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Melchizedek Speaks of Balance By Shelly Dressel ... And ... Being the Observer By Kara Schallock

Melchizedek Speaks of Balance By

Shelly Dressel

This channel takes place during the March Equinox. The energies are already completing a cycle from the equinox 6 months ago.  Now is a time to release those old energies and frustration that cause you to think ‘it’s never going to happen’.  The Goddess spoke at first about the Equinox and about finding balance in our life.  Then once we arrived in the All That Is, Melchizedek spoke with us at length.  He has lived in physical form and has been a support of earth from the time the star seeds integrated with people.

Melchizedek spoke about our energy bodies; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This is what creates each of us as humans in this life.  Through his talk, we were clearing each energy body and then infusing balance.  Our soul self is intrinsically balanced and this channel helps to release the cumulative energies that no longer work for you. 

This channel is filled with the amazing energy of Melchizedek and creates a way to open to balance in all aspects of your life.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace each and every one of you who are here and joining me at this time of coming together. There is such joy in my heart. There is such love from me to you that I may reflect for you, your own balance and conscious awareness for who you are in life and in this now moment.

Allow yourself to just feel what it is to be you. Take a moment and, you know, take stock perhaps feeling your head, your shoulders, your torso, your legs. And if there is anything at all that seems to be coming to your awareness take a moment to embrace what that is and then release it.

We are coming upon the equinox for your earth. I always enjoy what may be your fall or your spring depending on where you live, but these two times of the year where your focus is about balance. When you look at the solstice it’s about the days of the longest or the shortest but for these in between times it’s about balance in your season, which is then reflected by balance within you.

As you live your life you may be constantly inundated with energies. It may cause you to feel overwhelmed. It may create frustration. There may be certain things that take place that become a part of you that you can’t let go. You keep focusing upon it, thinking about it, looking at it from another direction and then perhaps even another direction; staying within you and yet keeping you from having that sense of balance. Take this moment and if you have anything like that right now that seems to be in your energy, breathe into it ~whew~ and let it go.

When we speak the words Nama sika; venia benya, they have been around a long enough time that it is creating it’s own vibration that people just naturally flow into. Nama sika, “I am the one”. Whenever you find yourself in that confusion or that distraction, you can simply say I am the one or Nama sika. I then added on venia benya, which is I am the whole. And by “the whole” it means you are your own divinity manifested in this lifetime so you are therefore more than just the person living your life.

I also created this phrase so that as we say Nama sika each person is connecting to themselves and the venia benya reflexes coming together as a whole entire group.

You are a part of the whole for all the people that join in for these experiences, whether it’s active in the conference, reading them or listening to them later. It can also mean that as a part of humanity you are a part of the whole and we are here seeking to strengthen that conscious awareness so that you know you are more than just this life and you have the full support of many different beings.

I invite you to breathe in one more time, breathing all the way down within your body. Let that breath of light go even further from you down into the earth so that you can merge with Gaia feeling her energies and allowing yours to spread out in every direction.

As you feel yourself grounding let that energy flow back up through you and then you send it out to the top of your head and you just naturally flow into the space of your higher self.

As you arrive within your higher self, this is that perspective of you that is blended with a greater amount of your divinity; it is also that perspective where you can look at your life from the big picture.

Everybody flows up and down within this space on a very frequent basis. As you consciously allow your focus to go there you strengthen that alignment to your higher self, which it’s also strengthening the alignment with your divinity.

As you become focused within this space you might look around to see what is here and if there’s anything that you would like to clear out.

Perhaps those old potentials that either never manifested or they are no longer what you seek to have. By clearing them out, you create a more expanded state to work with where you are right now and as you move forward.

Allow your focus or your consciousness to stream out even further. There is column of light that is anchored within you that reaches up through your higher self and goes all the way into your divinity. As you arrive within your divinity it may be just a feeling that you get of warmth and coming home. You may see the immense energy that is you. I invite you though to expand your consciousness as you merge with your divinity, because that will allow you to have an even greater vibration or an even greater expansion as you receive the energy that is you.

