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Hello ya all!

First off, let me share, that since the 9/11 incident, I have been living in my automobile, or sleeping on some one elses couch or renting a 4-wall-room to sleep in.  Struggling to get a decent job or have to work small odd jobs and a work few part time gigs with some of those lovely corporate stores.  Getting food in my mouth and emotional support, emotional; I believe is one of the two main struggles I encountered.   I did notice that other HUmans over the course of time, up until now were struggling as well.


At times I would doubt myself and question the person I am.  Compare myself to those stuffy types, conservative, and unaware.  Looking back, I can now see, that at those times, when I was wavering in knowing my own TRUTH, I was also creating my lacking tomorrows.....


Which brings me to share about my Present situation.  One thing I can say is that no matter what, I always held a vision in my inner-mind of a a dream that I have.  Of some day owning a great parcel of land, and helping to over see it; for the good of the community it creates.  Based on one of volunteerism and LOVE, one that is based on sharing and caring.  A parcel of land, a community of folks, a vision of being self-sustainable, by growing ORGANIC foods, for the community.  On the land that is tilled and cared for in LOVE, by the very HUmans that live on the land and that will consume the food. 

Folks, the VISION goes on....and so does the QUEST. 


Needless to say I have  been given everything I have asked for since walking away from 'those' other people and moving forward into what I call a community I want to  be a part of.  Then after that I started meeting the folks I was suppose to meet.

So I am happily in a two year relationship with a woman who is much like myself in the way of being connected to the universe and 'the light' she has her gifts too, and we can share our gifts with each other in a very special way.   Thus in union we share our light and gifts with the world. 

Also I got two great jobs that I am passionate about, one of which in in the solar industry.  There is much, much more to share just know that everything is coming fast to me!  Its about time, for I have been waiting patiently to share with the world and now it looks like the planets are to align and we begin our new lives the real lives we have created from our Divine Hearts.  Our Divine Hearts are all connected to the LIGHT of the WORLD and it is within this concious light collective that we will some how ascend into another dimension of Higher Conciousness.

   Well thats all for now....thanks for letting me share....this is jesse deane saying "see you soon!" 

NOTE:  If you have any ideas or would like to help participate in this project as stated above, you may contact me about it.  I'd love to hear from you.  Jesse 


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