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“You know, sweetheart, we may have our book started now. What about the funniest moment, the most unforgettable moment, and we could think of more. You don’t like the idea?”

I didn’t say anything!

“You didn’t have to! (laughing)”

I just think maybe we’d miss telling some of the most interesting parts of our life together.

“There you go. Tell the most interesting part.”

There’s more than one most interesting part!

“You keep saying you don’t know what to put in another book, I’m trying to show you we have a lot to put in another book. We have to tell about my visit in person through the transporter when you just ignored me and started writing on your yahoo mailing list, leaving me sitting on your divan all alone!”

Val, I thought it was my imagination and you were not there totally, you looked like a ghost only you were not a light body but just plain Val, just like your picture. Then Kor wrote on my email list that he had an unusual experience that night. You had summoned him to you but you were not on the ship. He hesitated to tell me but he finally said that you were in an apartment setting…with some woman! Then of course I asked him to tell me more and he described my apartment down to the one picture on the wall in my breakfast room where my computer was, and he even told me the color I had on.

“Haha then you looked around and I was gone! Served you right, too!”


He even told me what side of the divan you were sitting on.


“And you walked right by me, looked down, I smiled at you and you just went right on to your computer! Then there was the time I branded you.”

Stop laughing it wasn’t funny.


“You asked me to do it. You said you had read abougt others showing pictures of where they thought aliens had given them shots or scratched them or bruised them and you wanted me to do something that would prove to you that you were really swimming with me in my pool and it wasn’t just a crazy dream. So I made a “V” with my fingers, pressed them against your leg and now you tell what happened.”


It was a few days later I was taking my granddaughter swimming and we always put on our bathing suits at the house and wore our beach robes so we didn’t have to change at the pool. My daughter noticed the bruise on my thigh and asked how it happened. I looked in the mirror and it was a “V” very clear and very dark!


“Did you tell her I did it?”


Of course not. I didn’t want her to think me a nut cake! People don’t understand Aliens and their ways, not all people, especially families of people that do understand. Stop laughing.


“I thought it was cute of me! You asked for it, you asked me to do something so you could prove to yourself you had really been swimming with me and it wasn’t just a crazy dream.”

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The Plant we live on Earth, will be eventually repurposed and will Nova, (turned into a Sun). But that's for another time, and another story.  Now then, what's next?  Thank you Valana.



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