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“You know, sweetheart, we may have our book started now. What about the funniest moment, the most unforgettable moment, and we could think of more. You don’t like the idea?”

I didn’t say anything!

“You didn’t have to! (laughing)”

I just think maybe we’d miss telling some of the most interesting parts of our life together.

“There you go. Tell the most interesting part.”

There’s more than one most interesting part!

“You keep saying you don’t know what to put in another book, I’m trying to show you we have a lot to put in another book. We have to tell about my visit in person through the transporter when you just ignored me and started writing on your yahoo mailing list, leaving me sitting on your divan all alone!”

Val, I thought it was my imagination and you were not there totally, you looked like a ghost only you were not a light body but just plain Val, just like your picture. Then Kor wrote on my email list that he had an unusual experience that night. You had summoned him to you but you were not on the ship. He hesitated to tell me but he finally said that you were in an apartment setting…with some woman! Then of course I asked him to tell me more and he described my apartment down to the one picture on the wall in my breakfast room where my computer was, and he even told me the color I had on.

“Haha then you looked around and I was gone! Served you right, too!”


He even told me what side of the divan you were sitting on.


“And you walked right by me, looked down, I smiled at you and you just went right on to your computer! Then there was the time I branded you.”

Stop laughing it wasn’t funny.


“You asked me to do it. You said you had read abougt others showing pictures of where they thought aliens had given them shots or scratched them or bruised them and you wanted me to do something that would prove to you that you were really swimming with me in my pool and it wasn’t just a crazy dream. So I made a “V” with my fingers, pressed them against your leg and now you tell what happened.”


It was a few days later I was taking my granddaughter swimming and we always put on our bathing suits at the house and wore our beach robes so we didn’t have to change at the pool. My daughter noticed the bruise on my thigh and asked how it happened. I looked in the mirror and it was a “V” very clear and very dark!


“Did you tell her I did it?”


Of course not. I didn’t want her to think me a nut cake! People don’t understand Aliens and their ways, not all people, especially families of people that do understand. Stop laughing.


“I thought it was cute of me! You asked for it, you asked me to do something so you could prove to yourself you had really been swimming with me and it wasn’t just a crazy dream.”

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Valana, I don't think they will be allowed to do any damage...That is why all went wrong because one of the guys got distracted...They won't allow WWIII for the same reasons they won't allow Cern to be successful...They are playing with fire and they are going in the wrong direction...because it is not done for the highest good of all here and up there...

I am sorry I cannot help you with the story of the Titanic...I read it such a long time ago...but if I can find it again I will keep you post it...

I don't know anything about the Titanic that anyone else might know.  What is it you are trying to find out for me? 

You may call me anything you like.  Patti is my real name I wrote in for years and changed here the first time I was here as some on my group wanted to get new names to match their new frequencies so I asked Val if he would give me a name to match my frequencies and he had called me Valana for years and he spoke Valana audibly.  

I put the "Patti" in parenthesis so if someone that knew me as Patti reads my story they won't think that Valana stole Val from Patti.... as they would not like me, as I had many more friends in the old days online as now...  or so it seemed.

Alan where do you get your flax seed... I get the Flax seed oil..Borean I think is name, is it not good? I take it for the Omegas.... 3,6, and 9 Omegas, you know what that is? Oh I just noticed something... :-). 

I do not doubt that at all.  Many of us were as we've all incarnated too many times to count and will until we get it right.  My belief is all will finally "get it right". whatrver it is we are to get right...

I remember my first birthday and the white cake with pink rosebuds around the top and one candle. My grandmother said "It's a shame no children came to help her blow out the candle..and I tried to tell her Pop and Katie were here to help me blow out the candle but she wasn't too smart and could not understand my language! :-)..  I did understand all she said but I could not yet talk...I'm sure I made some sounds...She couldn't see Pop and Katie either but I could see them, I lost most of my astral vfision as I grew older but not gthe ability to hear and communicate/

Alan, I don't see a way to reply again to what you said about the Titanic... I wasn't answering that one, it seems I got confused, I want to say this... what happened to the real Titanic and the people on it and who was on the other one? That's what I donh't understand about their being two? Was it the real one that sank or the other one and which one were the people on that were declared missing?

Also, if they were singing Auld lang Zyne it's probably why some of us pick up a sadness when we sing it, maybe we were even on it.  Val has told me of a few of our incarnations together, not all have been of course but at times we have met and been together... we came in the time of Jesus and following his teachings..Val teaches them or has in past about don't have any of them, he wanted a section in the book of his teachings from that life.  We may do some of them over... 

I am very interested in your gift... you could be a blessing to many...

