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“You know, sweetheart, we may have our book started now. What about the funniest moment, the most unforgettable moment, and we could think of more. You don’t like the idea?”

I didn’t say anything!

“You didn’t have to! (laughing)”

I just think maybe we’d miss telling some of the most interesting parts of our life together.

“There you go. Tell the most interesting part.”

There’s more than one most interesting part!

“You keep saying you don’t know what to put in another book, I’m trying to show you we have a lot to put in another book. We have to tell about my visit in person through the transporter when you just ignored me and started writing on your yahoo mailing list, leaving me sitting on your divan all alone!”

Val, I thought it was my imagination and you were not there totally, you looked like a ghost only you were not a light body but just plain Val, just like your picture. Then Kor wrote on my email list that he had an unusual experience that night. You had summoned him to you but you were not on the ship. He hesitated to tell me but he finally said that you were in an apartment setting…with some woman! Then of course I asked him to tell me more and he described my apartment down to the one picture on the wall in my breakfast room where my computer was, and he even told me the color I had on.

“Haha then you looked around and I was gone! Served you right, too!”


He even told me what side of the divan you were sitting on.


“And you walked right by me, looked down, I smiled at you and you just went right on to your computer! Then there was the time I branded you.”

Stop laughing it wasn’t funny.


“You asked me to do it. You said you had read abougt others showing pictures of where they thought aliens had given them shots or scratched them or bruised them and you wanted me to do something that would prove to you that you were really swimming with me in my pool and it wasn’t just a crazy dream. So I made a “V” with my fingers, pressed them against your leg and now you tell what happened.”


It was a few days later I was taking my granddaughter swimming and we always put on our bathing suits at the house and wore our beach robes so we didn’t have to change at the pool. My daughter noticed the bruise on my thigh and asked how it happened. I looked in the mirror and it was a “V” very clear and very dark!


“Did you tell her I did it?”


Of course not. I didn’t want her to think me a nut cake! People don’t understand Aliens and their ways, not all people, especially families of people that do understand. Stop laughing.


“I thought it was cute of me! You asked for it, you asked me to do something so you could prove to yourself you had really been swimming with me and it wasn’t just a crazy dream.”

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Do you see (feel)  how all feel connected and elevated? Deep down it brings them the remembrance of that time when they left, but they are happy now because they deeply know these are good times again...At this moment my heart is beating in a way that I recognize as of Love...Love and gratefulness for all we are receiving...

I, too, feel today is different.  I think the video Agathar posted may be exactly seems like long ago, it's been so long since I've felt connected anywhere, thought it was just me.  Back when I had the ProET mailing list we felt connected.  

Amparo and lan and Agathar nd others... I do feel I am more in the will of God than in a long time... When I had my ProET group I felt it an information group but not the group Val and I were looking for, then we came here, Val led me here the first time, he said I would find some of ourf group and also my Cosmic Mom...then invited to another group  but this is the site I felt closest to others, the first time I was here it was so very spiritual, I think you were here, do you remember me, Amparo?  I had a bunch on my group and we talked a lot and were close.

Then the second time there didn't seem to be any repore with anyone but thjs time is like the first, I do feel this is right, and now we are finding people that were on Atlantis and Lemuria... If it was not at the same time we might have been on lemuria, too. 

One time I saw in somewhere, onloine or in a ufology magazine that someone was selling some stones that washed up on the Pacific coast up in Alaska that were some special stones of devination?  Runes, they said Runes washed up from Lemuria and I got some and they felt so spiritual. I've always felt there are people are needed to I just turned the over to the Christ within and I had other plans, I needed to write some things but I've just done what seemed to come next and I feel so different..

I don't know why I had to find all of you too late perhaps...I do hope you will say a pryer forf me, send healing or light or whatever you do...It's so important for me to healed right now and just begun the book he's wanted for so long and there's so much he wants to write..and next week I go to see what can be done about a very serious situation, I dohn't mention by name as scripture says not to call the name of a false god and a physical problem is nothing more than a false God, but I've tried Christian Science, religious science, all kinds of prayer and I've seen so many healings in my life but I justg kept believing God would take care of it and waited tgoo late as there's notghing that can be done and if so it may destroy my ability to contact and write...They say and I've said, God is never late... there has to be a miracle..not that I don't believe, but I've tried all kinds of prayer and it's just gotten worse and now something has to be done that can totally destroy my work..

