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My View On So-called "Evil-Fighters" (A.K.A. Evil Creators), Such as Alex Jones

I don't respect glorified fear-mongers such as people like Alex Jones. They basically tell people to be aware of (create) a painful "surgery" and experience this "surgery" without any anesthetic to put them under (be fully aware of it happening). Their making them admit inside, therefore creating outside, the existence of evil causing them pain and destruction. Thats completely unacceptable and unjustifiable. They think they understand things but they don't. If they did, they wouldn't be doing what their doing.

The proof that they don't understand is found in their words and actions that they express. The Founding Fathers system of government works ONLY when you have a population that is 100% completely enlightened. When you try to create material laws to govern you stop the natural laws of progression therefore stalling change.

The system the founding fathers created when used by non-enlightened individuals causes the materialistic greed and pettiness in the society because they have no reason nor desire to try to gain enlightenment they are content on using their old caveman materialistic views on life because they don't have to ever change or evolve their way of thinking inorder to acheieve their view of success. It stagnates intellectual and spiritual growth.

When the world is fully and completely enlightened, every single individual, then the ideas of the founding fathers can work (although even then they need to change slightly), but in an unenlightened society, their system stagnates INNER growth of the unenlightened individuals ever becoming enlightened.

What happens when this system is applied to unenlightened populations (as evidence by the reality of society) is that materially growth is there for the first little bit, but eventually there is moral decay which is inevitable without the enlightenment present there in every individual.

And I do not believe the Founding Fathers would respect or desire American's for turning down new, better improved ideas. Things change, and that includes ideas. Its about using spiritual enlightenment thinking to become successful not using old caveman thinking to cause just material success.

This eventually causes moral decay because the spirituality isn't there and never will be because they have what they believe is most important (materialism) and have no motivation to achieve inner enlightenment, and even if they ever do try (the few) it will be strongly morally corruptible initially and again even hinders that process. This is all only my opinion, but I stand by it.

Theres 3 ways of viewing this:

1. I am not enlightening and I do not perceive evil (or I see some occasional evil/corruption) in the "system" (because thats "just how it is", or its just "human nature" but I continue on living my life. (People like Alex Jones call them the "sheep")

2. I am not enlightened and I perceive evil in the "system." and I want everyone else to also know and fight (and therefore create) it. (People like Alex Jones believe this)

3. I am enlightened therefore I know I create the "system" in my "inner" image, so I create that inner system with my positive ideas infused with good emotions so then it has the ability to manifest "outside". (Or... I don't even create the "system" I create something new).

Clearly, the 3RD times a CHARM.

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ah s***.. I missed that last word in my quote .. Must have been due to the weird weird WEIRD formatting of the words he spoke...

haha, :* I love you :P

yes weird, or just edited to much. who knows.

but perhaps I can relate ;D. .  cheers and peace :))

I like Alex Jones. He has his message to send out. It's part of the waking up that is going on. Waking up is not all puffy clouds and freaking rainbows. Rather realizing that there is a lot of bad going on in the world. He (Alex) is helping in his own way, he is informing people about much of what is going on. Someone needs to do it. The problems are not going to disappear by themselves. I can't say that I agree with everything that Alex does, but he is helping to wake people up. Instead of bashing someone with your comments, Tyler, why not go out and do something more positive, like volunteering somewhere or something of that nature. Help and make the changes in the world that you want to see. Little gets accomplished when you are just stirring the pot.

...excellent response and I concur and resonate with your take...

Number 3, all the way ;)

Cat xxx

....though I resonate with much of what you share the difficulty is that the "ego" has been nurtured and grown to such an extent that it is so massive that it controls even those who fed it to control others...therefor we must educate humanity and the first stage is to have them open their eyes so that they may see the problem (ie Alex Jones), so that they may see what is truly before them, then and only can we introduce the idea of change from the inside, and rather than focusing on the problems at hand we must, as a society/ a mass consciousness, change the system from within through a complete and psychological revolution....



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