. This may vary from individual to individual, and we are only speaking in general terms. What this does require on your part is a willingness to be flexible, to let go of any pictures you may have had about what you look like, what forms you may use to express in, and what jobs you may find yourself involved in. Everything has its timing and place in the overall plan, and we are very aware of which needs present in which order. Once again, the greatest help you can give us in moving this forward is to surrender all resistance to any of it.

What we are trying to convey today is that the picture is a dynamic one, and where you begin is not necessarily where you end up. There is some rearrangement going on now, and there will be other rearrangements that take place later on. When we have advised you to “go with the flow,” this was not an idle statement on our part. It is even more critical now that you surrender yourselves fully into the flow of your lives and accept what must be accepted. All things are being provided for in the appropriate ways, in keeping with each person’s script, and this applies to your loved ones as well. You cannot imagine from your present perspective the degree of complexity that is involved, so all we can do is ask for your trust and cooperation in this.

Sometimes change is uncomfortable. The degree of discomfort is directly proportional to the degree of resistance present in an individual. For those who have learned to surrender, the discomfort will be of shorter duration and lesser intensity. For those who have yet to learn surrender, the discomfort will be more uncomfortable. Resistance to any of this will only increase the discomfort associated with it. Some discomfort is inevitable, but is also way of facilitating the release of energies that would impede the process.

Therefore, as emotions arise, we counsel you to allow them to flow through you and out of you with the least resistance possible. There is no way to prevent the necessity of feeling the emotions that are being released as a part of the current process of moving from one condition to another. We are doing all that we can to ease this process for you, but in being among those who volunteered to come into bodies and walk around in the 3D environment, there were certain discomforts that were inherent in doing that, and we are doing our best now to reverse those effects. Now that the elohim activation has taken place, the removal of these remnants of your 3D existence is greatly facilitated, and the rest of the process will take place much more quickly than before. You might want to consider this in terms of giving yourself more time and space to process these experiences, to the degree that your circumstances allow for that.

That is all we have to say for this week. There is a lot of movement underway, and we will be giving you more information each week until this stage is complete. Lyara will continue to serve as our spokesperson for this purpose until this function is no longer needed on her part, at which time she will fully embody her identity as Lady Adonna and take her place with Lord Adir as an active participant in what will follow. She will re-emerge in her Lady Lyara identity when that is relevant to what is occurring at that time, particularly with regard to her relationship with Lord Andronicus and his function with regard to the fleets and their commanders.

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

[Amen, and thank you.]
Hi all! As far as I know, I am in the first evacuation. I was given some of this information before I read the "Operation Terra" post. My 3D life does seem to be wrapping up and I had been told to prepare and let go of everything I know. I will let you know if this happens as I expect it to.
Love, Devimariamne
My birthday is on the 29th, i might be too lifted already...
I was part of OperationTerra for several years (2002-2008) and at that time believed the "messages" were given to us by the Heavenly Hosts, meaning Christ's angels. In 2005 when Lyara expected to be taken (ascend into 4D), she asked me to follow up with her next door neighbor and confirm what had happened, and then inform the other OT members using the website "forums" where we interacted. She told me in a telephone call in mid 2005 that if she was not taken, it would call everything she had said, including the messages, into question. She added that she would close down OT and move on with her life. I don't know why, but what she said added impetus to my faith that she would indeed ascend (my own ascension was to follow several months later), but my faith was misplaced. The reason I am writing this is to sound a warning to everyone who reads this that I have struggled for years to resolve how I came to follow a false teacher and ignore the teachings of Christ. People have said that Lyara is a false prophet, but I disagree. Remember that Jesus (Yeshua is His true name as it was known to the disciples) said no one should add anything to, or subtract anything from, his words. Channelled "messages" are a teaching from a source (but NOT God) that add to the words of Christ, meaning they violate HIS teaching. Sara Estes does not prophecy, she brings new material, thus she is a false teacher. This causes harm in two ways. It distorts what Jesus/Yeshua taught and misleads people into believing falsehoods, and/or it distracts from what Jesus/Yeshua taught and misleads people into ignoring his commandments. Both are a dangerous consequence of believing a false teacher. The email exchange between Lyara and myself that I conveyed earlier (in an OT book review at Amazon) was to show that Lyara is fixated on money, not the truth. In telephone conversations with Lyara, she reminded me of her ability to give "readings" (which I had been led by the Holy Spirit to decline), and said more than once that she was a documented genius, but never anything about the love of God's Son, Jesus Christ, HIS mission, or what He accomplished as our Messiah. The Bible warns that in the last days there will be many false teachers (2 Peter 2:1-3), and that people will have "itching" ears, wanting to hear new "truths" while ignoring the already revealed Truth of Jesus Christ. The problem with "OT messages" is not so much what they DO say but what they do NOT say. They do not glorify YHWH, The Creator, or Jesus, His Son, nor do they convey his teachings, but are rather a tale of half truths and lies that form a distraction to the revealed Truth of our Creator.

If you are wise, you will reject all channeled messages and accept that everything you need is contained in the words of Jesus. The only "end time" revelation is that which the Holy Spirit (whom Jesus/Yeshua promised to leave with us as a teacher when he ascended), gives to each of us through His holy Word. I was in error to believe that Lyara (now "Adonna") was receiving communication directly from God or that the "messages" were a revelation from the Heavenly Host. It's ALL a lie.

During the time I was deluded by the same spirit which deludes "Adonna/Lyara/Sara" now, I had a visitation by the darkest and most evil entity one can imagine. It appeared next to my bed one night, so black that it was featureless, and the feeling of terror and oppression were so great that I could not breath in its presence. I had never had such experiences before involvement with "OT," and now I know why. Jesus warned us to take heed that the light of our beliefs are not, in fact, darkness. I give thanks to the Lord for bringing me back to Himself and HIS word.

"Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, and not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God." -Colossians 2:18-19

"Rather, let our lives lovingly express truth [in all things, speaking truly, dealing truly, living truly]. Enfolded in love, let us grow up in every way and in all things into Him Who is the Head, [even] Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One). Ephesians 4: 15

"Therefore, rejecting all falsity and being done now with it, let everyone express the truth with his neighbor, for we are all parts of one body and members one of another." Ephesians 4: 25
Tom, you are listening to demonic entities that have become so prevalent on this planet that their thoughts becomes ours without us realizing it. Lyara is herself a student of demonology as a result of channeling, and I personally experienced false signs (more than any other person in OT I would argue) including waking signs and signs while asleep. None of it was of God. The coptic and other ancient writings are too diverse for the Romans to have manipulated scripture in the way that you suggest. If you want to see the science of scholarship at work, look up "Keith Truth" on Utube and listen to the Way it really is. He is also releasing a vid called "Aquarius...the Age of Evil" sometime later this month. At least see what you think when this is available.
Cool Michellin........
...otherwise I am confused about so many contradictory messages.... don't know what to believe anymore! Back to basics for me and have been for a while now. By basics I mean that I reaffirm what I do believe/know, which is the loving-kindness-grace-compassion-forgiveness-joy-patience-understanding...of the universal father of all that is and the brotherhood of man and the son/daughtership of all his children...that I am loved eternally.!! I believe in the mystery of this eternal god living in me and that he has all things under his command and control in the final instance.
Reading the Urantia book has clarified and enlightened a lot, what an amazing book......
In love!
Hi all. Interesting, Devi. Perhaps this be my case as well. Some indications also. Who knows.
For those not familiar with these messages, this is the third time the lifting is predicted.
The first was end 2002/beginning 2003, then Aug-Dec. 2005, and now these predictions.
Will we finally see the Evacuation begins, as predicted in Ashtar Command books, such as
Project World Evacuation (1982) by Tuella and The Crystal Stair (1990) by Eric Klein ?
Or it will be another failed attempt ? We´ll see soon.

It is interesting to note also that this prediction is somewhat similar to Mikael´s
message ( The Archangel ) through Autres Dimensions website, which I have posted
in this same section.

Therefore, two confirmations from distinct sources.

Since here is an Ashtar Command´s board, I think that these events are familiar to most,
and being expected for a long time. Will be this time ? Soon we will know.

Surprisenly enough, it seems that no message from Ashtar Command on this subject
appeared yet. Who knows Heavenly´s strategy. Ashtar rarely is sending messages now.
And never touching this subject, just generalities.

Love and Light for all.
A beautiful brazilian song, " Planeta Sonho " ( Planet Dream )

" The planet calm will be Terra
" The planet dream will be Terra

Flávio Venturini(14 bis) - Planeta Sonho

( I am not familiar with this ship´s board control panel to put Youtube picture
therefore goes just the link he he... )
Don´t forget to click the back button after hearing to come back to
Ashtar Command Crew ship he he....
Tom, I agree. Particularly, I don´t believe that the liftings, if indeed happen, will be in these given dates,
because this is a somewhat secret information, I take these dates just as a close indication of the real

Sanne: since this is an Ashtar Command board, I think that the levitation into the
space ships isn´t a foreign subject here, since it was treated in Ashtar Command books.
It is true that Ashtar messages became scarce in these past years, and the levitation
rarely is mentioned. Coupled with this, most of channelings in this period offer a more
" sugar coated " version of the Ascension, just a rising of vibrations, etc, and never
mentioning the lifting into the ships.

Indeed, the elevation of vibration is happening for those in the process, and even for Earth as a whole,
of course this doesn´t mean that all the population are ascending with the planet, just those who are accepting these new energies in their bodies and willing to be better persons, those who are in the opposite path are experiencing more and more of their chosen path, and becoming more evil each passing day, we see this everyday in the news.

This rises an important question: has anything changed in the Ascension process ?
No more lifting into the ships as mentioned in the past, and when I say past, I mean a
very distant past, since the liftings are mentioned already in the Bible, Mathew and Luke
for instance, the Day of the Son of Man, one will be taken, another left behind.
Also Paul, " some of us will not die but will meet the Lord in the air " ( quoting from memory ).

This is something to ponder.

Or the Ascension messages are being " sugar coated " lately because Lightworkers aren´t
accepting the lifting into the ships ? Are Lightworkers being treated like children, because this
is the only way possible, otherwise they would be in fear ? Could be this the reason for
the lifting not being mentioned anymore in the messages, except in some obscure and little
known sources such as Operation Terra ?

I don´t guide myself just by the messages, I have also my experience with the fleets of
Ashtar Command in dreams, and the Evacuation scenario is what has been shown to me.

Love and Light,
Namaste' I cannot say that I am aware of any set time for these events but if they are coming as soon as stated, so be it... I look forward to participating and seeing this through. I do give a lot of weight to this as I have been having more and more vivid dreams relating to these very events recently. for years I have had dreams and/or OBEs where I am flying different types of crafts and almost always they relate in some way to mass evacuations. My wife has had many dreams of the same evacuations, however, her role was guiding/assisting groups of people through the experience of being taken aboard, I see it as quite possible that her and I could be working closely together during this time. I sincerely hope that this event will take place in the very near future! I feel prepared spiritually, physically, mentally and energetically... I look forward to working with all of you and our cosmic families! Love to you all....



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