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Kiev Nazi's call Russians "subhuman".

Sirian GFL Flight Crew "opposite number;" Jschwjsch Vashtar, awarded my commandership over an English sector in 2006. My promotion to Colonel was a recent promotion, from my prior rank of Lieutenant Colonel....Now that I'm a full Colonel I feel the right to display it on the messages.


Cultural remnants of the ancient Lemurian tongue, have indeed left linguistic similarities among pacific rim cultures, such as Indonesia.. The Lemurians colonised earth some 900,000 years ago....

It should be no surprise that humanoid ETs and terrestrials have a common ancestorial and cultural heritage....That culture has become vastly divergent in some areas, diluted in others and more strikingly similar in others, still...


In Europe, you will note Plejares star cluster languages have similarities to spoken and written German.


One thing that many earth humans do not realise, is that they are genetically and spiritually linked to cosmos....

Thus you will find traces of these truths in many areas. Including languages.


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")




all this needs to stop their has already been enough lives lost and damage done why cant the cabal just quit with the hate and violence enough is enough humanity has gone through enough suffering along with planet earth will this ever end

Justin22:  The cabal's purpose is to KILL and KILL and KILL and KILL.  They live off of pain and suffering.

yes its a shame they have been doing this to us for thousands of years

Notice how the U.S.A. has suddenly been silent with this incident. Does this mean that the days of the Federal Reserve are numbered with the BRIC bank established by Brazil, Russia, India, and China? 

Yes indeed Malcolm.....The recent creation of a "BRICS Bank" is another dark motive for punishing Russia.....The Anglo-Amerikan Cabalists are foaming at the mouth about it...It potentially overshadows the IMF and Fed....

The plane was also directed to a route north of the usual flight corridor.

And Kiev airport control mysteriously instructed a lower altitude, than would be advisable over a war zone....

To set the plane up for attack...


The Ukrainian airforce pilot was a hater of all things Russian....Similarities between the Russian flag and the livery upon Malaysian airlines, was like a rag to a bull.....In spite of the word "Malaysia."

Malaysia Airlines' communications has come under scrutiny

Flag of Russia.svg

speaking of the ukraine just saw an article from the rt that nato admits that kiev used ballistic missles in eastern ukraine what im wondering is why they are admitting what they did wouldnt that just ruin part of the cabals plans or is their something else to this ill post the article on here

 the bbc would never try and report this same with fox and cnn and you know what cabal 


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