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This very well may be for me the clearest, most rational, spiritual, heart centred view of what has been and is happening on our Earth....

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Lori Scott Kaiser

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  • 8114552053?profile=original Lori we are returning to being Trinary Beings not Binary. Men are Not from Mars and Girls are not from Venus always fighting. Returning the Love we return the real Yellow Brick Road to find the Pearl of Great Price as we have been told. The Oyster loves the grit to death and transmutes it into the beauty of the Pearl which we learn to do in loving foregiveness and acceptance of All That Is. Prime Creator and Prime Creatrix the Queen off the Chess Board Our Cosmic Mother and Archetype of All Femininty. Blessings love Joy Balance Harmony Grace kingjeff

  •  Lori just a bit more information which we have all just blissfully sailed through while those who are in tune spiritually are yet to report. Yes there are many Psychic Channels and you have to sift through that. I have just listened to that Radio Chat which was accurate but dismissive of 12/12/12 as they were unaware of the info and unaware that we are all changed forever as a result of that sequence of events which from my knowledge and Intuition I share once more with you all.

     12/12/12 famously 12 days before Christmas which it has been for the last 26,000 years. The Earth has moved into the Galactic Equator and is being bombarded with much higher frequencies. Our 12 strand DNA was severed around 100,000 years ago and how and when will be told by another. So we have been living with a 3 strand DNA while those indigenous native peoples have been targeted because they maintain their Connections to Source Energy. On the 12/12/2012 was the start of a download for 9 days activating the Atomic Diamond God Cell seeded in us at birth before incarnation which harmonizes with the Macro Multidimensional All That Is Heart Stargate Matrix. Over those 9 days we were recharged and rebooted for the Golden Age. On the 21/12/12 the 12 Strand DNA was switched on and for the next 72 hours there was a massive adjustment purge and cleansing. The Tibetan Lamas said there would be ghosts, the Bible the Day of the Lord when all are burnt up an who could stand. So we have high frequencies now in charge and there is no turning back for we have all changed. Which brings us to Christmas Eve and December 25 when our Sun aligns with Alcyone Our Central Sun for the first time in 26,000 years and there has been Avatars every 2,000 years to Earth Jesus being the last one. This is also the beginning of the Aquarius age on Dec 25 which brings me to my next intuitive insight. Astrology  Pisces  ruler of 2 Planets 2 Elements Feminine and Aquarius also Ruler of 2 Planets 2 Elements and masculine Etherically Aquarius impregnates Pisces and the Offspring is Leo the 5 Pointed Star 5 Elements being The Golden Child presaged by Walt Disney and the Lion King announcing the New Golden Age which is everyone on the Planet as Mother Gaia has just birthed us All when we awaken to it and start to form new Habits of Loving Living and Being. Blessings Love Joy Balance Harmony Grace kingjeff

    • :))


  •  As has been said through me for some time to members on Ashtar Command "May a trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles erupt from Your Heart blessing and healing all that you come in touch with 24/7 leaving behind a gift of your very special unique perfume. A contact in Norway said "Kingjeff what is this perfume filling my room " I replied, "Thank you for this confirmation as I was prompted to send out this blessing and so Lori I share it with you." Cheers Love Joy Balance Harmony Grace kingjeff8113717284?profile=original

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