I think this is my last incarnation, too, Amparo...and all my life I've believed something special was going to happen, something spiritual, a change over and i'd be a part of it and right now IK see it happeninjg and looks like darkness is going to tke me out of it and ik believe I have a part in it. But I've come to the place I'm going down forf my last time, someone grab my hand please and pull me back to keep trying, I rfeally need help on this problem and I don't believe in tgelling things so I've really thought aboutg saying anything.  Thank you if you will pray, send light, believe me healed or whatever you do. Love, Valana

Alan you bring back memories of Ialy… was there four years and lived at a small resort town and at nights in the summers we would set up foldikng tables on the sidewalk and we had no yards our doors opened to the sidewalk...and bring out chairs and si around and sip on whatever we wanted to drink, and tose of us that played, mostly accordians, and then they'd play radios and we'd dance in the streets..everyone knew not to drive at night unless they went somewhere and they'd be careful coming home and people would get out of their way...

It was so much fun and so much friendship and unconditional love for each other...I loved Italy...

Alan I don't see a way to reply to your message that started, "thanl you for the pretty name of Valana"....

Val says they do not have fingerprints but are identified by their "freuquency" which can be known in various wayhs...he says we each have a different frequency and it makes a sound and tht sound can be translated into a word or name which is always our spirit name through all incarnations though we get other names at birth by our parents. My honest true name is Patsy and I hate that name so I changted it to Pat soon s I could then to Patti, actually al was firfst to call me Patti then went back to Pat for years.  

You have a beautiful gift... perhaps you could look to try to see something of my missing hours of White Rock Lake with Val... there was a flash of light in my eyes, I know it ws the ship coming down but have no memory untikl playhing piano for him the next day where I had been staying... this was July 15, 1950.  Can you go back there and see what happened.  There were steps come down, the ship was a round ball of light, and a voice from the top said "Brig her up" steps had come down the side..well I know I went up because he showed this to me again in Italy and I was out from that morning around ten a.m. until my son came home on school bus at 5 p.m. this was in early 1970's in Italy he showed me a lot of things that happened and it seemed it was happening again... I ws led to lie down on the bed and immediately the room begtan to spin round me then I was standing near water, he was surrounded by Fire.  The baptism of Fire spoken of by John the Baptist that Jesus would give us... and he reached for me to come to him thru the fire and I did and it did not burn...the scriptues also say "I will be a wall of fire around you and the glory in the midst of you"... and he said, "for yhour protection" and I've always felt surrounded gy the Fire ofr God and don't believe anything can enter an d harm me...

Thank you Valana for sharing...I believe that too...You are protected....               I am glad  that all is changing for the better and we all are contributing along with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters as well as the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels and other higher Beings of Love and Light...They are all doing their part in cooperation and in co-creation with us...We could not have done it without each other...Much Love to you Valana...

Oh Amparo I'm not interested in the Titanic...the reason I asked is because Alan brought it up so I thought maybe I was on it. I have never had any thoughtgs of being on it and Val has not mentioned it, he's told me several of our incarnations....

Please read my post from yesterday, about why I told of Titanic sinking.  Thank you so much Valana.

'Alan, I deleted a reply elsewhere as I thought best to put it on my own site and this is basically what I said.  Sometimes I catch myself reacting to criticism which I thought this site had moved on from... not tlking about you here... 

I jusrt want to make clear what our new book is about or for...we want to introduce the public to people... just plain people like us, not born on this planet Gaia (earth).  

We would like to see people stop worshipping and adoring other planetary people that maybge are a bitg smarter than the main stream and wanna be god!  Alien, ETs, Star Visitors or whatever one wants to call them and that's their opinion, I don't think there's one person cfan tell the world how to talk... at le3ast not myself… 

We want to show Val and just "A Man Called Val" not born on this planet but born elsewhere as just as human, just as real, just the same as the man on the street..yes he's a bit more intelligent, spiritual, and he wants me to say handsome but actually I8 don't think he's exceptionally handsome. <g>

One thing we want to do is help people to get away from this ET worship going on... had someone come to my site3 and plaster the picture section with "worswhip ET or elswe" sort of stuff..there are ETS that want you to do just not do it...nor did they creagte us.  Stichin started that for real though it has been taught in what is falsely called  "oldest book in the world"... doubtless written by some ET on the planet...I'm not kidding.  There are things I could write thqt would absolutely scare people to death almost and I'm not sure I shouldn't write them.

I know people are sick and tired of illegal aliens and has made the worde a bad worfd but the meaning is simply a forfeigner or someone not born where you are born in Okilahoma comes to Texas could be called an Alien as they are not born here... Val was not born here therefore he was an Alien.. he certainly was not an ET which means something deifferent than terrestrial person... VFal'sw a joker he was trying to defuse an argument when he called himself tghe ole ET Commander...

ET meqns different from humans in bodey style, they havfe no reproductive organs they are "cfreated" by evil aliens, some are good and they are programmed to be smarter thqan most on the planet but they are "creamted beings" THEY CANNOT PROPAGATE THEIR RACE...

