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May 2014 Overview - (Important Changes) or Never Ending Story???

May is universally a THREE* month (in numerology terms), which shifts the energy and focus toward creativity, optimism, love and happiness. THREE is a very positive number and beckons expression of an upbeat and optimistic attitude. The resourceful qualities bring in new ideas and creative concepts that improve, help and inspire situations. The shifts and changes that occurred in April helped to turn the pathway toward new opportunities that in May can begin to be implemented and enhanced. May opens the door to revise ideas and set them on a new path bound for success as the surge of energy is uplifting the situations, circumstances and environment to move you into a new environment. The atmosphere with so many creative options becomes exciting and inspiring. Mercury shifts into Gemini on May 7th, which brings in an additional spontaneity and social elements into your life. The Full Moon on May 14th requires a balance between your new directions, goals and to value the starting place that can now unfold a new level of success. Mars has been in Libra since December 7th and has been retrograde since March 1st. Mars turns direct on May 19th, which shifts actions and goals into new directions with the shift of people, places and situations. Mars is now back on track and all systems are go. Mars can now begin to move forward, tracking the right path and activating the people that are on the same path. The pursuits that have had stops and starts, yet nothing concrete or successful occurred, can now be on the right track, full speed ahead, and the right people now involved, leads these pursuits to success. The New Moon on May 28th in Gemini emphasizes the social elements and the ability to bring the important changes of late into the situations that enliven the interaction and pursuits to achieve success with all people.

FULL MOON — May 14, 2014 in Scorpio (May 12/13/14): Use extreme caution. The next two weeks are going to be dramatic for some. Be ready for a rough journey. Disturbing news from foreign lands is to be expected. Pluto (suicide/drama/death) will bring a dance of destruction to this world where fanatic religious young souls will impose their deadly, righteous, dogmatic views on others. Powerful transformations in the world of faith and the church are ahead. The previous wake-up call provided by Pluto’s impact on the WTC on 9/11 will induce a form of awareness, but also a death and rebirth for some people. Pluto will bring to light the shameful manipulation, sexual and financial secrets of organized religions and some of their religious leaders. Expect nature’s devastating forces to be active, and secrets, affairs of s**, and finances to be divulged.

Time to keep a cool head and be aware in all you do or say.

May 20/21/22 - Uranus is willing to display the secret of extraterrestrial intelligence.

General electronic failures or viruses could produce aeronautic disasters.

Paul LaViolette - G2 cloud star COMMENT April 3, 2014 at 11:53 am Yes, I was thinking that if something were to occur it would have happened by next month (END OF MAY) at the latest.

MAY 24-27:
Expect upsetting financial news (Do not deal with finances these days)

MAY 28-31 (Important Changes):

Prominent political personalities either from the Russia, US, France or Japan will make an important announcement. The government may come up with drastic news or decisions that could affect many families in the future.

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Goldenmind:  I thought May 1st was May Day - WORKER'S UNITE!

More predictions...we will see.

if any of you are in the first wave this spring, [if not delayed, as above suggests], can you tell us you are back?

conscious pi:  You mean the people born in the 50's and 60's?

According to planets, this month could finally bring action in this reality. We'll see.....



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