Most disturbing dream.

I'm not a great fan of aliens because they make most people think that creatures of other planets are violent or spielbergish (ie stupid). I never dreamed of aliens before that and never dream in such detail. I also never see people I know in my dreams. 

It was a grey afternoon. Me and my sister were in a supermarket getting some stuff for our fun day together. We do that a lot in real life and out choice of groceries was real too (pringles, apple pie and chilled mocca). We paid and went outside to a shop that sold sleighs (all real shops and location). We watched people try them out on a nearby hill and thought we should get one too. We went inside and looked at their selection when suddenly everything started to shake and peoples ears started to bleed. Me and my sister ran outside and saw a huge rectangular and amazing looking flight object near the ground. It unloaded a smaller flight object that looked like a very modern chopper.

I stopped staring and took my sister and we ran to the car to get my cam to film it all. I took the key and unlocked it and took a spare inside and gave it to my sister. I unloaded the bags inside and grabbed my cam. My sister was crying and signs of faint were showing. I held her hand and said "I swear those guys from astar command warned us, I know what that is." I took her hand and she looked just like a child (she is the bigger and stronger one) and it made me very sad.

Suddenly things from the chopper like object started dropping on the ground and the big flight object was gone. I turned the cam on and started filming how those things approached people and killed them or took them. They are otherworldly. I cant even explain their appearance because I know nothing to compare them to. All I know is that they looked biological and their color was similar to ours. They wore something on their bodies but it wasnt cloth. There were two kinds of them. The strong big ones that didnt attack anyone and the smaller ones (average grown man height) that threw molten balls of something onto people it wanted dead. 

The small ones were intelligent and spoke our languages. The big ones just did the work they were told to do. The small ones picked people and the big ones carried them to the chopper. They took me, my sister and some more healthy young women. Then they took only a few men and a few of our objects like cars, cams, groceries, clothes, phones etc.

Next thing I know is waking up on my way to some sort of complex that housed loads of tubes. I looked at the small one that was carrying me and I asked whats happening. He said I have been selected and I'm lucky. I asked him if they will experiment on us and hurt us and he said this! "we're not aliens. we wont probe you. we'll study you" then he talked about our misconceptions towards ETs and how they were surprised we were intelligent.

He then dropped me in a tube and it sucked me in. Thats where I dont remember whats happening. Next thing is I wake up in a while room with my sister and another girl. We were all stripped of all our belongings and clothes. They studied us and also experimented. They were interested in our senses and sexual life. They wanted to know why we favored some food to the other and why we had a choice in our sex partners. They also were obsessed with how stretchy a vagina is because one of the women was pregnant. But their biggest obsession was why we had men. Turns out they were all female and no male was there. To them men were a new concept and the way we reproduce was strange and primitive to them. After a few days my sister had been impregnated and the pregnancy was only 4 days old but the child grew at a uber fast pace. She gave birth and managed to escape without the child though. 

We were kept in this apartment like, windowless white complex. we had a toilet, kitchen and many smaller white rooms we could use freely. They brought us food once a day and it wasnt from earth and very disgusting. We werent allowed to wash. They kept us there for 3 months and then we were brought back to earth!

When we came back all was changes. The world was rotting, people looting, murder, rape and fear. Everyone was afraid. It turned out they have taken most of the population on their ship and released only some of them When I arrived (naked and confused) I saw my sister there with a guy I didnt know in our car waiting. The car was modified to use other fuel than the conventional and drove much slower. 

People were starved because the fumes the big ship that returned back in the sky killed all crops and many old people and children. People became greedy and violent and very very ugly personality wise.

My sisters company got me in the car and kicked my sister out and drove off. He behaved like a territorial dog in heat but was stopped by another car that crashed into ours.

The dream ends here and it feels very strange because its not like my usual dreams. This one is real and feels like really 3 months have passed!

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  • I'ts there already, as you can see it took me a while!
  • That is a disturbing dream indeed and it reminds me of one i had, it's scary, specially the part of the ones that came to take you and your sister, they are very similar to the ones I saw in a dream even tho you don't describe them with detail, I understand what you mean with "nothing to compare to".


    I will post this dream as I think it's time, please do read it, I think our higher selves are trying to tell us something.

  • Time distortion in dreams is known to scientists, I think they say it's like several hours dream to a few seconds of real time, but I find it to be an interesting spiritual symbol none the less: You can live a whole lifetime in one night ;) As to the content of the dream, if you were to want to interpret it as symbology then only you would know the keys in your own psyche to explain the symbols. Taken literally, and now here I want to be absolutely clear this is just an impression, but it's possible maybe you lived through a situation like this at another time and/or another place ("offworld lifetime")? Although my intuition says nothing like this will happen here on such a scale, I have the feeling such situations come up occasionally in the universe, though they are probably much, much more rare than the hollywood media would have us imagine. Thanks for sharing Sister~
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