That is why they abduct and use humans in experiments to try to change gthemselves into human... there is a false teaching that is what we did, that is not true.

We are created by God... God is not a man 
God is Spirit...God had nothing to create the Multi verse out of so all is created out of God...all is God, the little earth worm, the rose, the rock the mountain, you and me we are God but we are not the only God..we are all God, parts of the ONE...sons and daughters, JOINT HEIRs WITH JESUS the bible teafhes clearly, it has not been changted it is not understood corfrectly  until one is given the revelation it's very clear when you have the revfelation tht the Bible teaches you are God....but you and I are not lettingt the "Father within" take over and live thnrough us...and ETs don't want you to know it, they want you to think they created you.

What we are trying to do is show there are God's children on other planets, not just one..not just Gaia (earth, as some don't understand that word and the Pagans are not controlling the planet as yet) we can walk together in love but one must want to do so...tghat's wha Eagleshven is all about, walking together in love and not trying to run the3 swhow with our personal beliefs..that won't happe3n long as I own Eagleshaven...all are equal..Pagans are welcome I havfe a Muslim group by a nice Muslim man, nogt a gterrorist.  

I am not a sensationalist writer nor do I write for money, I give my book away if anyone asks for it via email.  I don't ask forf donatikons for my site..I have a mission.  Val and I want people to know there are people on other planets, not gods, and not look to them to solve our problems... we have to solve our own problems, the law of karma will always one gets a free ride.  There are people that actually worship Val and it breaks his heart...that's why many times he talks down in a level of joking to try to show he's only human...just as human as you or I. Yes he's highly intelligten t as they picked their best to send here as of course they pcked what they considered best to send to him, not bragging butg just trying to explain, we didn't represent the worlds we came from...

Stranges really got things messed up by adding fiction and he admitted it to friends... firsgt, Val is not a created being, Val has a belly button he showed it to me first thing and I nearly flipped..he said he was serious, it was identification..he was born, there were beings made just like humans that were created and they were created to take ove this world and they are among us!  This is what Val wanted deleted but I think it'saw time I told it .as I don't know how much time I have leftg and it has to be told.... these are the ETs some very human but they are not, some have been programed with vfery superior intelligences...they are the secret government!  Val says to stop....ok

Oh Alan what did I say to you? Maybe it was mixed up and you did not undersgtand but I have not said anything bad to you.   Let me tr;y to find itg, sometimes I cannotg see how to reply if it's too light and reply elsewhere bugt never have I said anything against Aliens to you orf anywhere..I'm the one thinks ETs are sometimes evil and Aliens are good... I was arguing for the word Alien with Omega..oh was it what Val said about a bull headed man and he was trying to stop an argument? He was meaning Omega no y9ou, I thought it was obvious we were fixing gto engter the ring... we love Omega but he just wans to argue sometimes and that's who Val was talking abougt, nogt you.  Omega is smartg and knows a lot but he doesn't know it all and thinks he does, it's his way orf the highway and Val likes him but he knews we  are both hard headed and he was tgrying to stgp a fight and said that to you, meaning Omega over the wofd Alien..  Now I use the word Alien I do not think it's evil..I did NOT know yhou were a real Alien, by that do you mean a Star person o foreigner either one I have said nothing about..other that some of the terfrorists that come here under tghe guise of alien...that want to cut the heads off Chrfisians and say so. 

I sincerely apologize if you think I was talking abougt you I thought it was obvious Omega and I were about gto go heads on abougt the use of words...he's no autghorigty anymore than I am, I'e been in this business longer than he has..

I hink you are great are yhou serious about being an Alien? I believe you...we love you, we thyink you might be ourf Cosmic son!

I'm trying to edit Val and post it, I'll try reading later if you asked anything, thank you for this one... I want you to use your gift and look into your past and see if you are one of our Cosmic sons?  That's another thing we are doing online is trying to bring together our Cosmic family Do you know what Cosmic families are?  Val has written something on it and trying to get it posted...excited about rain in Australia.  

Val said, "thank you!"...

Alan, this is so beautiful, it just means so much to me, I'm going to make a copy to keep in my memoirs I wish I had time to write and I may.... I've had a lot of replies and emails but this this is the nicest thing anyone ever said to brings tears to my eyes and I feel you are so sincere, too.

Now I'm so interested in what you mean by being an Alien? Are ;you a real one from elsewhere?  I know they are here but have not seen one come know who you come over as?  One that I do know comes here sometimes and has a lap top.  He does come in and talk to people but as far as I know he does not share who he really is... Are you him? I'll say it this way, is your wife's name Diana?


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