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Ladies and gentle man,,,,,,,,,,,, A simple way that you can find at the organic store, that is not toxic to lighten your hair color for summer and spring beauty.

Clean your hair first , for better result , to remove hair spray,gel and other product. 

:Lighten your hair blonde or light brown natural.......... with out toxic.

I did a long research and share you all the ingredient. 

Because i am lighten my hair this month, before I will henna red on my hair.

This month is the first time, i started henna hair color 

none toxic, nothing harming your brain with cancer and other illness

Read picture, simple recipe



1-2 cup water

1-2 tea bags Chamomile 

(Chamomile tea used relax before meditation or before bed.)

mixed in bowl


1 lime or lemon, 

1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

let a cool to warm

put inside spray bottle


Process take 1-3 days, or 2 week, depend lightness, 

be in the sun 30 min to hour daily or longer. depend, yes you can keep spraying throw out day

longest it is sunny and hot days.



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you welcome!! 

Super strength lighten 1 lime, 2 lemon , 2 teabag Chamomile 2 cup water...... Take few weeks, few days depend lightness, do not do this every day, spend a few days each week. may damage you hair, Always deep condition.


Super strength treatment , My hair orange....... darn i look like carrot....... I am process lighten almost blonde to die henna red on my hair..........The super strength treatment work faster, First recipe i post above, is for blonde highlight. i went extreme rout . lol 

Other way to lighten in sun, coconut oil or olive oil. Or mixing 1 grapefruit, 1 lemon, 1 lime, and natural oil, into a spray bottle.

Hot summer sun works! 

Over night high lighten, smell good .Cinnamon and Olive oil and vinegar, honey, grapefruit over night treatment.............. Plus honey and conditioner, safe daily take 12 more time brighter hair glow or 4-5 days start seeing result.


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