This is your soul. This is your God source. This is a culmination of many, many lifetimes. Feel it. Know who you are. Recognize that you have been a part of so many experiences.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you, your soul, your consciousness, so that all shifts or moves into the All That Is. Here within this space of the All That Is there is a sense of excitement, a sense of awareness.

Look around at all that is here. Experience this place.

Feel and know that this is a vibration or a level of consciousness that is infused with  many, many different people, species, cultures, Ascended Masters, Ray Lords, we could go on and on, but it is as if this is the melting pot where all come together. As you feel what this is, know that you have created your own place within here. You communicate with many other Angels and light beings.

We are coming up upon the equinox as I mentioned earlier and therefore I would like to work with the energies of balance within your life.

I know, as Shelly has spoken of before, how much people have enjoyed the communication from Metatron and the communication from the other angels and light beings that come through from time to time.

I therefore have invited Melchizedek to come and share some time with you. 

Melchizedek speaks:

Greetings my beloved family, friends, coworkers, star beings; there are so many different ways in which to describe all of you! Now, of course I use description as a means of understanding who you are when it comes to source or past experiences.

Just as you look at the many, many different cultures and experiences that are taking place upon the earth, there are those things that make you all the same and those things that show you the contrast between you as people, as cultures, howsoever you wish to think about it.

I am very happy to speak to you at this time of the equinox, because it is but six months since the time of an immense integration and transformation. There are many people that still say to me, “You can say what you like Mel, but I’m not feeling any different and I’m tired of where I am and I’m really ready to manifest what I seek”.

I hear you, The Goddess hears you, all the many other angels and light beings; we hear you too. This is why I wish to come in at this time of the equinox and just do some energy work clearing out the stuck energy mostly associated with your mental body.

You as a human have your physical reality which of course has a deep influence upon you the person in this life. Some of that physical reality may hold you back. Sometimes it may be in complete balance.

You then have your emotional body. Emotions can be very uplifting for if you get stuck, be it in depression, fear, frustration, anger, anything that causes you to feel pulled down or less than, is an emotion that does not support you.

Your mental body is created by the thoughts that you have in this life, your belief system. And while your unconscious energies of all these three levels that I’ve spoken of so far may frequently impact your reality, there is still a great deal that can be done.

People’s thoughts, if you have obsessive tendencies, when you get stuck in rut or a pattern and your thoughts keep going around and around and around, it’s stuck in your mental body.

It may be that you have something happening in your life that you are very frustrated about which causes you to think about it, which causes you maybe to manifest it as an illness or a problem in your physicality. So in these ways there is a cycle or a pattern that is created. This is very much a human experience.

Now, your spiritual body has frequently been that part that is your soul energy and many people confuse it as their belief system about religion that would be in their spiritual body. It is a part of it, but in truth, those three other energy bodies are what is only you in this lifetime. Your spiritual body is a blending of your soul into you the human as they flow and mix with one another.

When we created the blend of the star beings with the indigenous people of the earth, we gave conscious choice to these four energy bodies.

Most people upon the earth are not conscious of that division. They simply are who they are and I would never suggest that anyone give it immense thought. I simply wanted to the define it. Unless you are stuck in your life it can be anyone of those energy bodies or all of them that keep you in a space you do not care for.

Certain people have wired into them particular emotions or look their way of looking at life and it is just what it is for them but someone else may think, they are depressed, they are very negative. You may consider that about your own self. Other people may be the reverse of that, but I digress.

As you are living in your life you make conscious choices every single day. You may speak with us, you may speak with your angels, you may constantly have that intention of clearing out energies.

The key ingredient of that whole process thou, is you as the blended human making that choice for yourself, doing it for yourself, experiencing it for yourself and then living it for yourself.

The evolution of humanity has been profound. I have such great admiration for all of you living upon the earth because you live within the limitation of your consciousness and even so you do such amazing things in life. I am not just talking about those people, that less than 1% that everyone seems to know about and admire; no, I mean every individual that is living their life with the conscious intention you are doing what you need to do or what you came here to do.

