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I DON'T FIND USEFUL~OR MUCH WORTH TO" WORDS" AT ALL anymore as they are becoming something of  not much meaning as once were for me! OR LABELS~ I know~THAT I am a sensitive and PSYCHIC man and have always been very sensitive to others thoughts and feelings...THIS CHANGES & has intensified  with THE VIBRATION OF OUR PLANET~ & NOT THAT LONG AGO~TRULY had me running circles...TIL I started meditating and realized what is happening. I AM NOT A LIGHT-WORKER~ I am a human just like everyone else...who feels obligated to help comfort others whom aren't as sensitive to these changes...IS ALL! As I have always been a compasionate , honest, caring for the "term" lightworker~ I have every "symptom" of what one is>BUT AGAIN CAN CAUSE  SEPERATION IN A TIME OF UNITY BEING SO NECESSARILY the point. AND NOT ONCE~THROUGH ANY OF MY ET encounters...I HAVE NEVER HAD THEM CALL ME A LIGHTWORKER~ But mabe its how I translate a feeling(s)..~BUT WE ARE ALL ONE~ we are NOT BETTER THAN ANOTHER BECAUSE WE ARE ABLE TO DO ONE THING more efficiently and effortlessly than another? While i might be able to speak to ET's and be able to read anothers thoughts... that person might be a better writer...I AM TERRIBLE WITH WORDS~ I think we just need to let go of worshiping another fellow human as being superior... as this mentality.IS WHAT HAS HELD US BACK FROM ALL BEING THE MASTERS OF SELF WE ALL ARE FOR SO LONG! WE CAN ALL DO ANYTHING~ AND AT SOME POINT WE WILL ALL FIGURE THAT OUT? I would NEVER tell someone they COULD NOT do anything I was able to do as that would be a lie.SO AM I A LIGHTWORKER???~~YES~ But we have to be so careful as to not SOUND like we are coming off as more capable than another~ IF WE DO~WE ARE MISSING THE WHOLE POINT OF WHY WE CAME~ We are ALL AMZINGLY PERFECT!~ We have to remind everyone whom hasn't remembered who they are & how amazing they truly are... and I feel the MORE  enlightened an individual is the better they will know how to remind each individual the best way for them....NOT RUB IT IN THEIR FACE WE ARE SUPERIOR IN SOME WAY? AS WE ARE NOT! REALLY~ We just might remember more or specialize in one thing more...RIGHT NOW~ WHICH MIGHT CHANGE TOMORROW~ AS THIS IS a time of change, and we are all moving forward rapidly day to day...THATS WHAT MAKES BEING HUMANS SO UNIQUE~ IS WE ARE ALL SO PERFECTLY PERFECT AT SOMETHING! (RIGHT NOW)AND WE MUST RECOGNIZE THAT IN EACH & RESPECT & THANK THEM BEFORE WE EVER GO GIVING ADVICE TO THEM! ALL HAVE EVERY CAPABILITY I OR ANY OTHER HAVE~ THE REMINDING MOST APPROPRIATE IS THE KEY~ TO ULTIMATELY FEEL OUR BEST THAT WE ARE EACH DOING OUR BEST~ I would never tell someone they can't do something I CAN~ as thats just not true...thats what has got us all stuck here~ which we are all moving out of now~ TY SO MUCH ALL OF YOU & HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY~_~ :)~SILAS~

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Beautifully put it's about seeing the good within EVERYONE and looking for that rather than what we see and deem to be bad. Thankyou for posting.


love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for sharing this my friend!



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