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Im gonna just get to the point on here this will be my final post. Their is no point even coming on here anymore hoping a discussion on here that is made is gonna help change this world. It has been the same thing over and over again for years now mass arrests, nesara/gesara, humanity and the planet being set free from the cabal that exists, disclosure, reuniting with our cosmic brothers and sisters or first contact as others call it, and other great things. Its always said that its going to happen its always either soon or a couple weeks or a couple months or soon again blah blah blah. Truth is its not going to happen we are screwed and so is this planet the corruption and brainwashing is off the charts terrible here and those who say change is coming i ask where is it? I know now its all words and no action nothing is ever going to get done the circus will continue and it will get worse. Best of luck to those who continue to wait patiently but the fact is nothing is going to get done and as for me i would rather die soon then stick around to see things get worse i made a terrible choice coming to this planet and it shows everyday as i cant stand being here and i long to leave and go home wherever that might be.

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  • You can own yourself, or keep playing the victim. It wouldn't be the first existential drama played on earth.

    If anything, the cabal, or whatever name you wish to call your demon, is trying to show you something about yourself, something you don't want to own up to. Everything in reality works in your favor, no matter how hard the lesson may be. And, damn, you're making it hard on yourself with this "I'm innocent bs".

  • At deeper levels, Light has already absorbed the dark and enhanced a wisdom in itself. Upon the outer planes, subject as they are, to the illusion that is TIME, the struggle continues. Yet, superficially, much has changed, these passed few years. For one, many more people believe what we have repeated for years; namely the existence of a dark cabal. Elites who run the world in secret. A deep state. Now, just a few years ago, popular opinion laughed at such a proposal. 'Conspiracy theory.' WE ARE GOING MAINSTREAM...People see and know that light shines in the darkest places. The dark is exposed more than ever. People are waking in greater numbers to elite games. Just see them naked before populations.

    • Yes indeed...Now it is just a matter of things manifesting at their own pace...The Light has won...All is being uncovered by the Light...Blessings Drekx Omega...

  • I tell you one thing...I had not just been waiting...I had so many things happened to me, not because I am special, because we all are, but because I believed and still do, and I brought my vibrations so high that this alone allowed for me to feel the warmth of God in my body twice, it is so comforting that nothing scares you, you are in total bliss, I had also seen a mother ship right above me semi-cloaked and was given the warning so I would know and be there...I have been paralyzed twice with problems in my spine, what I did was I allowed the pain to be, I befriended the pain both times and it left me on its own...I could tell you endless stories...I am also in contact with many Ascended Beings through one person in Europe until I am able to channel them myself...I am here, sometimes it is hard but I keep on going because I know that we are almost there...This is a process, Ascension is a process, things are so bad in the world that to fix them takes the will of all of us in unison with the will of God to change it and you are an important part of it...All of us form the puzzle...One piece missing is one too many...Be patient and think of the Light at the end of the tunnel...We will be celebrating in a not too far future...Don't give up now when we have worked so hard to change the ways of the dark into Light...Blessings...

  • Many of us feel like you sometimes, those that do not admit to this are not sincere with themselves, yet we are seriously so close to things developing and coming out...between the end of this year and 2020 many things are going to be in the open...Hang in there...Nos is the time to be strong and not give up...we have come a long way to say..."I don't care" " I am fed up"...I know I am very strong although sometimes I find my self going down the wave, but I always come back up...So can you...!!!! That is why you are here...You were chosen like all of us...Remember, we are the best in the Universe...Keep going! Stay the course...Blessings and keep the faith...

    • the best is yet to come, justin


  • Pure self pity, Justin. Victimhood does not become you. Only through self-realization can you understand your purpose and reason for being here on Earth, rather than being elsewhere. On some level of super-conscious awareness; YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE...So, connect and find out WHY..Seek your TRUE SELF and find your is for living, whatever chaos may surround you, master your emotional body, so mind can come into clear focus......Spirit seeks worthy vessels through which to express....kind regards, Drekx

  • what you mention is bs, mostly-stopping the cabal for awhile is probably the best hope-but stay frosty!  Go with Jesus and Mother Mary or other Masters, Gods, Goddesses and allow those Holy Spirit projections to guide you , open your inner eye, remember past lives, clear your aura, etc.-sounds goofy, but at least this ( I believe) is true ! You are at this site so you know this already.

    In meditation The Goddess Quan Yin allowed me see her in her Realm-Her clothes were different but the back drop was the same!

    Image result for pics of Goddess Quan Yin

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