Dr. Leo Sprinkle did tgwo readings on me, he asked to do the first and I asked for the second I only typed parts of them that referred to space, Pop and Val. Val wants it in the book, too, I think I'll post it, have it somewhere on Eagleshven.  You are welcome to come over... only rule I havfe is the gtolden rule, I do not allow fussing..if someone disagrees with someone's post they simply move on and go somewhere else and read..all are free to say what they think in a loing, brotherly/sisterly community without feeling someone is going to chop you off at the pass so to speak... LOL


The fussing you talk about, or disagreements are a waste of both parties time & effort.  Matters not, it's not in my DNA to argue over things. It's all just learning of information from both sides of the communication your having, its an understanding process some need to learn more of.  Thank you for asking me to join,  Hmmmmm, Oh heck yes I will, thank you for the honor. I feel its not everyone you ask, Valana. Yes, I would be truly be honored.  Now then, only our old evil  Government would have the answers to your first 3 questions & the sister ship was the one that went down with passengers aboard after it was torpedoed, I am trying to remember the name of the sister ship which keeps escaping me @ the moment, (it was something like, Lithuania) maybe. Like I said, many Chemtrail's sprayings have dulled my recall somewhat, I will keep trying Valana.  Thank you again for the invite. 

Thank you for liking our post, Alan.  We are just trying to write as much as we can, I have someone that is keeping my writings to put my book together if I don't stay to do it.  I don't plan on leaving any time soon as I believe in Life not death. I'm still looking for what some call a miracle...I know I'm God's perfect child and can't be otherwise.

About the word Earthian...that's  mine and Val's coined phrase, back when I had one of the two first positive Nordic Alien Yahoo mailing lists, and that's what we called them back then in Ufology circles... words take on different meanings over the years, now Alien is a bad word to most of ujs because of the illegal aliens that have entered coungtries to destroy their way of life and take them over.  

In the 1990-'s when I started the Pro-ET group the Ufology people called them Star Visitors and the humanoid type the Nordics or Nordic Aliens... an ET was a negative back then and referred to the biological entities and strange shaped beings that were doing the abductions and harming people... these were allowed to do that due to the 1952 agreement made with the wrong Aliens and that's what we called them.. Since Dr Boylan and myself were the first to start positive Yahoo mailing lists then our use of the words should be considered and not thrown under the bus...I got out from under the bus sometime back and I don't plan to be thrown back... LOL

It's like the word "gay"...WHEN I was in high school I often said "I feel gay today"{ meaning happy and today I don't say that anymore as the word has changed meaning...

I had too many typos in that... I will just say let's not correct others, give them the rigtht to use4 what words mean what to them... to me ET means an evil being and a Nordic Alien is a good guy... 

Gaia is a pagan word for Earth and Val and I use Earthian and I do not consider myself ignorant of off world beings since I've been used by my Government for contact for many the "Hitller" post before calling this group owner ignorant of Aliens...

Alien was a good word in the 1990's as I helped to start the information of them on this Internet.whle some of you were using your diapers... be careful what you say and be nice.

Most used Earthlings and Val and I used Earthians which is our word we coined and we will

continue to use it. 

God Bless us all and keep us in peace, love and light Amen

I did not see this and I just came back to write you somewhere else here about the same thing... we are too involved in political correctness in the US and us conservatives are getting gun happy! I think Ara is totally correct, a storm is a storm by any name... I think some poet said that a rose is a rose by any name...

It does puzzle me why all want to move on from the teachings of Jesus when no one yet has practiced them... if we'd all learn to just turn the other cheek, and practice non-violence and non-resisance, just three of his teachings, the world would be a different place to live in,. I don't do it myself but I want to try.  Those were also the teachings of the Buddha.  

Before anyone says Auld Lang Zyne was not written when Atlantids and Lemuria sank Val wants me to say that all music came from somewhere else...all music that is music at all, we are not referring to some3 of the modern heavy metal etc! :0(

The famous classical composers all said they did not compose the mujsic but "heard" it and just wrote it down, it came from the Cosmos.  All our beautiful music came that way to the composers, they were only channels.

I think we sang this song so in another incarnation it would mean something to us and we would be drawn together with unconditional love.  Does it haunt your soul when you hear it?  Then maybe you were with us on one of the continents when they sank... I don't know if we were on Lemuria Val has  said we were on Atlantis and went from there to Venus then Altair.  I only have the one memory of climbing the slopping mountain path to get to the plateau where the ships awaited us.  I was helping others and almost didn't make it, we took the last ship out, 

One of our purposes for being online was to draw others to us from our Atlantian incarnation... if you think you were on Atlantis when it went down please tell us your story, you may be one of our group from the Temple of the Sun...


Certainly Valana, when I hear that song, although the lyrics might differ a little, I feel sadness and at the same time I feel hope and joy because we promised to meet again...and here we all are again, and this time we are making it right...This is my last incarnation on Earth...This much I know...Blessings and please Valana, believe that your writings will be amazingly a guide for others and they will appreciate them...Things are changing and the evil of the world is leaving us for good...We have already won, but it takes a little bit longer to manifest...



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