Now then, you all had a conscious intention prior to be incarnated, some will call this a karmic agreement, some will call it an intention for your life, you may view it howsoever you choose. What happens though is that you get into life, the unexpected will come in, you have a reaction to that and it goes in and adjust everything in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. You then try to make an adjustment thinking, ”Oh, not what I wanted”, “let it go”, “clear it out” and then you tell all these energy bodies that make up who you are that you’re clearing it out, letting it go, you want something different.

Unfortunately your energy bodies are like that multi-ton freight train coming down the tracks that cannot stop on a dawn and be complete. So when you have things that have been a part of you, especially for many months or years or made a particular impact upon you, it’s the unconscious form that continues to say, “it’s still here, it’s still here, it’s still here”, So while you clear it out, release it probably 80% of the time, 90% of the time, 95% of the time; there is a certain amount in the unconscious that has written it into the book of your life or has written  it into the vibration for who you are and therefore strives to pull you back to fit into that same mold that was created at one point.

One says, “Oh my goodness, how can anyone make a change?” You may do so by allowing that spiritual body that represents your soul to flow between those other bodies, filling everything up in your everyday life with your I AM Presence, which is your soul, which is your divinity, which is you, lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime. Therefore, on this day of balance, creating balance is integrating soul into everything else that is happening in your life.

I love humanity. It is with great joy and conscious awareness that I appreciate being here with you. I also know how everybody loves to have “well tell me how to do it”, you want your steps, you want to know how to fix it so that you can really move on with your life and be done; again, the glory of humankind.

There is another part of your energy body that many people have yet to consider as a part of your physical reality and that is the crystalline vibration. Here we are in the All That Is. It’s a high light vibration.

The crystalline energy is all here within this space. You have your own direct link to the crystalline vibration through your divinity, through your I AM presence. So this is the link that allows you to have this space of vibration in your everyday life. It’s what supports you in the fifth dimension and higher. It’s the part that activates your expanded DNA that will then help your physical, mental, emotional bodies, so that everything can be supported in your everyday life so that next time I speak with you you’ll be saying, “Yes, I can now see the difference. Yes, I’m finally experiencing the changes in my life, yes”. As these things are taking place it’s a new reality.

So, I invite all of you to take a moment and just sit back, close your eyes perhaps and let’s take a moment to review your life. Consider something that feels like it’s that repeated pattern that comes up again and again and again. As you consider what this is, is there something that’s connected physically to what this is? Is there and emotional connection? How do you feel about it? Is there a belief system that keeps you within this space? Is there a thought process keeping you within this space?

From that spiritual focus, how much are you allowing your divinity to fill up and move through or if you see it proportionately, how much is physical, emotional, spiritual, mental? Is there a balance in these energy bodies?

Now, the crystalline vibration is the intrinsic balance of the universe manifesting in physical form. Open up; feel the wash of the crystalline vibration as it moves through you. Let it clear out those thoughts and those beliefs that you may have. Let it clear out the emotions. Let it clear out your physical reaction, so that as it moves through everything it can affect it creating its own intrinsic balance that you want to have in your life.

Feel how it can be to be balanced within your life. Perhaps your only focus is to be on that crystalline vibration. Now, if you invite that crystalline energy body to flow through you but then you try to fit it into the categories or fit it into what you as the human recognizes; you are shutting off a potential. So therefore, have the intention that your own intrinsic balance is here within and around you.

Really let go ~whew~ anything that no longer serves you; as you do so feel the flow of your crystalline energies.

With every breath you take in, breathe in your intrinsic balance within you. If you feel that you are no longer in balance, you are really focusing on your thoughts, you are really focusing on the emotions, then invite in through your spiritual body that crystalline vibration, let it clear everything out and recognize that you are choosing to release old energies and then you are choosing and you are physically integrating within you anything that may be happening.

Any beliefs system you have that says, “This is not going to change, I tried doing it many, many, many times”, is a belief system that you might need to get out the old sledgehammer, work on it, knock on it, until it cracks open and you can clear it out and then you can replace it with your divinity and with your crystalline vibration.

