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Was sent this link on facebook. Make of it what you will.

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The point i am trying to make is as soon as i finish my popcorns and Spicy Chai is that...
ALL SPACE PROJECTS ON PLANET EARTH BY EARTHLY HUMANS ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. Earthly Humans do not have the Advanced Knowledge to make good enough Spacecrafts to go to Higher Dimensions so at the present moment all SPACE PROJECTS SHOULD BE PUT TO A HALT...untill...WE CONNECT UP WITH BEINGS FROM OTHER PLANETS AND BEINGS FROM INNER EARTH and with their help..with their Advanced Knowledge which is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD..we will be able to have Spaceships that can travel to Higher Dimensions...but this can happen only with their help and they will connect with us 2012 so untill then NO MORE EARTHLY HUMANS SPACE PROJECTS ..but spend the money, the time, the manpower on IMPROVING PLANET EARTH....I hope i have made myself clear... now it is time to get back to my popcorns and nice Spicy Chai
Just concentrate on Planet Earth..there is much healing required here before you even think of other Planets. Now at this critical time all Earthlings must concentrate on Planet Earth if they want to live here. There are predictions of more Natural Disaster likely to occur if humans do not get in the Mode of Goodness and change their consciousness by caring for Planet Earth...and not think of other Planets as beings from other Planets are already here and i am one of them.
Rae,you are amazing!
... for those into biology and such, this is a very significant announcement...

...but personally, what would be of some significance, would be the announcement of a press-conference, with representatives from all the ET races that are currently in close watch of the Earth... but this doesnt seem likely to happen soon... (and better that it is this way... cause i would not trust any ET's who attend in press )
Well Ravinder,since you are the best and I am sure its within your capability,you might as well become the king of the world and put a stop to space programs,because much to your dismay,they will continue.



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