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We should never close our eyes to the fact that the New Age Movement is completely created and orginazed by certain secret organizations, very highly respectable people and governments

The million dollar question is how far into the future will "New Age" reach and how long or what dead end street will it lead future generations as the new guiding light from early old time religions?

Why do we feel such things in our heart, mind and soul that I am a starseed, or come from another star system?  The quick answer is that they have been inplanted into your brain!

But you will have to find the answers for yourself, for only then will this become your truth, that New Age is not what it's meant to be. All I can do is to present a few markers or signs, if you desire to follow I can assure that you will begin to find the right answers for yourself.  So let us begin.


1). The New Age Movement is a multi billion dollar business.  Governments have choosen people to promote their own agenda by using people who they know are deceiving others. This is how 50 years of research looks for the CIA who have done their homework! (notice the advertisments and people's faces used, some will see right away that there is a scandal)

2). A whole business was made of the New Age to the slave community. As books and items were created for those searching for truth, the self-appointed ‘enlightened ones’ who were ‘in the know’ manipulated the spiritual ideologies in order to hide many of their mind control realities.(recorded message in english)

3).  People are divided by all religions including the New Age Religion, the Space Age Religion and the Lord Of The Rings Religion. The only ones who have their names on documents regarding the New World Order and its agenda were conceived and born the same way as everybody else.

4).  The purpose of psychological warfare is to conquer a people so that they never resist your domination. New Agers have been programmed the same way into believing that nothing is real and everything’s an illusion. Some of the greatest educated minds have been use against us!(rather long video, but worth every second you spend listening)

5). The New Age Movement "Religions" promoted from the "Top" like all old religions!  You must play the game, and you must play freely the idea of New Age Religions. We must choose which side we will continue to serve.

In conclusion, the CIA certainly did not "invent" the New Age movement because its historical origins are in the Theosophical Society, teachings of Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Alice Bailey.

The major fact is that the CIA saw an opportunity to maintain control on a fading religious faith was simply a cleaver way to draw in million of "NEW BELIEVERS" into a mind control program of people who previously expressed no interest in old time religions. 

Since its inception in 1947, CIA has been steeped in its occultism, instituted many programs and black operations which employ and promote New Age doctrines and corresponding propaganda.

Be Aware,

Comdr LightSpeed

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OMG the play play button (triangle) is covering her right eye.  Illuminati!

Teal Scott radiates divine wisdom, insight, and unconditional love to the masses through her teachings in an effort to assist humanity in the healing/awakening process... If she's an "Illuminati" maybe they're not so bad after all!

I am not sure Feather that just because some people believe that the new age movement has been created with a not so good intent and question the origins of the movement, that it proves, as you say, that someone is not meditating enough!  Kind of a sweeping statement I think.  I like it that you can think for yourself but that does not mean that every one that does not have your viewpoint are superficial and do not meditate enough.  I do not feel that way at all and your attitude kind of points out something that actually adds to CL's premise.  It is that attitude of condescending on people who do not hold your beliefs is, in a way, trying to be controlling... which is what he is speaking about as part of the movement's characteristics...The attitude that "if you do not think like me then you must be having superficial conclusions or not meditating enough"....I find that a bit hard to embrace.  Just saying.   

New Age is atacked by the cabal and this artikel is proof of this smearcampaign.

Thanks Lightspeed...for this perspective...

"New Age" is Simply a word from my point of view =)
We all choose what is old and what is new, but its all really NOW that matters.
We have the power "NOW" to feel empowered rather than "confused".

There are so many choices within this world. The outer world will not always empower us, as its a "stage"
where all peoples unconscious fears "plays themself out". Alot of fear is "used" to
get people to buy things and feel unworthy.

The source of peace and joy is within the choice of "letting go" and do everything with an intent of Love, to the best of your ability.
As we focus on what we want to feel and give to others, it will make itself known,
in many forms, which will empower more and more, almost like a ripple effect.

Getting "stuck" in an outer reality of whats true, whats new and whats old is limiting our
Freedom of Being and expansion of Joy.
Everything is there NOW, its all about what we put our focus on.
Like a radio, we choose with our heart-intent, what radio station we listen to, and our feelings
will give guidance. ALWAYS be aware of what your feelings are telling you...

Thanks once again.


Train your mind and your thoughts everyday, you are empowered!


........and I thought that certain aspects of new age movement are about self empowerment , which CIA and/or Cabal would never promote...............