The human ego is very much a part of your mental body but it also consist of your physical, mental, emotional, about those four energy bodies that make you the human. So, we never want to get rid of the ego, you would therefore no longer be alive. But we do choose a more balanced life, a more balanced energy, a more balanced ego respecting and honoring you yourself as the human but also respecting and honoring the choices that you are making in your life, bringing in the crystalline vibration to smooth everything out so that as you live your life you are doing so from the heart, from the highest vibration or the highest potential possible.

I Melchizedek have walked upon the earth. I know what it is like. I Melchizedek have been a part of so many different aspects, from the religions to the mysticism; I could go on and on because I am fully committed to humanity upon the earth and I therefore wish to do all that I can to help you in your life. But whether it’s myself or anybody else, that is the point, we help you but you are the one living your life, you are the one making the choices, you are the one who is proactive in whatever it is you need to do that you manifest what you seek. It is not just about saying, “I’m here, I want this, I am open to receive”, that is a huge part of it because you are creating the vibration for what you seek.

Step two  is then being aware of what’s happening in your life, paying attention to perhaps things on the internet, pay attention to what other people are saying to you, pay attention to the ways in which we of the nonphysical form will give you messages or assistance and then you make the choice. You are there by creating and manifesting.

I thank you for this potential and I feel great love for all of you.


The Goddess returns to speak:

I thank you Melchizedek, for taking this time to talk with all of us.

Frequently Melchizedek is associated with the Tree of Life, Shelly wears one, but you have seen these in many, many different places, those interwoven sacred geometry, that represents the various matrices of the world, both the All That Is and your physical reality.

I would say to you, that sometimes it’s easier to have a symbol, perhaps a tone, perhaps an intention that represents everything we do. Therefore for balance, what is a symbol that would work for you? Perhaps as Melchizedek represents balance, how would that look?

It could be an image, a color, a tone. So, as you close your eyes a moment again you go inside and you ask, what represents balance to you and then let that come through. If you feel as if there is a blank, then create from within something that feels or looks like balance to you and then as you breathe it down within yourself have a sense of sending balance as whatever this may be. Okay, I just heard someone say “Let’s speak more about the crystalline energy”. So perhaps a particular crystal resonates as balance for you.

So, the crystalline energy is way more than those stones that you like to carry around, but each one of those tones are linked into that bigger vibration of the crystalline energy, some very small connection but others very large. If you have a particular crystal that you like to use, then work with it with the intention that it creates that direct open flow from the universal crystalline energy into that stone and then when you are seeking balance within yourself, hold the stone; breathe in the vibration, breathe out clearing and releasing.

As I look at all of you, I can see the changes that took place while listening to and working with my friend Melchizedek.

As you then go that next step of putting forth your intention for the next six months, what does that looks like to you? Recognizing that balance is the foundation for all and that balance is intrinsic from your soul essence and from here in the All That Is. Let that flow through you. Let it be reflected in the world around you, experience balance.

I can feel all of you once more, linking within yourself.

I invite you to come together as a group and this time as that hologram comes up within you, look at it from the eyes of Melchizedek. See the Tree of Life that is reflected or the Flower of Life. They’re different forms of the same. See how they are reflected in the Matrix, the Universal Energy Is already infusing balance into the Matrix. That crystalline vibration is expanding again intrinsic balance. We therefore release this hologram. It flows down. It’s as if there is a flow of energy that is going into the earth. There is also a flow that moves out to the universe, so that the balance between the universe and the earth communicates with one another.

That hologram goes down into the earth itself clearing out the collective consciousness of the earth, moving into the center of the earth with its crystals, with its magnetic energy, with the gases, with all that is the earth itself. Gaia absorbs this balance that we’re sending to her. She regulates her own balance with it, amplifying what you are doing, seeking that greater flow that is opening to all. The energy then comes up through the earth itself. Each one of you linked with the earth at the very beginning, so let that be a space in which the vibration of your own balance, your own clear energy comes up within you.

