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Message from the Star Nation by Judy Satori. Our star family will be coming!

I've just gotten an email update from Judy Satori, my favorite channel who speaks and translate the language of light. She's been traveling the world giving soul group initiations and has published a book and done a lot of lovely cds.

Her website is here with lots of free tools and tracks. (worth checking it out! great energies!)

She has just sent all her followers an email with a message from the star nation. Our star family wants us to know they're all coming soon and here's the original email link:

And here's the youtube message. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! Happy 12/12/12 everyone!

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Thank you, the message is great. It seems that the time has come for us to meet our friends. Love to all

REALLY when? Check out my show today.

Osiyo. Greeting. I am doing my own show now. '
to get into it called Spirituality and Beyond.
call in number 646-4780283
Today WED it will be about important Prophecies.
3 PM Hawaii time.West coast 5 PM, East coast time 8 PM so far every WED and SUN . I will be doing the 20 and the 21 if everything is still ok special.
Please just stop by even for a little while.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful message!

Thanks for posting this message from Judy. She has always rang true to me. What she is saying fits with my beliefs almost exactly. I've had this knowing for the last several years (before I knew of 2012 predictions) that something monumental was going to take place. I feel it. I've had a couple of dreams where I saw many UFO's in the sky, which is odd as I never really dream about UFO's. We shall see.

I had a really odd experience today. I was outside raking leaves and for about 20 minutes I felt like a robot, like I was not really here, a surreal kind of feeling. I'm in good health. My first thought was maybe something was going on in the health department with me, but I don't think that is it. I've had a couple other experiences like this, but not as profound? Maybe it's nothing, or maybe I felt a shifting of sorts? Don't know, but I do know that good things are coming our way.

Thanks for the post.  I really like her energy, & especially the message.  It Feels Right. 

Blessed Be...........Starman

Wow you really hit the nail on the head, this explains so much.

Thank you.

my dear,i am not in china,i can not see the text.can you download,and give it to me.i translate it and tell other chinese email

this is my website:

i have translated a lot of articles here to chinese people.

thank you ,dear

How soon is soon? My people are in a needless amount of pain and I would rather they able to enjoy themselves. I cherish these promises but I am no stranger to disappointment.

I have received the same messages from my light friends and I cannot wait for their arrival. Love your calming nature, it allows someone to really take in the message. Thank you.

I also recieved this yesterday and shared it but you gave me a chance to send it to face book and that was where I wanted it.Thanks love and light to you Louise

Thank you for this Amaiah. Open our heart to this, and allow it



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