About a two months ago I had some of the most amazing and clearly remembered dreams I have ever had. 

They lasted till the second I woke up in my bed.
The first dream as follows.

Lying in bed in my dream my room and  own space it was dark and night time, there was a huge ball of light outside my window, I got up and opened my curtains to see a large yellow white disk with figures inside that I could see through a window or something.

I opened my window and challenged what I saw I demanded Identity and what the object wanted. All I could understand was that I had to listen, as I did a syringe type device materialized on my window sill full of pinkish fluid. I was told to pick it up and inject myself, so I did. 

On doing so I jerked back and felt an overwhelming sensation of light and I was thrust upwards. It felt I was being catapulted out or with my body, it was a truly strange thing.
I appeared in some sort of huge place, I was now standing on a massive purple grid, above me was a pinky haze of stars and galaxies and below me more of the same. To the right of me was a huge pyramid white and glassy in colour and texture. Very large. This place seemed almost endless. 

 I had feelings of peace and understanding while here.
Next to me where I was standing were three other figures I did not recognise, they were wearing yellow and blue and had blue skin. We then walked up towards this structure I placed my hand onto it and again I travelled some place else. I was now on some place that looked like a forest community, with machines, huts and farms I'd not seen before but with people, some of the people I actually recognised but I was unsure of who they were still. 

After sometime being here I then returned to this purple matrix grid world and placed my hand back on the pyramid.

Awakening back infront of my window I look up and the disk shot off into a bluey swirling haze, similar to the Norway spiral.

Moment after I woke up in my bed and it was morning.

I've been back to this grid land in another two or three dreams.

Any thoughts or comments?

Love and light to all!
I love you Gaia.  

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  • What amazing experiences. That is the power of the dream state. A power your true self holds. You are tapped into it, maybe with help of outside forces. I cannot imagine what the world is like through your eyes. You know best when it comes to knowing yourself.

    I have had similar experiences, however, none that were as real. In my dreams I've seen "magic" portals, but I am not high enough in vibration to go through them. There was one time I was off of Earth, but not far. I could look down through the floor with my mind and see the Earth. I was in a giant Mayan temple where there was the portal to hell up a small flight of stairs on one end. That was purposefully not a pretty sight. Then there was the courtyard which was filled with people who were trapped in their own "power dramas" on Earth. Connected to Earth by energy lines. They were sort of both places at once? People who were not yet ready to come home. Purgatory? The ceiling was made from space.

    It was there I realized that we had created our own problems on Earth. It was up to us to take responsibility for our lack of effort to be peaceful, joyful beings that respected the Earth.

    Well Good Luck and be Aware when you are out and about,


  • WOW!! Lewis that is an amazing dream!! I don't think that is a dream at all...I think the grid is the 'grid' the thing that connects everything and you where astral traveling or maybe really truly traveling with your body....astral travel...oh, my friend you are traveling to different places and planets......that is what I think.....

    This grid, is it above the earth? or apart of the earth? The grid does it feel like you are between dimensions. How real did it seem....very cool it would be interesting to see what others think....

    • Well this place is like the universe we know but its got purples and pinks etc's and its like a huge never ending grid system with the little squares kind of like tron you know? I don't think it was on or even near earth...it felt really far away, I mean I could see galaxies and stars above and below me so It was surely not part of earth. 
      It did feel like another dimension I suppose that is how I wrote it down in my dream bank. It was a strange place to say the least.

      Astral travel? You know I don't really know what this is....but the fact I saw a disk and took something like drugs made me have this experience. However I'm not sure on the intent of the Et's that may have visited me?

      Its all very questionable, but when it happened my girlfriend next to me woke up too at the 'beginning' of the 'dream' she started screaming and shouting and jumped out of bed in a panic so I had to throw her outside the room when this all took place : P 

      • I was thinking thats the grid is from the movie "Indigo" by neal donald walsh when the kid keeps talking about seeing people on the gid and using it to communicate. Another starseed used the word "grided" when it came to an experience I had during a sleeping vision.....I did not get the impression that the E.T's intent was harmful or negative, but then again that is for your to decide. That is amazing lewis....I was thinking considering your girlfriends reaction the beginning could be an alien abduction.....combo of both?? or they abducted your astral self....



        • I think they educed me into this state with that pinkish fluid.... I have no idea what was in it but it was pink. 

This reply was deleted.

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