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Some further evidence from experts and witnesses, that proves MH17 was attacked by a Ukrainian airforce (US allied) air-to-air missile and finished off, downing the plane, with machine gun fire to the pilot's cockpit and other areas of the fusilage...


These facts prove that the Kiev junta, backed by both the USA and EU, is criminal and completely underscores the truth, I have asserted since the event, that Russia was not to blame, nor the so-called separtists, in east Ukraine...

The whole event was staged by the west, using nazis in the Kiev junta, to cause WW3....But, that evil scheme is exposed here, for all to see...

If the State of Russia wants to claim that their version of what happened is the right one, it may be prudent of them to release the satellite-photos they say they have and that SHOWS this ukrainian fighter jet shooting at that plane.

Until then, all we have is speculation and insinuation from Putler Jugend, which is not even worth the state sponsored paper it's being presented in. ;)

Acute Observer...I will not tolerate your unwelcome linkage between Putin and Hitler, on my discussions..."Putler Jugend" is a smeer on the good character of the Russian Federation President, which is not something I will allow to be taken lightly here...

You were warned and can now expect consequences...

Well friends, a bit off-topic, but there was no "Russian submarine" off Swedish waters, recently, aka "Red October."

Maybe what they saw was a USO, or Nessie...?? ;-) See this vid.


So now.. Russia's good and America's bad? is this the gist?

I'm tryin to keep up with the latest lightworkings going on lol

No I'm not suggesting your simplified version of geo-politix, but what I'm stating is that currently, there are several dark governments running certain countries and attempting to provoke world and regional conflicts, on behalf of the cabal...The GFL possess earth allies in power among a counter-movement to this strategy and you know them as the BRICS, Russia included...


There are individual earth allies in western countries, but they have not, as yet (pre-NESARA phase) taken power from the dark in the USA and UK, in particular...


The US constitution is fully supported by the GFL, BUT not being adhered to in corporate Amerika, as we see with many examples...Police state, austerity measures, inequality, imploding systemic crisis, failing economy, military expenditure and deployment excess, imperial foreign policy, massive debt, etc...


Russia does not CURRENTLY count among the countries under dark governance and has made much progress for the light, and thus has become a prime target....

It is also a country heavily influence now by it's own soul ray, which is in alignment with cosmic impulse....thus of maximum moment, for the Divine Plan.


This whole historical unfoldment is being supervised by Master Saint Germain (aka Master R,) the Mahachohan, or Lord of Civillisation...It's complex I agree, but that is why I'm here...To aid in the plan's comprehension and implementation.

No I'm not suggesting your simplified version of geo-politix

 I'm just wondering why you always put Putin on a pedestal.. is this geo-politics?

Your on here everyday doing this lol..

Your statement about my frequency of postings is in error and it is easily provable to check, that I do not actually post on ACC; "every day." Indeed I'm here on and off, sometimes with a gap of several days in between visits....sometimes I visit on consequtive days for a while, then off for a bit....I'm very busy offsite, so do not have the time to be here every day, as you seem to want to believe.


As for Putin, he is one among many Earth Allies, in the sphere of global politics and so is a salient target for the unwarranted slanders of his enemies, far more than those many Earth Allies in the west, who serve in secret..among those billionaire members within secret sacred societies of the Light. Or those many in military/intel spheres, or wealthy financiers, or legal experts who are little known. Putin is far more salient, or prominent and is doing good work to keep the global and regional peace, yet is heavily maligned by the dark cabal for putting peace spokes in their geo-political plans to trigger wars. Remember Syria and Ukraine..?. It is therefore important that we protect him in several of which is to protect the truth about him, from being distorted. Putin is a symbol of his nation in many ways and his nation currently serves our lighted cause of planetary transformation, leading to mass ascension in the Light Chambers.



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