You can send it out to your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and crystalline bodies so that as you are in this now moment, you are bringing out all of the clarity that you just created. you let it come up through you as the physical and it expands in and out through all your energy bodies, up and down, in whatever direction is needed so that you as the balanced individual, as the one that’s finally cleared out those old beliefs, those old emotions, those old energies and you are integrating balanced energy. Feel it, accept it, allow it to integrate through every part of who you are.

So too, this energy is moving up, throughout all parts of the world, the grass, the trees, the water. It comes up through the vibration of the earth assisting to clear out anything at all that’s old energy or that has been stuck energy, clearing it out ~whew~  to the collective consciousness and to everything that is associated with living upon the earth.

I invite you to focus once more within yourself and just as we sent your energy or your focus or your consciousness up into the All That Is, have a sense of bringing it back down into you in this now moment. This way you as the human can feel that open flow, that column of light that is always there and as you connect with everything you did this evening you feel it as it comes back through your soul, as it comes back through your higher self. As that beam of light is coming back into you and anchoring into the earth you so too, you pull up those energies of the earth and all of it blends within you the human helping you to integrate.

As you’re doing this, take a moment and if there was a symbol or a tone or a color, anything at all that represents this new balance for you, let it flow through; up, down, in, out, conscious and unconscious. Let it swirl through all aspects of who you are in this human life. you may then send it out so that if there are other people that respond to what you are seeking to manifest that they will be in a vibration that you recognize; so that as you are manifesting within your life you can feel it as it’s flowing through you.

So beloved Family, as you continue to move forward in life, as you continue to move forward in your everyday reality have that clear concise intention of balance. We spoke at length with Melchizedek trying to define and create a greater understanding but now once you get past that understanding and awareness then let all of that energy go and instead be in the flow of balance, be in the allowance of balance, be the reflection of balance in all that you do and in all aspects of who you are, because it is intrinsic within you. So, allow that energy to rise up filling you and creating the space for you to express it in your life.

We are always with you and I love you dearly.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

Video: "Emmanuel Dagher: You Are ! ... And I Am ! ... The Divine Architect Of Your Life" -

Being the Observer By Kara Schallock

Much Light is flowing into us and into Gaia. It reaches deeply into our chakras and DNA; it expands our consciousness; our Divinity-knowing. It weaves through our entire being and helps us be more of the new ones we've been intending to be. This may feel may a little strange, like you landed in a new place and you have no bearing or familiarity; like it's completely new; and well, it is! Rest and meditate. Grounding outside, especially barefoot, greatly helps as does drinking lots of pure water and listening to what your body wants for you. As you move more completely from the old world, you may feel restless, for the doing that you have been so used to, doesn't seem so urgent now. This Light is greatly helpful in dissolving long-held patterns and limitations. There are more and more synchronicities that may seem small, yet, pay attention. It doesn't matter what they mean; just observe without the need to know. Realize too that we are building up to the Solstice. As we get closer, you may notice many changes within and around you.

As the old ways are dissolving, they also seem to be getting stronger. This is how Transformation works; there seems to be a last frantic breath that is taken by the old. So it may look, as you observe, that things are worse. Trust that this is simply a part of the process. Simplify your life as much as possible so that you aren't distracted by too much busy-ness or by the goings-on in the old world. It is not worse; it is wonderful. As you observe, you may let go of judging whether things are good or bad or moving or stagnant.

There is a place where much is occurring, even when it feels all is so still in your life. It is the Great Void. Much happens here, for it is in the Void that all your highest potentialities are being energized. Being in the Void during meditation is a great experience of letting go and trusting. We are so used to planning and controlling that this can feel very strange. It can be described as a place of nothingness and yet, amazing things happen here. When you meditate and it is completely without visions, you most likely are in the Void. Having visions is great fun and it's entertaining and yet it is not when big change occurs. So let go and allow yourself to just thoughts, no visions, no plan or purpose; no questions...just surrendering to the Void. Being in the Void also occurs outside of meditation. You most likely are in a state of “I don't know” and/or “I have no idea about where or who I am or where I'm going.” This is the Void. Relax; surrender; trust.