I think new age is about self empowerment to many but many aspects of the movement are kind of controlling...Like certain groups believe in the good aliens to the rescue scenario while others do not and get raked over the coals for their lack of belief in that, have seen that on this and many other sites...That is where the controls start to squeeze...when you do not go along with the general concensus of the information being given out....that is where things start to get tricky....and of course the CIA and the PTB love it when there is division of belief and they love it when philosophies are treated like an unquestionable "religion" because that is what has held people in tow and controlled since the beginning of time.  Just my observations on how people have been treated here by many when they posed questions and doubts about the GLF being the good guys...Division happens and when it does that is where people step up to the plate to try to control or bully others whose beliefs differ...That is just one very small example of what I am talking about.... 

very true on many things Marique...............I think many folks misunderstand new age believes of self empowerment and UFO / galactic federation buffs believing that good aliens will save them at the 11th hr. point being that Cabal infiltrated both movements but I think that confussion was planted more into ufo buffs.

Any U.S. "new age" movement that does not or never addresses the extreme atrocities of the U.S. government or areas of the U.S. government proven to be controversial via verbatim and declassification (ESPECIALLY INVOLVING THE C.I.A.) is immediately suspect as being a sponsored government front, especially if such a group addresses the use of violence and destruction as a means for solution.

"Conspiracy" is a term and tactic that can be used to steer people away from the truth or presented information, similar to the use of labeling tactics via words like "racism" and "mental illness."  If one presents facts or information that challenge the status quo and can't be counter-challenged, then the usual response from the status quo is to call such information "conspiracy" and the presenters of such facts or information "conspiracy theorists" or "racists" or "mentally ill" as counter-arguments to the information presented.

Address the facts or information with facts and information. Otherwise, if the truth hurts, quietly admit it and move on. 

LightSeed, you are point on… this is only one area, in this 100 % deception on this planet.   “You are in the world but not of it”  

No matter what label is given 100 per is still of this world , the avatar you are in is of this world, including all your senses only watch, see, touch, smell, taste for this world, YOU on the other hand looking out threw the windows of the eyes looks upon 100 % of this world.

So how do you get to know this being that is in you and not of this world..   All the trillions of billions of words in any language is of this world.  This thing that is in the world but not of it?  It doesn’t exist as any part of this world and can not be explained by it.   Or ever will..  But yet with out this not of this world was not in you,, you would collapse into a big pile of goo. 

All things of this world (deception) is infacto keeping us separate from this knowledge of what is not,, but in you. 

Its also not our thinking, for all of our thinking is 100% feed to us from birth of this world.  And the controllers do not want any one to find this simple truth…

You are not a car,, yet you step into one and drive it around, while your in the car you are not the car yet your in the car,  when you step out of the car and walk away into the house ,, are you now the house, like you were when you were in the car?  Of course not, you are you with out the car or the house or the planet or this world. 

Yet 100 % of 100% of this world dose not want you to find this out.   Your immortality , life force, being, spirit, what ever label used is not of this mortal world.   

Eternal bliss, love, light, star seed, self, soul, label of your choosing, is only for this worlds senses to express, what is perfection before entering this car, while its driving this car and after It leave this car.  It didn’t need a car to exist, but its here now.   The brain is of this physical world not what came into it, to guide it, experience this world. And is perfection when it leave the senses and the mind behind.

Hence not of this world, so to confuse the matter even further the controller’s add religion, beliefs, dogmas, practices that keep the slavery to this world of deceptions. 100%

When that still small voice talks to you and you know its not your brains thinking or doing. Not of this world, peace beyond all understanding washes over you. And you know that you know its not this body or brain..  Man has called that god..  And then the world take over and we loose it once again in New age, religions, thoughts, or thinking it can be explained by words of this 100% world..  It can not. Or ever will,  “ I AM”  is present in you but not of you.. We are not the car we drive or the house we live in..  Or we could just say like Christ did, I am my father and my father is me.    Or you are what you have always been looking for --- out here in this 100 % deception,,  you are the light of  eternal existence with out end or beginning.  And there is nothing to be done.   What can you add or take away from God.. Nothing,,  and you are it.  Not of this world..


Wonderfully said John.  I can't add a thing.  It all resonates with me, and what CL said also resonates with my feelings about a lot of the new age things, things I have questioned and pointed out repeatedly...about the motives behind things in the movement and comparing it to I always have.....What Ben said resonates with my feelings too and Malcolm has some good points too....add it all together....brush strokes on a big canvas, the end artwork painting open to interpretation.  Excellent discussion....

I feel that your premise is one that I have thought about often.  Well presented and one that I feel resonates with me to a certain degree, and many of these points I have made in the past.  Thank you for sharing.



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