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My mother (who does not know about ascension) had this amazing dream!

My mother, who does not know anything about ascension or the Ascended Masters or the ships or any new Age stuff whatsoever told me today about a dream she had 2 months ago:

"We were outside the streets and many thousands of people were outside looking to the sky, then several rays of white and yellowish color hit the earth, everything was dark. Everyone was very very calm, no panic, I wanted to call you and your brother but the mobile phone didnt work, but I though to myself "Nothing bad is going to happen". I heard many sounds comming from the rays like "zuuuuuummm zuuuuum" and the news said "We are experiencing a ray attack"

My mother also told me after it "I don't know but I think you should buy food and water in case something happens"

I told her about ascension theory and the Mayas (3 days of darkness) and the 21st, she was very surprised and said "Wow I didn't know". And she doesnt, she has no tv at home and lives in a farm on the country side.Also my mother doesnt know how to use the computer.

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Great dream your mother had.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

I've stocked up on food and water to last for a few weeks.  It is a good idea in case the power grid goes down.

My sister, who is deep into Christianity and wants nothing to do with the Galactic stuff, called me about 3 months ago and told me she had a dream and decided to call me to see if I knew anything about it, suprisingly. She said that something bad had happened like a natural disaster or something. She and my oldest sister were together in the house when it happened, so they took cover. When it was over, they came out , everything was all anew, bright and pleasant looking. She then told me that everywhere they walked and looked, everything they needed was right at their disposal. All kinds of foods were available and FREE. They were hesitant to take anything until someone told them that it was all right and to help themselves because everything was free! She couldn't believe it!! When she woke up, the first person she thought to call and ask about her dream was ME! Thing is, I have NEVER  spoken to her about the New World at all!!

Hi Light Warrior. Our loved ones will know who to call when things start to go down. I'm always careful to remain silent about my beliefs with my husband. Besides, they're always in a state of flux. Well one morning he told me he had a dream in which some people were after us and I called my space ship to come pick us up and take us away from those who were chasing us. You never know how your light is affecting those around you until something like these dreams come up out of the blue. Have a happy new year dear.


Hi Minerva,

Seen your post , very interesting too. I had a dream last night but forgot all about it...then I seen your post. Can't remember a thing except 2/22/12 or 2/23/12.

Still it's a good sign that people are getting dreams to let them know too. Nice to see the conscious net is working fine, my internet is quirky today.


Namaste Minerva,  I have been attempting to find you on this site but for whatever reason I have been unable to find & or friend you and so I will attempt to make contact through this avenue....This is in reply to the knowledge that you have just come across discovering that you are in fact an Avatar / Ascended Master......I too have went through this process of discovery and have under gone much of the same feelings that you have are absolutely correct in stating that we are not here to teach anyone for all is known by each of us what I feel is that we are here to nudge one another into consciouss recall of this knowledge... I believe there is much we have to share with one another please make contact with me at [email protected]        /        Aaron Joseph Boney on facebook          /        gnosticalchemist  on Ashtar Command

Wow Minerva that's a powerful dream, and Light Warrior that is so cool, and how fun that she called you and not the priest lol
I don't know what 94 means either Devi
Thanks for sharing, lovely!



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