New Energies

You all can believe in what I am going to say, or not. But when I am right, maybe then something will click inside your head.

In the higher dimensions, I work within the actual Galactic Federation, or though there I think they call it the Galactic Coucil there. Let me explain a little on how the Council works.

Members of the council (planets or systems) are split into 4 distinct divisions/specialities. Now a planet or system will have a 'speciality' which determines which 'division' they sit in. Obviously there are some that don't specialise in one of the four divisions, so they sit on councils with other planets/systems without specialities. The most well rounded councils have all 4 specialities sitting in them. When you read these, you might feel a resonance with some of these descriptions, that is probably because you come from such a planet or system. If you don't, thats not a problem at all, it probably means that you come from a planet that hasn't dedicated itself to just one ideal. There are:

Guardians: The name is self explanatory, this is the physical force side of things. Sadly the universe isn't made up of beings with the best intensions, and many try and take advantage of systems who are not as powerful as they are. The guardians are there to protect the beings that cannot necessarily protect themselves. Many of the starseeds sent here come from planets that deplore violence, which is why this may sound strange/wrong to you. But trust me on this.

Talking doesn't work all the time. It is naive to think the higher dimensions don't contain bad elements. It is peaceful in the higher dimensions, not totally though, just peaceful compared to the Earth. Sometimes strongarms are needed.

Guardians sit on the council because it is their job to ensure peace and safety. You might think that they would answer to the 'more evolved beings' or something, but the guardians spirituality is a different kind. Just because they carry weapons and know how to use them doesn't mean that they are any less evolved than anyone else. Many of you may not agree, living by the sword as something dark and evil, but they see not being able to defend yourself as pretty idiotic. Give and take.

Resource: Planets who are resource planets specialise in information. All  information, and I really mean all. Resource planets are covered in libraries. It may sound strange that there would be such a imporatance placed on information, but resource is very important because it effects everything. The simplest way to put things is resource planets are like the computers. You have to do everything the round about way and sometimes not even get what you wanted, or use the assitance of a resource planet. You could describe them as librarians, but they are also somewhat like seers.

My sister on this planet comes a resource planet, I from a guardian. Our planets have an alliance, they provide us with information, we provide them with protection, but that is an oversimplification. We also provide them with transportation because they don't have their own ships for some reason, which I find weird.

Counters: I don't think this is the right name, but it was the one I was given for them. Counters are the builders, the creators. Well they have the capability to create. I think the best way to describe them is as 'all-rounders'. They are good at many different things, and I believe there are sub-categories of counters, like space farers and inventors. They deplore violence, and it is from where some of you come from. 

Spiritual: This is the division I know the least about, for which I apologise. These planets/systems are wholly dedicated to spirituality, peace and keeping the universe in balance. These beings are very wise, the ones in charge anyway. I believe many of you also come from these kinds of planets/systems. I think the ascended masters belong to/stay within them.

I tried to explain things simply and quickly as I can, but as you can see the whole thing is very large and complicated. Even in the higher dimensions I get the feeling that it still manages to boggle my mind. You probably have more questions than answers. I also feel that I have gone wholly off point -___-

But here is what I am trying to say. I work within the one of the councils, I am an advisor. I get told every now and again what has been decided and what is happening. The Earth has representatives in the councils, but all matters concerning the Earth are decided by the Galactic Council.

There are new energies coming to this Earth, but they won't bring as big a change as some of you may have been hoping. I believe they have decided to have the energy come in increments, as opposed to one big wave. But some change is better than no change. I am hoping the new energy will have a snow ball affect.

I will not tell you what changed and why, you can ask your own guides, and they can choose to tell you or not. Plus you probably won't believe me. There won't be any mass landings or first contact for a while, if they didn't come during WW2 they wouldn't now. Things in Africa have been as bad as they are now as they ever were, and they didn't land. Just because all of a sudden the 1st world countries are seeing the rough side of life does not mean they will come down to end it, you aren't special. You have an interenet connection, some people dont' have clean water.


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  • I agree :)

    I was saying that things aren't going to happen the way that some people are saying. Its like growing a tree, it won't happen suddenly.

  • Apply cold water to burn area :)

  • Interesting information indeed. I will ponder on this.  Makes as much sense as anything about what is happening here on this planet.  I had hoped for but did not believe that intervention as spoken of here often is going to happen.  I just have this gut feeling that we have a lot of things wrong as far as information about ascention and the upcoming changes so I am more than eager to read anything with any new insights and as everything I hear and read I run it through my discernment before embracing anything is valid.  Your information is more in line with my personal beliefs that there are not so benenvolent beings even in the higher dimensions and that people should be aware of that, that after 3D is not all love and light and that people should be discerning and wary and not assume anything and put blinders on, and your speaking about about nonintervention also resonates with me quite a bit....Intervention scenarios seemed to be not quite right to me and I am extremely wary about where so called help might actually be coming from if it did occur.  I thank you for sharing this with us. 

    • It was a pleasure Marique. I think if people tried listening to their intuition then they will start to see things as they are, as opposed to how thet hope they will. And things will become a bit clearer for them. It isn't really my job to show people the way, or anyones job really, but I felt like I should at least share a little.

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