Be in a state of Curiosity and Discovery, for all is New and the best thing to do is to just observe without needing to do something. We are in a very powerful and vulnerable place, and part of us may want to fill the “void” with something; anything. Yet, if we do that, we most likely will fill up with things of old, for the New is not all the way manifest in form yet. Do not worry about doing something or lining up your intentions just so; trust you are riding a wave of Grace. Trust you are being carried. You have done so much purifying that it is O.K. just to rest and allow; in fact, it's imperative that you do.

If you pay attention to how you feel, you may notice that you just cannot do certain things. Why? The energies are not aligned with doing them. As you wait, the world won't crash down around you and there will be a time when all is aligned to act. In the old, we pushed our way through something; we claimed, “I have to do this now!” In the New, there is no “have to;” there is a lot of waiting and observing. Let it be O.K. to be in this new space. There need not be a lot of rushing about; there is ease in everything. When it is time to act, you will feel it and then things flow effortlessly. This is for the tiniest chore to the biggest decision.

So much is different. Our perceptions are different; we are more conscious of our choices and the choices of others. We can see that a particular choice creates a particular future and yet, even this is not absolute. When we see or hear someone doing or saying a particular thing, we don't automatically take it in to have it become a part of us; we feel into it. If it resonates, great; if it doesn't, we move on. This is the Beauty of observing and feeling. Feeling tells us whether we resonate or not; we don't judge or react; we observe and feel. In the old world there is judging and blaming. As an observer, you do neither. You are free to let go of all that is of duality and drama. There may be many in your life who thrive on duality and drama, yet as you stay in your authentic self of Love, they will cease trying to hook you into their “side.” Those who resonate and feel you will be with you. There is no proving or convincing or fixing or teaching; there is only being strong in who you are.

In the old, things were solid in that if you read or heard something, it was proof and that was that. In the New it's very different. The New is about Flow; it changes and shifts and it is constantly reorganizing. We must flow with it, honoring each moment and then moving on to the next. This Flow helps us not attach to any one “truism.” If you need to attach to something to feel safe, are you not trusting that all is in Divine Order? As our consciousness shifts, our reality shifts and everything else shifts. It cannot be otherwise.

I am also sharing a few short notes to ponder...

What does it say about you when you trust some and don't trust others?

When you trust some and not others, there is still an aspect of the old energy of mistrust within you. When you trust all others, you have integrated the Soul Essence of Trust completely within, for all is a reflection of who you are within. When there is mistrust within, there is mistrust without. All is a refection of you. When you completely trust yourself, you will be trusted by others.

I received this message throughout the night; using it I could see a huge difference; of course! The message was from Soul; Gratitude and Surrender are aspects of Love...Soul Essences.

The old world is not letting go of you very easily. You cannot control this, yet if you surrender to what is and give Gratitude for all in your life, the death grip will loosen. Any time you complain or try to control things, the more you resist and as you know, what you resist persists. 

Simplicity: We may be guided to continually let go of confusing, convoluting, and complicated extraneous things, people, plans, rules...anything that has a lot of steps, rules and complications.

Simplicity is Ascension.

As we settle our focus in our core (Coeur=Heart), we realize that life is simple. There are no steps to anywhere, for it is all here...within. There is no getting; for we know all is within. We don't seek the Twin Flame, more money; more anything; there is no seeking; there is only knowing that all is within.

We have let go of so much, even if our intellects/egos tell us we are not enough or have enough. We are rich in our Abundance and our lives are so filled with Love, we need nothing else.

When we are in a wave of high energy, like we are now, we are able to let go of certain aspects of the old more easily.

Let us look at attachments. Attachments are also addictions and some attachments are not the typical ones we think of. So what about these:

~eating particular meals at particular times; i.e. breakfast before noon, lunch items around noon, etc.

~expectations surrounding certain holidays, like Mother's Day or your birthday

~having dessert after a certain meal

~expectations about how a person (including you) should act

~roles you have or that others see you in

~how you label yourself as in "mother," "healer," "student," etc.

There are lots more that we don't even think about. Be aware and make sure you are conscious when choosing.

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