On Isolation and Seclusion

I have not, in the past, shared the material I am given unless so instructed by my sources.  I think I have finally found an area where I can share without concern.  This information was given to me in 2007 while I was going through a period of Isolation and meeting - in this format - those guides and teachers that had been with me for a very long time.  I had finally reached a point in life where I not only could hear them clearly but could feel the presence of their energies and recognize each one of them as individuals - though seldom by name.  I never asked and when some names were given - I wondered if I was making them up.  It was easier not to ask. 

I probably would not have shared this with you now except for the post "Spirit Speak".  It seems appropriate in light of that particular transmission - if only for validation - which we do not require, but some of you may.

At one point in time I was asked to pass a message on to everyone in my e-mail accounts.  I did with some trepidation and lost a few contacts - but they are back now.

The words you are about to read were transmitted to me by the Members of the Rehabilitative Force of the Sirian High Council.  If you have not heard of them...well....I had not either until they began talking to me:).

"There are times that the Universal energies conspire to bring us to a place in our lives where we are faced with choices we never considered before.  Whether this is by choice or design may be debated by any one of us who find ourselves isolated from the outside world.  Seclusion is not by design nor is it by a conspiratory attitude of those that give us guidance along the way.  Life consists of one choice placed on the top of a second choice ad infinitum throughout the lives of those of us that live out our tiny little lives in search of the truths that lie hidden just behind the next corner.

Joy or sadness is one choice.  In the company of others or journeying alone.  There is a second choice but is it required that one overrides the other and can there be a compromise found – and in truth – are we willing to make that compromise or will we chose to stand firm with one continually overriding the other?

Seclusion is of choice.  Isolation is choice also but it may not be one of ours but rather those of others around us.  Are we lonely – sometimes.  Are we alone – No – we are not of a temperament to find ourselves entirely alone.  Isolation creates in the mind a sense of failing to promote ourselves in such a manner that others can identify and connect with our very souls.  That is not in the cards for those that devote their entire existences to providing consoling works and assisting those others that are isolated from their own humanity by choices that set them into the spaces in which each suffers the pangs of remorse and regret for that which they cannot conceive themselves of being worthy of.  Jointly there is the existence of other forces that do conspire to set one apart from another and if those choices are acknowledged and let be with no regrets there will come peace to the souls of those that cling to outmoded means of travelling and communicating to other places with other beings that have also chosen to release all ties with their outer beings.  It is in the souls of these is found that empathy of loving energies lost in the humdrum lives that they find themselves in at these times.

Joining with others is not the way of the Lightworkers of the Rehabilitating Force.  It is in these the choices to give to the ethers all the loving intentions that would preclude oneself from choosing one being  over all beings.  We choose to be with these ones as it is well indicated there is within these that ability to choose to walk the path of life in the company of the angels and the guides that will indeed give the being a sense of connecting the body and the soul with all that is being outlined in the ethers.

As we find there are those to whom there is an affinity of thought and deed so these ones join forces in the ethers and not in the physical.  Loving beings will choose one self over the selves of those with whom there is found not to exist an alignment of choices and different sources of information.  When there is found a quiet space within there will be also found that connectivity to all beings and therein lies the power of choice.

To choose one over all is not the way of those of our choosing.  Unless there is a connection that for all intents and purposes creates within each being the KNOWING of a connection regarding alignment in the processes of induction there can be no true alignment in the physical body as well.

We chose to appear in these times to promote the words of the Lord of all Lights in order that others can feel the sensations of love between all beings and all races and to that end it is not in the interests of any to elude the path of destruction, enlightenment and then will come their resurrection of all that are choosing at this time to be available to the words of the Sirian High Council.  Join us as we also traverse the many paths that are lying open in front of the ones that are willing co-conspirators in the salvation of those souls that teeter on the brinks of choice.  To be of assistance to the human condition and be of succouring to the souls that find themselves stranded in places dark and grim.  To give light and love to those that have none and to choose those beings that are lost in the spaces between worlds.  There are in these the ability to choose to be of assistance or to walk away and it is not in the walking will come the relief of those souls that are choosing to seek the help of others.

However it is wise to be aware there are also those that choose to close the eyes and the ears to the words and the entreaties of those that accompany them alongside the paths in which they also must of choice take one or the other – the light is blinding in its power and there are the frightened ones of the belief there is not for them the time or the space allowed for their entering those spaces.

Just as we find there is power in the words there remains the choice of realizing that power of the wordings or not.  It is not in the power of the writer to advise each which choice might be made for the health of the bodies and the souls. 

Justin is the guide that provides the ability to perceive that energy as each word of those characters are read.  If there are doubts there will be a turning away from these and the lady is not in the frame of mind to allow such to occur.  Find a place within these rooms where you can sit and choose to listen to the whispers that we are constantly placing in thoughts of loneliness as it is in those whispers will also be found the solutions of the lives that lie in wait."

I do not edit the words.  Each person that reads must interpret what is said in their own way.  By editing there is the chance I may change the meaning somewhat - and that is not my goal.  Thank you

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