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Nassim Haramein has spotted Earth Sized UFOS and he think they are using our sun as a "Stargate" portal to other systems.

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i seen a few of nassims long videos on youtube an watched them all the way threw, i like his unifying theory but you have to watch the earlyer one where he explains triangles/flower of life to better grasp it-watching his vids dramaticly changed the way i understand our universe,and i luv the way he explains physics so anyone can undestand it ' ive also herd him speak of universal awareness and his beliefs of assension- i would be very greatful if you could post the vid of nassim speaking more on these solar flares - a great deal of positive energy and knowledge can be absorbed threw any of his work and i think it would benifit anyone who watches it - if u couldnt tell ima big fan aswell lol

hmm interesting i think i might have seen this before but anyways yea i can definitely see the sun being used as a stargate to get to other star systems their is alot of activity around the sun so the ships using the sun as a stargate is definitely true

very intresting video and great find , i seen it on youtube but never clicked on this one - i didnt know william shatner did a report on my boy nassim - the myan artifacts found strongly represent wormholes near or in the sun,im def going to be researching this topic more

There is more explanation on John Kettler's site. Interesting site...




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