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Ladies and gentle man,,,,,,,,,,,, A simple way that you can find at the organic store, that is not toxic to lighten your hair color for summer and spring beauty.

Clean your hair first , for better result , to remove hair spray,gel and other product. 

:Lighten your hair blonde or light brown natural.......... with out toxic.

I did a long research and share you all the ingredient. 

Because i am lighten my hair this month, before I will henna red on my hair.

This month is the first time, i started henna hair color 

none toxic, nothing harming your brain with cancer and other illness

Read picture, simple recipe



1-2 cup water

1-2 tea bags Chamomile 

(Chamomile tea used relax before meditation or before bed.)

mixed in bowl


1 lime or lemon, 

1 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

let a cool to warm

put inside spray bottle


Process take 1-3 days, or 2 week, depend lightness, 

be in the sun 30 min to hour daily or longer. depend, yes you can keep spraying throw out day

longest it is sunny and hot days.



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i need to color my hair light on root, to get the henna red color  bright red, my real color is med to dark brown............ lucky you, blonde hair. you are happy with your hair color. 

thanks for response,  you welcome

.....This Is Good Idea.....Its Very Gradual....But...Far Better Than Using Harsh Bleach Products.....Or Even Paying Lots Of Money For Hairdressers... To Use Harsh Bleach..Products On Your  Naturally Very Blonde.....Sunshine Alone Always....Lightens My Hair Lots.....Tho I Have Used Colours In The Past.....I Was Pink For While Best At Blonde...:)......Hennas Far Better To Use........xx...

thanks sky,,,,,,,,,,

LOL my hair come out orange after 1 hour treatment, i have red in my hair, i still need lighten my root, it still dark brown . few more days processes, till i get a pale

Picture of first process, orange now, lol...... still few more days to go............2/17/2015

i trying turn my hair to almost a blonde red, so can color it red color. it going take me week or so get my hair lighten, i dont even like orange thanks,,,,,,,,,,,YOU WELCOME FOR V DAY CARD< i send all the love on VDAY, lots of love for everyone.

NORDIC BEINGS ARE BLONDE<SO if everyone go blonde. they look like et from other world................ I am not going be blonde that long,,, blonde brown..... i going color red right away................ I rather be a red hair than a blonde.

My frozen et body is long blonde hair................. I can switch body with ET being or past, future body. lol . this another section how you can time travel, with your self. your spirit have the ability to switch body.  This from out of body experience how this happen........ high elder always watch me do this. i am different color of skin and hair.

Only to time travel to see what going on or do a task, not for vacation or adventure, is to learn. there is rule being your self past , future, or ultra reality..............

Hi I have been dying my grey hair black with hairdresser. Doesn't feel good when they do it . Any way I can dye my hair black naturally? Cheers!

Get black henna,,,,,,,, henna come in different color............ Henna is natural ingredient from India, south america and other country. Common brand to find In USA store such as Walgreen, CVS, Organic food store, Light mountain natural henna, It have good review, Get black , hot water, cure 1-3 hour, leave on 1-2 hour.

such as amazon, sale all kind of henna,  Used a organic natural shampoo keep color in with no toxic stuff. 

only need to recolor 6-8 week, most review more than 2 months. color stay on hair for long time. True everyone always touch up grey hair. Get the grey hair Henna, Light mountain, they have two brand. I am using Henna Light mountain red, i going switch bright red soon next month. you welcome , Thanks for asking. 

try a brand that works, because i am testing few brand threw out the year, i want Ariel red ,fairy red in warm tone, not too bright red....... lol depend what work for you , everyone hair type is different.

Ok Thanks



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